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Tsaa Nesunkwa (pronounced zaah nuh-soon-gwa) is a dispensary in Ely, Nevada. It is operated by the Ely Shoshone tribe. Currently, it’s the only dispensary in Ely. Most of the time when there is one dispensary in town you can expect a slim selection with high prices, but not here at Tsaa.


  • Great prices, especially syringes
  • Great selection of brands for flower, carts, and extracts
  • Fast service


Recommendations: Carry AiroPro and Roots cartridges.

Update 6/3/2020: Tsaa Nesunkwa has significantly lowered it’s prices, again. Most carts are now $30 to $35 for 500mg and $40 for 800mh. They also now carry Old Pal carts at $25 for 500mg and Old Pal flower at $25 an 1/8.

Tsaa Nesunkwa is a great dispensary even if it is all alone

Selection, good pricing and quick staff are a few things that make Tsaa a great dispensary. For those of us visiting rural towns, you may be expecting extremely high prices when there is only one shop in town. That’s definitely the case with Deep Roots Harvest in Mesquite, and more recently in Wendover, about an hour and a half north of Ely, Nevada, where Tsaa Nesunkway is.

East Coast Sour Diesel label

Great extracts selection, including syringes

Tsaa Nesunkwa carries one of our favorite syringes, Lucid Oils (related: Lucid Oils cartridge review). They carry half grams for $35, which is cheaper than most places in Las Vegas.

They also have shatters and a wide variety of RSOs. I am not a big fan of RSO but their RSO selection seems bigger than any other place I have been to. They carry shatter from Cannavative, which I previously rated as the best shatter I have tried anywhere in any state.

Tsaa Nesunkwa has lots of cartridges, low prices

The selection of carts at Tsaa is amazing. They have Cannavative, Roots, Binske, BaM pods, Bullet and other brands that show up periodically. I would like to see Roots and AiroPro added to the mix though.

Pricing is also good on most carts. Cannavative and most carts go for $40, which is lower than many places in Las Vegas or Reno. Binske cartridges are more expensive at $54, but they are made of live resin.

Willie's Reserve flower

Not tons of flower, but great selections and prices

They have a good selection of flower and a great mix of brands. Here you will consistently find cannabis flower from BaM, MMG, Willie’s Reserve and others. Those three brands are our current favorite available flowers at the store. If you see LA OG from Willie’s Reserve, it’s super strong and might put you to sleep.

It’s all to common that dispensaries only push their house brand, like Deep Roots Harvest or Mynt in downtown Reno. At Tsaa they have a house brand, but still incoporate a wide variedy of Nevada’s best stuff.

Top shelf grams are all $15 and top shelf 1/8s are $50. I prefer to get a mix of grams since the pricing is so close anyway.

Cannavative’s Motivator preroll is 100% worth checking out

This is the strongest and best preroll we have tried. Cannavative is always coming out with best-in-class products, so that’s expected. 20 years ago we would have never thought Northern Nevada would be the place for some of the world’s best cannabis.

The Motivator by Cannavative we got at the time came in at 59% THC. For those unfamiliar with Nevada prerolls, most are made with nugs and are high quality as opposed to most of the ones in California being made of shake. Redwoods Stacked Deck is the only prerolls I have gotten that were shake so far in NV.

Tsaa Nesunkwa preroll

Overall, pricing at Tsaa Nesunkwa is comparable to Las Vegas or Reno

Comparing all the prices of the products at Tsaa, it’s very comparable to a good dispensary in Las Vegas or Reno. What’s expected in these remote, rural dispensaries, are high prices and a slim selection, what Deep Roots Harvest is known for. Instead what we found is affordable pricing that even goes lower.

When we first started going to Tsaa, Cannavative cartridges were $45 and Binske live resin carts were $60, now they are $45 and $54, respectively. Getting prices even lower is a great sign.

Some extra tax for those with medical recommendations and no state card

The one thing we did not like about Tsaa was they only accept state issued medical cards. Every other dispensary we have been to in Nevada will take a doctor’s recommendation to exempt you from recreational tax. This does add some cost, but still given the good pricing, prices are still good at Tsaa Nesunkwa.

Tsaa Nesunkwa staff members

Staff at Tsaa Nesunkwa is knowledgeable and helpful

The staff at this dispensary are always very helpful and knowledgeable. Never had a long wait at this place and now have been here several times. They move quickly and have good recommendations. You can tell the budtenders here are not trying to push any particular brand or product over the other.

There’s ample parking, easy entry

If you’re used to getting to Los Angeles dispensaries, you are in for a suprise at Tsaa. It’s located in a gas station building and that means there is tons of parking surrounding it. You’ll always find an easy spot here to park. Most the time you can park almost right next to the front door, making for easy access.

Tsaa Nesunkwa in Ely is open from 8am to 8pm Pacific Time

These hours are excellent for a remote dispensary. I wish they were open a little later into the night, but still 12 hours a day is plenty. It’s nice it opens earlier than almost all other businesses in Ely, so you can get in here before you go to work or head out of town.

Concluding our Tsaa Nesunkwa review…

Tsaa Nesunkwa in Ely is so far the best remote, rural dispensary we have ever been to. They got a great selection of various items, good pricing and they aren’t there to take advantage of rural residents like we’ve seen other shops do in remote areas.

Any readers care to add their own two cents about Tsaa Nesunkwa, sound off here or in our forum.


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