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Weed And Weight : Theories on Smoking Weed and Losing Weight

Have you lost weight while using cannabis steadily? You might not be alone, and there's even medical research to point out how this is possible.

The Top Recommended Dispensaries in San Jose

The most highly recommended dispensaries in San Jose, ranked with customer feedback, reviews, recommendations, and good word of mouth.
em3 methodology information

EM3 Methodology: A Complete Solution in Formulating MDI’s

Business information for EM3 Methodology. The company specializes in metered-dose inhalers (MDI) and dry powder inhalers (dpi).

Vaping CBD For Anxiety: It May Help

Here we explain the benefits of vaping CBD for anxiety.
choose your emotions cbd strips review

Choose Your Emotions CBD Strip Review : Most Efficient Way To...

Choose Your Emotions are 10 mg CBD infused strips, providing a quick, efficient and discrete way to consume CBD. These CBD strips give an amazing and potent taste with an impactful feeling of euphoria.
cbd essence review

CBD Essence Hemp Products Review : Oils, Capsules, Edibles

This is a review of CBD Essence Hemp products. Specifically, CBD Oil Complex Liposome Formula, CBD Oil Complex Sublingual Formula, and a collection of edible products.
cannabis nurses network

Cannabis Nurses Network : Connecting Healthcare Teams

Cannabis Nurses Network is an organization for professional nurses that work with cannabis.

Zion Medicinals: Makers of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Zion Medicinals is a CBD company founded by Brian Caruso. They carry a variety of full spectrum CBD oils.

Cheapest Medical Card : $39 Medical Marijuana Recommendation Online For California

By putting two sites against each other I have found the lowest price on a medical card. Now you can get a California medical...
elevate CBD strips review

Elevate CBD Strips Review : Extremely Effective Way To Use CBD

Elevate CBD strips are thin strips of edible film that contain CBD oil in them. They pack a potent punch of relief and are...
elevate CBD gum review

Elevate CBD Gum Review : Tastes Decent And Effective

Elevate CBD is one of the trusted brands in CBD products. Here we review Elevate CBD gum. Consuming CBD by way of gum is...

West Hollywood Dispensary : Best Wax At Exhale Med Center

Whether living in your own city or visiting another, locating dispensaries with top value concentrates is a difficult task. If you're looking for quality...

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc Down 54% in the Last 2 Weeks and...

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTC: CBNX) is down by more than half in the past two weeks at the time this article is written, on...

Pros And Cons Of Marijuana Legalization : Let It Grow Or...

There's a green line and the United States stands before it, wondering if they should step across. To be more precise, 41 states stand...

Medical Marijuana For Seizures : Does CBD Oil Help Epilepsy?

As marijuana continues to gain acceptance from state to state, it still meets resistance from federal classification. New research is beginning to question the validity...

Cannabis & Asthma: 5 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Did You Know Cannabis Could Be Good for Asthma? Cannabis and Asthma: Inhaling small particulates is bad for your lungs. It’s one of the many...
Marijuana Job Opportunities

Marijuana Job Opportunities : New Work In The Marijuana Industry

Jobs are popping up all over the United States. There's one waiting for you as long as you don't mind working in the marijuana...

Jeff Sessions and Marijuana: What Does The Future Hold For Medical...

The confirmation of Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (Jeff Sessions) as attorney general has Americans asking questions about the future of marijuana. Yes, the same...