Two activities that are very popular right now are smoking weed and watching movies – and they go great together too! You’re happy and safe indoors, sheltered from the bad pandemic news outside for a few hours. Streaming from the dozens of movie-packed channels comes to you right at home, and indeed you can take your weed delivery too these days.

The true cannabis connoisseur, whom might also be a confirmed movie geek, knows that the right weed strain can make or break movie night. That’s why we’re going to recommend some individual cannabis strains and pair them with movie genres with one example movie each. May you have a most enjoyable and cultured evening!



strain: Pineapple Haze
movie: Hard Ticket to Hawaii
why: Go Hawaiian!

You see how easy this is? Hard Ticket to Hawaii is practically a stoner comedy already. It’s like an episode of Baywatch with a PG-13 rating. It’s about some US drug enforcement agents in Hawaii (shot 100% on location) tracking down smugglers who pay for their shipment with diamonds flown in remote-control helicopters. Also, there’s a toxic snake wandering around. But it’s actually an excuse to cram as many bikini babes onto the camera at once, courtesy of notorious pervert director Andy Sidaris.

Of course, anything that’s lite, silly, and fun fits in with Pineapple Haze. It’s a Sativa-dominant strain with a fascinating terpene profile that makes it smell and taste like a deep tropical blend. Its primary terpenes – myrcene, pinene, and terpinene – are already either common to tropical fruits (like mango), or combine to make that familiar pineapple aroma and flavor. Best of all, its effect is light and giddy. Perfect for turning your brain off to watch something that will not challenge a single synapse in your noggin.



strain: White CBG
movie: Twelve Monkeys
why: to help you figure it out

Twelve Monkeys is a sci-fi movie starring Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, Brad Pitt, in a plot about future people traveling back to the past to handle a deadly virus outbreak. Not COVID; this came out in 1995, although it feels like it could be current. It is directed by Terry Gilliam, and even though he was a member of the Monty Python troupe, he tends to be a high-brow. Twelve Monkeys is like a maze of nested Rubik’s Cubes, puzzles within puzzles, difficult to figure out and rewarding repeat views when you keep piecing together more clues.

Obviously, when you’re watching any movie that’s challenging to follow, you want weed that’s a head lift, cerebral and creative without weighing you down. You want a delta 8, which is the lightweight cannabinoid, and CBG, the cannabinoid that cranks up your concentration and attention span. White CBG is just the ticket! Amaze your friends when you point out how Bruce Willis knew to find the Army of the 12 Monkeys’ headquarters from the concrete pig head over the door.



strain: Northern Lights
movie: Playtime
why: you want patience

Don’t get us wrong, Playtime is a good movie, with a 7.9 IMDB rating, but it’s a very different approach to movie story-telling. Written and directed by distinctive French talent Jacques Tati, it has almost no dialog and relies on elaborate sight gags on a huge canvas. For the 2.5 hour run-time, it just follows the main character tottering around Paris, France, while making wry observation on mid-20th-century infrastructure. It’s packed with many subtle gags, often several playing out in different corners of the screen at once. If you like to people-watch, you will like Playtime.

When you watch any movie that’s an endurance test, you want to stop being distracted and sit still. Northern Lights will keep you really still! It is a sedating, relaxing blend that will help you get into the mind-space of Tati’s quirky talent. In the end, you’ll feel like you did something completely different than smoke weed and watch a movie. With its one-two punch of caryophyllene and myrcene, count on Northern Lights to provide the deep relaxation you need to focus on a screen not saying anything for two and a half hours.



strain: Sour Space Candy
movie: Roar
why: reduces anxiety

Spook season is upon us, so we’re of course going to take into account good horror movies. What sets Roar apart, however, is that all of the gore effects are real. It’s about a family living with dozens of wild big African cats, including lions, tigers, cougars, cheetahs, and a stray elephant. None of these animals were fully tamed nor had adequate handlers, resulting in seventy cast members being injured including several requiring hospital stitches. The story behind this insanity, often called the most dangerous movie ever made, is often more interesting than the movie’s plot. But watching it is really rough on your anxiety!

For scary movies with lots of jump scares, you want a proven anxiety-fighter that’s calming and relaxing, to help you withstand the shocks and terrors you’re about to face. Armed with the sedating effects of Sour Space Candy, a CBD-dominant strain that’s heavy on the couch lock, you will be prepared to watch excruciating mayhem and people running for their lives in all directions without having a panic attack.



strain: Chemdawg
movie: Frankenstein Island
why: so you can laugh even harder

The flip side of Halloween season is watching the not-so-scary movies. Horror, as a genre, has a problem with low-budget, amateur productions which turn out unintentionally hilarious. Frankenstein Island is a shoestring budget production of notorious schlock director Jerry Warren, a name second only to Ed Wood for Hollywood box-office bombs. It is disjointed, illogical, laughably unscary, and chock full of “WTF?” moments. Watch it with friends, crack each other up with your wisecracks.

For so-bad-its-good movies, we could have recommended any number of notorious stinkers in the same vein as Plan Nine From Outer Space, The Room, etc. But you need something not just for comedy, but to keep you in the really silly kind of mood you have to be to appreciate true cult Z-movie art. Chemdawg, a notoriously giggly strain high in THC and limonene, will keep you howling at your buddy’s wisecracks while gearing you up for a retort at the same time.



strain: Gorilla Glue
movie: Eraserhead
why: deep psychedelics pair with Lynch

We’re using weird movies from the long-famous 366WeirdMovies website because, duh, why recommend ordinary movies? And among weirdness connoisseurs, none is consistently weirder than the King of the Surreal, David Lynch, and his magnum opus Eraserhead. It is freaky, psychedelic, and riddled with fever-dream logic. Words do not do it justice and never will. Lynch himself described it only as a “dream of dark and disturbing things.” It’s about… a family. Yeah, we’ll leave it at that. Sheesh!

Well, when the going gets weird, the potheads shrug and say “I’m not going to understand one damn things for the next hour and a half, I might as well get stupid.” Gorilla Glue is industrial strength weed that does not mess around. It is here to get you more stoned than the Big Lebowski. It does that with a high THC percentage that will leave you seeing vapor trails as you melt into your chair, a mere goldfish visiting Ringo’s Octopus’ Garden. Who knows, it might even knock you into an alternate dimension where this movie makes lateral sense.

Readers, what do you think of our little entertainment guides?

We’re usually all serious business at DabConnection, what with the consumer advocacy and safety beat we cover. But we can unwind and have fun like all those silly High Times sites out there. What stoner entertainment would you like us to cover next? Charm us here in the comments or in our chill forum.


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