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Dabwoods is a popular cartridge brand, known for being the first backwoods flavor vape cartridge. Although people confuse this company with Dankwoods, Dabwoods is its own company primarily selling vape cartridges and merchandise. These cartridges may give smooth hits and a nice high, but there isn’t authentic information on the company to be found online.


  • Smooth taste
  • Good hardware


  • Oil not that strong
  • No lab results

Recommendations: More information on the company background to show if it is an authentic company or not. Make the oil stronger.

UPDATE 9/11/2019: DISCLAIMER: In light of more recent news, it has become apparent that black market cartridges, counterfeit cartridges, and fake brands of cartridges have become more widespread than we had ever realized. We urge readers to apply their own discretion, and caution that at no point should readers assume that a review of a cartridge on our site is a guarantee of its safety. We advise readers to always verify their cartridges as coming from a legitimate source.

Dabwoods cartridges might be unregulated

dabwoods packaging
The packaging seems to be a simple and generic package, but the hardware they use is unique.

First off, there is no legitimacy as to wether Dabwoods is a legit company or not. After some research, we couldn’t find any background nor official website. Another thing is that they may claim to be over 85% THC, but they have no lab results to their name. The only thing that we were able to find was an Instagram page saying that they are located in California.

Because of this, there are probably are more fakes than there are real ones. Also they don’t have any information as to how to identify real and fake carts.

Dabwoods Pineapple gives a mellow high

The flavor that we picked up is a hybrid and it gives a nice and relaxing high. The high is lighter than I’d like it to be and it doesn’t last too long. It may not be as strong in our experience, but it does give very smooth and soothing hits.

Thin and fairly dark oil on the Dabwoods vape cart

dabwoods oil quality
As shown above, the oil in this cartridge isn’t as clear or of quality as other cartridges.

At first glance, we weren’t a huge fan of the oil quality. It seemed dark to us and it is somewhat runny. Even though the oil is thin, it was still pretty efficient and lasted a decent amount of puffs. Besides that, the taste is better than what the oil quality seems.

This cartridge gives a light, piney taste to it

This particular flavor that we picked up gives more of a piney taste rather than pineapple. Moreover, Dabwoods do give somewhat of a backwoood taste to it. Moreover, it gives off a wood/oak like taste to it. This could be because of the wooden tip, but overall the flavor is sweet and smooth, giving a good mixture of terpenes.

Good hardware allows smooth and efficient hits

Something Dabwoods prides themselves of is their ceramic cartridge with the wooden tip. It does give nice comfort to the lips and is very efficient. At first glance, the cartridge did seem too look like a CCELL. But unlike an authentic CCELL, there is no labels underneath the cartridge itself and it has a plastic ring rather than clear underneath the atomizer. It’s also not a fake CCELL because they are not trying to counterfeit anything, it’s just a clone. Regardless, the cartridge gives soothing and easy hits.

Another thing we noticed about the wooden tip is that we believe that it might affects the taste of the cartridge as mentioned earlier. This may not be true, but in our experience we believe that the wooden tip gave off a wooden/oak like taste.

dabwoods cartridge
There is no serial number underneath the cartridge itself.

Packaging is sold online

What I didn’t like the most about this cart is the fact that they sell the packaging online on eBay. This allows vendors to pre-fill them with what ever they want inside the cartridge. This makes it susceptible to having pesticides, you can’t be too sure what exactly you’re smoking.

fake dabwoods packaging
Online vendors sell these packages with empty cartridges, allowing vendors to pre-fill them with any oil they’d like.

Dabwoods official flavors:

  • Banana
  • Russian
  • Grapes
  • Peaches & Cream
  • Pineapple
  • Honey Berry
  • Strawberry
  • Apple
  • Vanilla
  • Watermelon

UPDATE 3/19/20: Recent new form of DabWoods packaging seen here.


To conclude, Dabwoods cartridge gives smooth and light hits

Overall, the Dabwoods cartridge is decent and does give smooth hits. The oil quality can improve, but the taste is decent and it does give clean hits. The main thing about this company is that there are many fakes out being distributed. We aren’t even sure if the one we have is a fake, there isn’t any authentic information to be found online as to if they’re legit or not.

Have you tried Dabwoods cartridge? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forum!


  1. I got a bunch of boxes of the Russian cream, and watermelon. The watermelon tastes amazing for the first half. Depending on how long you draw will decide wether you take a smooth hit or choker. The strength I feel could be stronger. Sometimes a few hits is enough like it should be. Other times I feel like I hit it a lot. I have a very high tolerance due to all the consumption of high dose edibles, and the fact I was smoking to much up until a week or two ago. He sells them for twenty five which isn’t a bad price, would like to know of legitimacy of product though. Regardless I got an excellent deal on 10. Traded a couple ounces for them. So they were free for me. 2 of the 10 were special distillate oils a buddy in Michigan makes himself. In comparison the only differences I’ve found are different tastes from different flavors. His distillate is as strong as these dabwoods for the most part. Every now and then il take a hit of one of the dabwoods and get that instant buzz I was expecting. The last time I went to a dispensary I got a half gram disposable pen for fifty bucks. Never before or after it have I had a one hit quit Everytime distillate like it. I know that’s pricey as hell. For me to take one hit and be good for a couple hrs really said something. I’m going to look up and see if I can find out the brand name. I rank the dabwoods appearance 9/10 quality of distillate 5/10 maybe six tops. These are personal opinions but I recommend trying legit vapes before buying any street ones. It will allow you to judge future vapes off of a good baseline. I know they aren’t the cheapest, but most are of the highest quality. I personally would not spend money on dabwoods, not even $25 a piece. I’d rather spend 50 on half the amount bc it would mean the difference of one to two hits every couple hrs, to anywhere from 5 to 15 hits every couple hrs. No brainer for me, also not just a better and longer high but you will find the flavours are amazing all the way threw.

  2. I just picked up some watermelon
    Came in red box wood tip my source gets em from denver so bot sure how authentic it hits like real has a almost clear tinted real light gold

    • He got a fake. The insta should be @dabwoodsofficial not @dabwoodsvape. Also the liquid color is way off and the wooden tip is too shiny. Real Dabwoods have a dull wood tip and the rubber thing between the tip and tank should not be that thick. Clearly I could go on. I’m nicely stoned thanks to a REAL Dabwoods Banana cart. 🙂

  3. I got the Russian Cream Dabwoods from an above-ground dispensary in California. It’s kind of harsh and acrid and will leave you feeling like you’re drowning for 15 minutes if you drag it hard like I did. That one hard, long drag did get me fucked up for the entire night though, so I’m not really questioning the THC content. Also tried the Watermelon, which was easier on the lungs and the THC.

    All in all, not the best but it will get the job done if you really need some weed.

  4. Honestly. I feel like these are mad weak. I got these from my dude. Tried about 4 or 5 of them and they juat get me slightly buzzed. Got one from my homies who grow out in Chicago and makes them recently and it knocked me off my ass. Find a dude who sells specialty items like prerolls, moonrocks, etc. Dudes who work with wax and oil alot know how to make good POTENT carts.

  5. Dank carts suck i have fruity pebble now it taste like plastic and fruit. I’ve had big chief wood tip gorilla glue #4 its was awesome. I’ve had super g brand carts and i had Alaskan thunder fock and thay was good. Gonna try dabwoods monday. I will get back for the review.

    • Our site does not sell any products and also be warned almost all the sites that do are a scam and do not ship! On top of that the ones that do, nobody knows the quality and they could contain impurities.

      People have commented that there are some Dark Web cartridges that were delivered and good quality but we do not condone anything illegal and we never tried any of these, we use in legal states. Really if it’s not a legal shop you just never know what you are getting! Even then in some places it might not be that great.

  6. Got Pineapple and Apple Dabwoods.. my buddy has a connection from CA.. but I’m not in CA so as far as I know anything can be black market.. but what I get has been legit as fuck… He also gets Peaches and Cream Dabwoods.. all of which are listed as official flavors.. liking the pineapple hybrid nice buzz going.. I also have access to Smartcarts and those are better quality in oil and effect.. got the green ribbon smartcart and liking it.. like the sour diesel smartcart the best so far. Have tried TKO brand vapes those are pretty good even though they have simple packaging.. Dabwoods seems a bit more flashier to sell more but not as good as these other brands.. flavor is good because of the wood tip. Smartcarts tend to have worse flavor but stronger hits.. with TKO brands having a good mix of flavor and stength.. one to avoid is Flav’s those we’re the first ones I encountered they had glycol and gave me headaches.. we quickly switched to these other brands.. all have pure distillate and THC oil.

  7. Ours is thick,darker in color,and has no flavor at all,other than the hint of wood taste,does anyone on here know if they have a plain flavored one? I’m not sure what I’m smoking,its smooth,but not flavored

    • Did it have a flavor on the first few hits? If so, I think that’s normal. My banana cart was like super good banana the first day I used it and then it just became like a stereotypical weed taste.

  8. This specific dabwood cart is fake right off the bat mate. I currently have a grape (indica) dabwood cart. The oil is súper thick and it won’t move until You have it upside for a over 30 sec. Ours share the same Quality cart construction wise. The oil in mine is not dark or runny.its ligh(almost all clear). If i could put pics here i would just to show You guys what a real Quality one looks like.

  9. Interesting cart. Scared to try, however it was a good experience. I have Russian Cream Hybrid 85% and it smells and tastes just like fruity pebbles cereal. I required 6-7 hits to achieve desired results. Slow build, but gives an awesome body high then a big head high comes in. I’ve always felt like the 95% carts I typically use hit like a sledge hammer and you cough like it was mustard gas. This lower dosage lets you enjoy the flavor and take a few more hits to get to the same place without hacking a lung up (good experience). LEGIT CARTS (LOOK FOR): Dark thicker oil almost amber in color, really smooth hits, strong fruity flavor, with no coughing [crazy]. The basic rule for life is if it doesn’t feel good going into your body stop doing it immediately! The idea that they sell the the packaging is scary, it would be real nice to have a federally controlled board of THC. I’ve never drank a Russian Cream drink, it doesn’t taste like a White Russian drink. So I have no idea if it tastes like what its supposed to. The one I got is tasty though.

  10. I’ve tried Dabwoods watermelon, purple punch, strawberry, apple and russiam cream(not tasty). Woody. All got me super buzzed and feeling groovy. Seem sketchy but do the job. Cough to get off. Worth the 40 doll hairs.~Panhandle of Florida.

  11. DANK is merely a generic packaging and cart distributor, They sell to extractors that fill these carts with their own product. This is why you can get a good one and you could get a bad one . Safety is up to the filler, is it buyer beware market for Dank,Mario Cart, and Cookies products.

  12. This is “Gueli” from LA, I just tried the strawberry Dabwood and it’s everything the review says it is. Smooth Smokey taste and I also found it to be pretty strong.

    • I got a pineapple hybrid one off my buddy….sent me to the ER with my heart rate so high I legitimately believed I was having a heart attack and going to die. Please don’t use these vapes.

  13. This is “Gueli” from LA, I just tried the strawberry Dabwood and it’s everything the review says it is. Smooth Smokey taste and I also found it to be pretty strong.

  14. I’m on the east coast D.C area and these came around for the 1st time I got apple and grape… they seem to be alright taste is good not fruity at all but good no burning in my throat or coughing up my lungs just a smooth mellow buzz. Good stuff if you ask me ????‍♀️

  15. Know your source, some are real some are fake if you don’t know your source then, you don’t know your product so, why would you smoke the unknown

  16. Burns throat was gasping for air no good. I Medicate with carts 247 never have had a cart do this to me….. Be aware and be careful vet smoker 18+yrs…

  17. I got the one gram banana cartridges and so far they are fire.The person who claimed that these cartridges are killing people needs to quit posting garbage claims with absolutely no evidence to back them up. Banana 1g.85% potency cartridges circulating in Central California are tasty and potent enough for anyone except the most hardcore smoker. I mean it says 85% potency!
    If you want 100% then look elsewhere. So regulate that.

  18. I live in Southern California. Been buying dabwoods the past 6 months. They are legit, some of the bad experiences I’ve read here are most likely based off knockoffs. I smoke 1G every 2-3 days.

  19. I tried Have the Peaches & Cream one and I love it! It tastes so sweet, with very smooth hits. It definitely did the job! I was a little skeptical at first when I know I’ve never heard of them. I tried it last night and now started researching lol. I thought it was alarming that there was no information but I was looking while smoking and felt buzzed and I knew that this cartridge does the job and is amazing!

  20. I swear this stuff is cbd oil and not real thc!!! Slight body buzz but that is it – do NOT buy or waste your money on this product.

  21. Your all idiots , i cant belive how stupid you people are!! Do the smallest ammount of research, and maby dont be a fucking tool, and youll know that dabwoods along with just about every other breand you see on the street, DANK, WONKA, WEST COAST, BART CARTS, SMART CARTS, ECOTICS, MARIO, ECT are fake and illegal, unregulated products, made in cheap factories or a garage somewhere, cut with honeycut and whoknows what eles, they are killing people. So keep reviewing these shit ass water carts and see if you dont have a collapsed lung in the near future, or at best, lipiod pneumonia, which will probibly kill you, or take your lungs. Happy Smoking.

  22. I’m smoking a strawberry now, my first time with DabWoods , it taste really good and I am really buzzed! The oil is thinner than other carts I’ve had ,but taste good and does the job .

  23. Bad product
    I do not recommend this.
    I recently bought peaches and cream, and that really tastes like I had a mouth full of pine rosin.
    I don’t know anything about this company, and this is the first time trying this product.
    I’m not making that mistake again.

  24. So I got sour D & gelato case in this weekend.. I’ve never had this brand… anyone ever figure out a way to verify???
    The legal ones in Vegas jave the the thick, light gold looking oil too, like these..
    Been a pro in Nashville before it was even known about.. but I can’t find a way to tell if they are legit. We only do legit biz in Nashville…. pushes out the scum bags!

  25. Please note that I am a little sick so my sense of smell and taste aren’t up to par. I got apple. I’m not sure if it’s from the wooden tip but the aura coming from the cart almost smells like a blunt wrap. It’s contents are gold and very thick. The smell and taste seems off. The more I think about it, apple might not have been the best choice. Just wondering if I’m the only one who thinks this. I hope not. The only way I can describe it is it’s like they tried to literally get the taste of a blunt in the cartridge. It’s definitely not sweet at all like these other reviews are stating. Thanks

    • I just bought an Apple one and the taste isn’t that good. It’s tastes as if you were licking metal and wood at the same time and I haven’t even got high from at least 4 big hits! First time trying this brand and it may never be one for me to try again.

  26. I got apple. I’m not sure if it’s from the wooden tip but the smell and taste of it is odd. It almost smells exactly like a blunt wrap. Just wondering if anyone else is wondering…… It’s gold and thick too. The smell and taste just seems weird. Hopefully the flavor is just off. Should have went with grape….

  27. Just tried the honey berry for the first time and that flavor is bomb. Very good taste and I’m pretty buzzed. I give them the thumbs up.

  28. Tried one of these, just finishing it now. Im not a conoseur of carts by any means but what i can tell you is that it was a dark gold or amber color, very thick. Probably woulda taken 20 mins for the bubble to re-position after a flip. Im a heavy smoker of herbals but have been looking for a worthy alternative. I took 4 hits and was very content at first. 2 hours later i took 2. That seemed to remain the pattern till it ran out, morning of the 3rd day. 2 hits ev 2hrs except when sleeping. Got the cart for 30. Imo, yield was considerably more when compared to an = price herbal amount. The pain relief, calming, depression smashing effects and high was comparable as well. Overall very pleased.

  29. Just picked up peaches and cream 1g cart here in northeast indiana looks great but has no serial number, nothing on the bottom of cattridge not even ccell which makes me believe itsca knockoff ccell. Has golden color pretty thick oil.(the bubble moves pretty slow when turned upsidecdown). Has wooden tip. Good quality catridge also has white o ring. Has a smooth woody earthy yet sweet slight fruity taste honestly can taste peaches and cream as advertised but is ackinda natural thc fruity taste also u can taste the cannabis in it not overpowering terpenes tast natural. Took 2 hits so far feel good but not quite where i wanna be yet. Will keep ya posted!alzo picked up a tko mango gelato fake also i think(what research has lwd me to believe) payed 45 for each

  30. I like the dank ones I got a few are they as strong as the dank carts? I hate to open and not like then I can’t sell it I’ve done opened it

  31. I’m smoking on the pineapple in TN and it’s pretty fire. Thick liquid bubbles don’t move, more like 91-92% thc.

    East TN thank you.

  32. I just tried the dabWoods brand for the first time recently, and here in the Mohave Desert the cartridges (Grape&Straw.) Had a blond oil with a little bubble that thad was stuck in the middle. For this everyday smoker it took 6-7 vapes to get on the bus to where i want to go.

    . could wait.

  33. Got a peaches n cream cart. It isn’t very thick how I’d like it, taste great but can be stronger. If you’re looking to feel good after 2-3 hits, I wouldn’t recommend these. It took me like 10 to feel something lol. Best carts I’ve had were from Odds Extractions but I can never find them anymore

  34. Just purchased a Dabwood Grape. I agree with a lot of the reviews on the fact that it does hit real smooth and has a decent taste. The color and clairity was good.The high was very mellow and took about 10 pulls from my pen for me to actually feel a bit of a high. Compared to other brands where a good quality cart would take 2-4 good pulls from the pen. Personally, I probably won’t purchase another Dabwood.

  35. I’m smoking a banana Dabwood 1G the Liquid is pretty damn thick but it’s dark. Lovely taste. It’s a hybrid. I’m an avid vaper/pothead. Whether it’s real or fake, the banana one is bomb. I don’t know that we are ever truly going to find real or fake products these days until it is regulated everywhere and even then, you’re still going to have your knock offs. Puff puff pass and fuck the noise. ????

  36. I just purchased the Russian Cream…omg freaking nasty. Maybe the other ones are better. Smooth hit but nasty taste. Im gonna try peaches and cream hopefully better

  37. Hey great review but I think you have an imposter! The dabwoods I’ve seen are gold and thicker than dank vapes…

    • Bro I agree! I live in illegal state of TN but my plug is beyond legit, the dabwoods carts that are official have thick oil and the bubble barely moves. I love these. Peaches and cream is my favorite of theirs. I’m glad it finally came to TN. Dank Vapes are everywhere here but 99% are fake and it’s bull shit. My dude don’t even mess with Dank

      • I bought the blueberry kush and was very smooth and tasted good. Not too harsh. It’s a dank vape brand. The other one is Dabwoods brand which is pineapple. It’s not bad either but took puffs to feel it .


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