Rosin is a viscous or solid substance. It comes from cannabis.

Extracting rosin involves using heat. Rosin is what’s usually leftover after heating and consuming cannabis. Furthermore, smoking pipes or devices usually contain rosin.

There are easy ways to extract rosin from home. A popular extraction method involves a hair straightener, for example.

Extracting rosin requires high temperatures, in conclusion.

rosin extraction hair straightener cannabis
A popular extraction method involves a hair straightener, for example.

What is the difference between rosin and resin?

Rosin is the direct extract from the cannabis flower, in a similar way to how orange juice is extracted from an orange. Resin is actually the natural oils in the plant to start with, contained in the trichomes. Resin is synonymous with “sap.” When we press it out using heat and pressure and then scrape it off, that’s when it becomes rosin.

What is the difference between rosin and shatter?

Rosin is extracted using heat and pressure, either by a professional-grade rosin press our your own makeshift hair straightener at home. Shatter is extracted by a completely different process, using chemical solvents. One common solvent used is butane. The butane then has to be removed from the extract to make shatter.

Does rosin have something to do with violins?

There is a different meaning for the word “rosin,” which also refers to a block of dried pine tree sap which is rubbed on violin bows to improve sound. Different plant, different context. Don’t try to dab violinist’s rosin, and don’t rub THC rosin on your nice expensive violin.



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