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Here we go over Binske live resin diamonds. These diamonds turned out to be very quality and potent in strength. Binske delivers in great taste and effects. I enjoy how smooth it hits yet how strong hits deliver. Binske did a great job providing quality live resin concentrate.

Extraction Quality: Binske Live Resin

live resin diamonds
These diamonds have a nice, light gold color and provide more firm texture.

Binske turned out to be a very good brand that provides quality live resin. Very strong and flavorful, as you’d expect from live resin. The extraction process that they use for this form of concentration is flash frozen. Resulting in quality, potent live resin. The color of this live resin is light gold and gives a firm texture. Nearly as dense as shatter and a lot more firm than crumble. 

Strength is amazing, very potent live resin diamonds

thc lab results
Fair in THC percentage, these diamonds deliver excellent strength.

This Binske live resin lands at 85% THC, which is pretty good. But after hitting these diamonds, I can say that Binske provides very potent live resin. Just by looking at the quality of it, I knew the strength would be great. 

Effects are fascinating, very instant

Because of how potent Binske live resin is, it delivers an instant and quick high. Especially if you’re hitting it off a rig, but either way the strength is amazing on these diamonds. Also, depending on how you hit it, effects can be very lasting and euphoric. You won’t need to keep on hitting this consistently because of how strong it is. And the effects will definitely feel fascinating, even to heavy and more experienced smokers.

Taste is great, very smooth and flavorful

The taste of these diamonds is great and very potent, just as you’d expect from live resin. Very flavorful and smooth, yet still strong enough to get you coughing heavily. What I enjoy about this is how smooth and light the flavor is. Not dense in taste, rather a very smooth and a light, sweet taste to it.

Smoothness: Very smooth hitting live resin

What is great about these diamonds is how smooth yet potent it hits. Low temp hits with this live resin would be very smooth and still deliver a great high. While with hotter temperatures, it would deliver stronger hits and a stronger high. Hits will feel smooth at first but can get you coughing unexpectedly. Regardless, these diamonds are very smooth hitting for it to be as potent as it is.

Value: For its strength, Binske live resin is worth it

You can find this price anywhere ranging around $50 a gram. Or you can pick up a half gram like we did, which can range anywhere around $25. For its strength and quality, it’s honestly not that bad of a price. You can probably find cheaper forms of concentrate like shatter or wax. But these live resin diamonds hit very smooth and strong. They are well worth the experience for just a little bit extra.

Concluding the Binske Live Resin review

binske live resin
Overall, Binske delivers quality, potent, and flavorful diamonds.

To sum up, I did enjoy Binske live resin diamonds. From its potency to its smooth, flavorful taste it delivers, I highly recommend trying it out. Especially for heavy, experienced dabbers, these diamonds won’t disappoint you. From its effects to its strength and taste it delivers, this is definitely a quality brand to try. You can learn more about Binske and find their store locator here.

Have you ever tried Binske Live Resin Diamonds before? Have experience with concentrates and shatter? Comment below or post in our forum!


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