Dabwoods is purportedly a cannabis company that makes THC cartridges and they have been showing up in legal and illegal states. This company is supposedly located in California and there is very little information to be found on them online. Although they are known primarily for selling backwood-flavored cartridges, they also distribute merchandise.

In this article, we talk more about the background of Dabwoods and where they come from. For information on how the product performs, check out our Dabwoods review.

There is no authentic information on Dabwoods

To begin with, this company has very little information on its background. They don’t have a website or any lab results. This makes it very skeptical to smoke, not knowing what exactly is in these cartridges. The only thing that we found is an Instagram account with various pictures of their flavors and merchandise.

Furthermore, we can’t confirm how authentic this company actually is. With no background, there is no telling if this company is simply another packaging company or a legit cartridge company. We did find a Dabwoods cartridge from a dispensary called Legendary Remedies on Weedmaps. But this dispensary also sells Cookies Carts, Chronic Carts, Cereal Carts, and more suspicious off-brand carts.

No lab results out for Dabwoods carts

As mentioned earlier, Dabwoods hasn’t released any sort of lab results for their cartridges. This makes their cart more susceptible to containing pesticides and artificial flavoring. Their package does claim to be over 85% THC but there is no proof to back this statement up.

From our experience, in our Dabwoods review, the cartridge didn’t feel as potent as it says to be. The oil was fairly dark and the high just wasn’t that strong at all. It didn’t taste artificial, but we can’t be sure with no tests out

A lot of fake cartridges are ending up on the streets

fake dabwoods packaging
Online vendors sell these packages with empty cartridges, allowing vendors to pre-fill them with any oil they’d like.

When looking this company up, you can find the packaging itself for sale online. This causes many vendors in many illegal states to pre-fill them with whatever they please. With this in mind,  Dabwoods can’t be fully trusted because you don’t know what’s actually in the distillateWhether or not Dabwoods is a brand itself, they definitely have a problem with fake cartridges.

What makes Dabwoods different is the hardware they use

dabwoods oil quality
Unlike most cartridges, this ceramic cartridge uses a unique wooden tip to go with its brand.

What Dabwoods prides itself on the most is its cartridge. They use a unique, wooden tip cartridge that contains a full gram of distillate. At first, it looks a lot like a CCELL cartridge, but it doesn’t have any serial number on the bottom of the cartridge itself.

Therefore, it appears to be a clone and not a fake CCELL, but from our experience, the hardware is decent and gives smooth hits. The

To sum up, Dabwoods is not as reliable as it can be

We can’t say that this company is safe or trustworthy because of the lack of information there on it. There’s just no saying if this is another street cartridge or an authentic company. Aside from this, the black market is distributing a lot of fakes. There is no telling how to differentiate real and counterfeits.

Aside from all of this, there is still no telling if they contain pesticides or residual solvents within the distillate. With many legit brands out, we don’t recommend you this cartridge, you never know what’s actually in them. Your best choice would be to get from a licensed dispensary if you are in a legal state.

As we get more information we will keep updating this post. If you have the information you would like to add, please comment below or post in our forum!


  1. I have tried these and they are good. But with the local news saying they aren’t good. Im dumbfounded. I tried to get medical marijuana. But they are fucking me there too.
    I placed an order and I was told they couldn’t fill my order cause my membership has expired. But on my ID the expiration date is Nov 4th.WTF dude
    Can anyone give me a suggestion???

  2. I have no problem with product been using it for several months 72 years old and know good pot I was at the original woodstock went through 60’s great times nothing like a vw van amen

  3. I got one today an the oil was more like wax what caused that iv heated it to try to get it to go back to liquid but its basically like vacaleen for some reason taste an smokes fine so far but I know it can’t melt so it wont for long any one know why? every one iv had before was 100% fine but I can’t figure out what went wrong with this it was factory packaged

    • I don’t think so… usually they’re thick and goldish brown and almost clear. If it’s runny and watery like, I’d wouldn’t smoke it…


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