RSO stands for “Rick Simpson Oil,” the namesake of Canadian medical marijuana activist Rick Simpson.

RSO contains lower concentrations of THC than cannabis flower. However, the oil is recommended more for its medicinal purposes than for recreation. Rick Simpson became an advocate for this process after successfully treating his own cancer with the oil. The oil is also unique in that dangerous solvents like butane are not necessary, instead using things like alcohol or even water, then boiling the solvent off using a rice cooker.

Rick Simpson does not sell or patent his process. Instead, he encourages others to create their own oil following his methods, which are available at his official website. Start with the FAQ for directions on making oil.



  1. All of this is BS. Homemade, “authentic” RSO as Rick Simpson says is made with naphthalene and horribly unsafe to consume. It’s also only in the 40s to at most low 60s %THC, making it roughly equivalent to melted low-grade bubble hash in potency, which is infinitely safer to consume. Not only that, but Rick Simpson didn’t even invent this process. He lifted it entirely from an old High Times article. There’s also no medical record of him having the cancer he claims was “cured” by RSO, and does profit off selling it himself, speaking on it, and writing on it.

    • Thanks for commenting you are correct RSO is less than other oils and that was edited, but there’s RSO in Nevada in the 70s for THC %. Still though not a fan of RSO, just not that strong in the vape.

    • I hear you loud and clear, believe me, but if we have to mention RSO in a dispensary review, we just need a glossary definition for people who don’t know.


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