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Here we look at Apothecary Extracts shatter. Apothecary is a cannabis brand, originated in Colorado, specializing in high-quality concentrates. Having a variety of forms of dabs, for instance, live resin, wax, sugar, just to name a few. In this review, we take a closer look at their shatter and give our experience on it.


  • Smooth, great taste
  • Good value
  • Fair strength


  • Not the most potent form of concentrate

Recommendations: Nothing too much. I would say increase the potency, but their other forms of concentrates probably have higher potency.

Check out our video below, and continue reading with our in-depth Apothecary Extracts review:

Extraction Quality: Apothecary Shatter

apothecary shatter
Apothecary extracts shatter oil quality is very consistent and clean.

As mentioned earlier, Apothecary carries a wide variety and forms of concentrates. Furthermore, this particular form of extraction method from these dabs is called shatter. Shatter, also simply called oil, is made by using CO2 extraction methods, leaving an end product of BHO (butane hash oil)

Apothecary shatter gives a nice, slightly sweet taste, yet fair strength

thc concentrates
What I enjoy the most about these dabs is the taste it provides and how smooth it hits.

Taking my first hit, I really enjoy the taste this shatter gives. Such smooth hits and the flavor doesn’t taste harsh nor artificial. It gives more of a lighter, slightly sweet aftertaste. This actually made it more satisfying for me to smoke. As for potency, Apothecary shatter delivers pretty fair effects, especially after taking consistent hits within a session. Not the most potent quality concentrate, like rosin or sauce, but still pretty good.

Strength is okay, not the most potent but good for shatter

apothecary extracts
Apothecary Extracts packaging.

Landing at 70% THC, the strength of this shatter is pretty decent. Nice, mellow and relaxing, not the most potent concentrate I’ve tried but still good. For shatter it is pretty nice, but lately, I’ve been preferring other forms of concentrates like the Binsk Live Resin Diamonds. Apothecary actually has higher quality and potent forms of concentrates, hopefully soon we get a chance to try them out.

Apothecary Extracts – Unicorn Cocktail Shatter delivers smooth, lightly sweet taste and mellow effects

If you really enjoy the taste of both flower and sweet, hybrid strains, you’ll love this strain Unicorn Cocktail shatter. This particular strain gives a great mixture of an earthy, flower-like flavor, following a slightly sweet aftertaste. What I enjoy a lot is how light the flavor is, not very harsh nor will it get you dying from coughing. Apothecary really did do a great job with their terpenes.

As for effects, these dabs give mellow, relaxing effects. Although it’s very smooth, this shatter didn’t deliver the highest potency. In my experience, I’ve never felt the highest potency with shatter, even after trying some from dispensaries. But for it being this form of concentrate, it still gives pretty nice effects and strength. 

The consistency of the shatter is great. Stable and easy to pack

thc shatter
These dabs are in a very shatter like form, literally. Easy to pack, but also easy to crack.

The consistency of this shatter is thick and stable. Not very oily, nor is it as sticky as other forms of BHO extractions. With shatter though, you can accidentally waste some dabs while picking on it, the shatter might crack and jump up. Other than that, it is pretty easy to pack on your dab pen or rig.

Apothecary Extracts: Identity standards guide

apothecary extracts guideline
Apothecary’s guideline

If the logo does not look like any of the images above, your concentrates might not be authentic. You can find the original PDF here.

Value: For shatter, definitely worth the try, especially when there’s a deal

If you’re a huge fanatic of shatter, I would definitely recommend you this shatter. If you’re located in Colorado, depending on which dispensary you go to, you can find these concentrates for a good price. Low as well, and a few dispensaries usually do deals on Apothecary, as shown on Weedmaps.

Concluding Apothecary Extracts Shatter review

For someone who isn’t a huge fan of shatter, I really did enjoy these dabs. Smooth enough to enjoy the full taste, and fair enough strength to give a lasting high. Because of how smooth it is, I did enjoy hitting and savoring the flavor of these dabs. And after taking consistent hits, it gives pretty nice effects.

You can find more information on Apothecary Extracts and where you can find their locations here.


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