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Eden Extracts Cartridge Review: A Cart From Paradise

Here we review the Eden Extracts cartridge, particularly from their Diamond Line. This turned out to be a top quality cart with unique hardware.

NUG Vape Cartridge Review – Good Value Buy

Review of the NUG vape cartridge by Bloom Industries. Great tasting, affordable, but not super strong.

Cresco Cartridge Review – Heady Highs Inbound

Review of a THC vape cartridge by Creco Labs. This one turned out to be strong, but lacking flavor.

Korova Cartridge Review – A True Standout

Korova is more known for its edibles than it's prefilled THC vape cartridges, but that might be changing soon. The Korova cartridge turned out to be top notch.

Atlas Extracts Cartridge Review – Underwhelming

Atlas Extracts began in 2017 and produces a small range of CO2 oil vape cartridges. Their extracts make use of full plant extraction techniques...

Shazzam Farms: Cannabis Growers and Extract Creators

Shazzam Farms may be fairly new to the market, but they are already offering Their tagline “From soil to oil and everything in between” is a statement that their products go through a meticulous process to ensure that quality is observed in each face of production. In this post, we will be talking about their live resin products and what makes them special.

Brite Labs Cartridge Review: Strong Hits, Thin Oil

Here we review the Brite Labs cartridge. It turned out to delivery fairly strong hits but the oil burns quickly.

Best Cartridges For California 2019: Top 9 THC Oil Vapes

Here we list the best cartrdiges for California. These THC oil vape carts stood out among the many that are available in the Golden State.

Cobra Extracts Shatter Review: Great Taste and Decent Strength

The highlight of Cobra Extracts shatter, like their other concentrates, is the bold flavor. The color and consistency of the shatter show its purity, though THC levels are average. All shatters go through batch lab analysis and a solventless CO2 extraction technique.

Sunday Goods Cartridge Review: Super Oil and Great Strength

Sunday Goods .5-gram cartridges deliver pure, high-quality concentrate. Though we prefer to see a rod & coil heating element, the cloth wick is still efficient. The cost isn't cheap but the Sunday Goods oil is worth a splurge.

Cannabis Events in California: List Updated Bi-Weekly

Please Stand By For New Updates - Don't see your event here? Email dane@ and we will add it to the list!Can you believe it's 2019?...

4/20 Events in California 2017!

Get ready marijuana enthusiasts, 4/20 is almost upon us!4/20 is like Christmas for stoners! And with more states legalizing weed, people are becoming more...

Weed at Coachella – Do You Dare?

Music festivals and smoking pot go together like macaroni and cheese. There’s day-long music, sunshine, fun costumes and an array of delicious food stands...

BHO Wax Continued. Dangers, Impurities and How to Know What’s Good

The DANGERS of Making Your Own BHO Wax There is a lot of misleading information on making BHO wax floating around online. The advice “just...

Marijuana Legalization In California: What Will Weed and Wax Cost in...

Prices of California Recreational Marijuana Might Be More Than Medical With New Marijuana Legalization The 1996 passing of Proposition 215 in California left many questions...