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Here we review the IONIC cartridge. This is one of the best THC vape cartridges you can get anywhere. This particular cartridge we picked up at The Dispensary – Decatur in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, IONIC cartridges are available in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. After trying hundreds of THC vape carts, IONIC really stands out.

The strain we used in this review is Tangie.


  • Really smooth hits
  • Very tasty
  • Long-lasting high
  • incredible strength


  • Plastic cartridge body

Recommendations: Throw this thing in a glass CCELL. Other than that it’s a perfect THC cart.

IONIC simply makes one of the best cartridges out there

IONIC cartridge packaging
IONIC has one of the best packagings for its product.

Everything on this cartridge was perfect with the exception of I’d like to see glass hardware instead. Other than that, from oil quality, taste, hardware performance, effects, and smoothness – this cartridge is really top-notch. This cartridge is being added to our Best Cartridges List for Nevada. Here we go through the details of it piece by piece.

The only major issue with IONIC we gound is when there was a pesticide ridden IONIC cart that no one would take responsibility for. That happened in Washington, and we got this cartridge where regulations are tighter in Nevada, but it should be noted.

Excellent design that hits strong

IONIC cartridge view
Hopefully, this can be changed to glass in the future.

This cartridge is a standard CCELL M6T. The only difference is the top is modified. It actually feels like a softer plastic or probably rubberized material on top. This hit extremely well and it’s a great piece of hardware.

Build quality is good, but glass would be better

It’s still better than much of the other hardware that is out there, even some that are in glass because they just don’t hit that well. Making this a glass cart though would be a big improvement on build quality.

Glass is more efficient

Glass cartridges are a little bit more efficient and are a cleaner product, and we think its better for cannabis extracts as a place as opposed to polycarbonate. That’s the only complaint that we have for hardware, change this to glass, something like the CCELL TH2, and there will be nothing wrong with this cartridge.CCCC

Strength is the best of the best

The strength on this cartridge is on par with the other strongest cartridges that we have tried. You’ll find this to be comparable in strength to Aces Extracts, AiroPro, Roots, and Cannavative. It’s equivalent to some of the best brands out there on strength. Nothing really to improve here on strength, top quality.

IONIC’s oil quality was consistent throughout

IONIC cartridge
IONIC’s oil is consistent all throughout.

There was no color change when using IONIC cartridge throughout the duration. It was smooth the entire way. The oil also lasted fairly long. The THC oil on this cart seemed thick, but our judgment on the lasting of the oil as we have discussed is a little bit blurred by the strength of this cartridge.

The taste was awesome, but it tastes like a non-artificial distillate

We mentioned the distillate taste here because many people would prefer the taste of live resin. You may also be interested in our comparison of live resin and distillate. We want people to have a fair understanding of what this taste is like, we’re not just gonna say that it is good. This tastes like a very good distillate, its very similar to the taste we find in Roots cartridges and the closest California brand that I can think about taste is Aces Extracts.

No artificial flavoring on IONIC carts

There’s no artificial flavoring here like you would find on the RAD vape cartridge. So, I put this IONIC Tangie cart we tried as one of the best for distillate tasting cartridges. However, you can deny that a sweet live resin like you find on the Remedy cartridge and some of the Binske cartridges do taste better. The increased strength of this thing really makes up for whatever minor taste deficiency it has versus live resin.

Efficiency is almost good as you can get, glass would help

CCELL is one of the top cartridges that you can find in a pre-fill format on efficiency. There are some more efficient models out there, like the Javelina cartridge. However, the overall performance negates the hole placement.

One cartridge that is not available as a pre-fill yet, the SPRK cartridge is more efficient that this type of cartridge used in IONIC even the IONIC was glass. However, this being changed to a glass probably would add a little bit to efficiency as the wax seems to slide down more to the center quicker. Less wax at the end of the cartridge that seems to get stuck on the sidewall of the glass cartridge than a glass even though that may be a minor amount.

Number of puffs was hard to calculate because we got too stoned

We think the number of puffs is good but we’re maybe a little bit off with the calculation. When we hit the IONIC cartridge, we’re impressed on how good it was, we just ended up hitting it over and over again. Typically, we will swap between cartridges and kinda get a general idea of how many puffs it would last when going back and forth.

However, this time we just hit down the cartridge and wait more than we usually would just because it was so awesome and it was fun to use. So we think number of puffs is high based on the fact that it is a thicker distillate and the hardware it’s using. However, we’re not totally sure since this one we got a little too stoned while using it.

Value is great especially at the right shop

We got the IONIC cartridge in Las Vegas and prices vary a lot here. We found recently the cheapest dispensary on average per cartridges in Las Vegas tends to be The Dispensary. Searching on their menus, we found The Dispensary’s Decatur location has a good selection of brands.

We did not see Roots or Cannavative there but we hope to see them soon. Their typical cartridge price is $39 plus tax. This may sound expensive for some out-of-state folks but for Nevada prices, this is considered good.

You will find in Nevada at some places like Deep Roots Harvest in Mesquite, a one gram cartridge could run for a $100. Even at Essence Tropicana West, which we do think has probably the best cartridge selection in Las Vegas, their average is $46. However, they do have local discounts and things that could bring those prices down for people that are already local.

Considering that IONIC is such a strong cartridge, it could be priced higher and it will still be an excellent value. No question this cartridge is an excellent deal, simply because it’s so strong.

Concluding our IONIC cartridge review…

IONIC cartridge in battery
Overall, IONIC is really one of the best vape cartridges out there.

The IONIC cartridge is one of the best THC cartridges out there right now. You’re not gonna find much better on strength, quality of hit, and everything else. We’d love to see them upgrade to a CCELL glass cartridge, that would be the only thing to top it off to make it better for now.

You can learn more about the IONIC cartridge here. What are your thoughts on the IONIC cartridge? Comments or questions? Post your review below and comment below or in our forum!


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