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XMAX is one of the more frequently-reviewed ODMs on our site, with a menagerie of vape models we’re reviewed from them to fit every budget and need. In fact, the folks at XMAX post regularly in our forum, just keeping everybody abreast of new developments and even hosting the occasional giveaway. With that said, to be perfectly frank and objective, the last few models we’ve seen come out of XMAX recently haven’t exactly set the cannabis world on fire, and they could honestly use a win in this competitive market.

Luckily, XMAX can pick up an easy win with the Pattis, a solid little battery for 510 vape cartridges, with a suggested retail of $15. It’s a nice blend of features and minimalist design that just might make it your next battery.


  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • 5x settings of working voltage
  • Fast heating
  • Comfortable grip
  • Full LED screen w/ animations


  • Didn’t come along sooner

Recommendation: How come it took TopGreen Tech so long to jump into the battery market? If this is your opening design, you could have eaten CCELL’s lunch five years ago.


XMAX Pallis : Late to market but caught up fast!

There’s two kinds of genius: one that bolts off following through on inspirational strokes of creativity, and the one that holds back until the last possible second while cannily watching the mistakes and stumbles of everyone else, then confidently strives towards the correct solution. XMAX has just pulled a move of genius type-#2 with the Pallis battery, basically as good as any design we see nowadays.

OF COURSE if you gentle readers are familiar with my review record here, you know I love minimalist, tiny batteries. Thus far, the Doteco TIK20 has kept its firm grip on the #1 spot in my list of favorite batteries. It’s been my go-to whenever I’m not testing some other battery. And I gotta say….


I’m having a REAL tough time deciding between the two right now. The TIK20 is slimmer while the Pattis actually manages to stand shorter, the two have comparable LED screens, and perform almost identically. However, the Pattis is coated in this rubbery grip surface that’s a pleasure to touch, and has a shape that doesn’t roll away as easily if you drop it. The TIK20 goes down to 1.8V while the Pattis goes down to 2.4V; I am partial to lower-temp vapes. Ponder, ponder, ponder.

I’m declaring the Pattis my new favorite battery!

The Pattis basically takes everything I liked about the TIK20 and then made it cute and cuddly. And the TIK20, serving as nobly as it has, might as well be retired since it’s had its reign for long enough. Time to set term limits for my most favorite hardware.



Not that the Pattis is flashy – it calls very little attention to itself, and doesn’t annoy you with useless features like haptic buzzing on draw (thank God THAT trend died off!). It turns on, heats your cart, gives you your fill of smooth-drawing puffs, then quietly shuts off to await the time it is again called to serve. It comes with a tiny USB charge cord (does anybody else have an entire box of loose USB charge cords accumulated now?). Judging by current minimalist battery performance standards, you’ll probably only have to plug it in four times a year unless you’re a daily vaper.

The Pattis is comfortable to hold and use, easy to operate, and delivers top-quality vapor. It doesn’t heat up on the outside and keeps delivering cool hits even after long sessions. The three-button design lets you switch voltages without having to memorize single-button tap-codes. The closest thing to a frill is a pre-warm feature. In general, everything about the XMAX Pattis is just there to make your vaping experience as swell as possible. Were I given a drafting table, and army of engineers, and ample time, I don’t know if I could arrive at an improved design.


By my count, this is our 58th 510-threaded vape cartridge battery review.

I don’t know about you, but 58 models of vape cartridge battery are a lot to choose from to me, who hardly vapes at all compared to all the smoking, dabbing, and edibles. I think we’ve run to the end of 510 vape battery design now. The two best batteries I’ve seen came out a year apart. There’s not too much to add, and very little to take away anymore. But I’m sure the spirit of competition will bring yet more batteries.

Find the XMAX Pattis here, in 5 nifty color themes.

Readers, where do you stand on the perfect 510 battery design? Do you like it minimalist as I do, or do you want a bunch of bells and whistles? Leave your vapor cloud here in the comments or in our forum.



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