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Green Roads had me at Own The Day. What a cool package they sent. Packaging, marketing, and customer service are huge for me.  Green Roads nailed it in every category. Their Own The Day philosophy that was displayed clearly, in large print, inside the lid of the box was empowering and smart.

green roads sweet sleep bottle

Detailed instructions

The instructions for how to use the Sweet Sleep CBD and CBN oil were detailed, with four large photos illustrating the procedure. This is key – so tired of tiny-print instructions that leave me baffled as to how to use the product. 

green roads sweet sleep how to use

I chose Sweet Sleep for a family member who has serious sleep issues. I had purchased some melatonin gummies for him that were helping.  But gummies generally have some sugars in them and take longer to take effect. I felt the Sweet Sleep would be a healthier choice.

I had him quit the gummies and use the Sweet Sleep oil instead. His critique was this.

green roads sweet sleep own the day

The oil is very effective

He said the oil was very effective. He felt it was as effective as the gummies, if not more so. The oil is pleasant tasting, and he is picky.

His only complaint with the product was the markings on the syringe started to dissolve off so he couldn’t regulate the dose as well. But he really likes the product.

Editor’s Note: Science on sleep disorders and cannabinoids

Pete here to jump in, since this product has capable therapeutic potential.

“preliminary research suggests CBD can help with a number of sleep disorders, including insomnia22 REM sleep behavior disorder23, and excessive daytime sleepiness disorder24. Additional preliminary research suggests CBD can also help patients improve sleep and reduce anxiety.”

from Sleep Foundation.

“In a study by Steep Hill Labs, CBN seemed to show sedative properties, but the lab later said more research is needed to understand if that’s true. “

– from CNET.

Generally, all health effects of cannabinoids need more research. The many decades in which cannabis was prohibited made it fall behind, but we’re catching it up. So bottom line: Your mileage may vary when it comes to effectiveness for the individual. But, conventional stoner wisdom includes many a stoner who swears that cannabis helps them sleep like a baby, so take that how you will.

green roads sweet sleep

Perfect for someone with a sleep disorder

I believe it was smartly developed and the Sweet Sleep oil is a perfect product for someone with a sleep disorder. The product is a bit spendy compared to the gummies we replaced, but there is little more important in our lives than a rich night’s sleep. It’s worth the investment. 

I would highly recommend this product. More than that, Green Roads have my confidence. Smartly done.

You can find out more about Green Roads Sweet Sleep here.

Have you tried this flower? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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