dddfWith so much controversy about the company, Dank Vapes are becoming very known and susceptible to the cartridge industry. Having people either loving the cartridge or skeptical about it, leaving inconsistent satisfaction to the consumers. Here, we gather all the information we can find about Dank Vapes and describe what to watch for.

This popular company is owned by DankWoods, or at least that’s what their Instagram account claimed to say. Because of the lack of information out, there really isn’t telling how reliable this company really is. Despite how good each flavor taste, Dank Vapes have been suspicious because of how many fakes are out. This issue has been hurting their company negatively, loosing credibility and trustworthy.

Dank Vapes are on the rise, building awareness to their company

dank vapes flavors
Each flavor that we’ve tried tasted amazing, giving a strong and accurate taste to each strain.

First, Dank Vapes have been around for a few years, but they started becoming recognized more often sometime in 2018. Dank’s became so popular, it started going around states that don’t sell for recreational purposes, having people love these cartridges.

The black market started disrupting the industry, selling fakes that look identical to real cartridges

fake dank vapes
Fake packaging started selling like crazy, allowing people to put whatever kind of oil they’d want.

Because of this, the black market started to take advantage of this opportunity and decided to fulfill these orders themselves. Chinese manufacturers sell packaging in bulk for the purpose of being refilled with any kind of oil people please. This causes many fake vendors to sell these Dank Vapes with unknown distillate, possibly containing harmful pesticides and artificial flavors.

This is very unfortunate, for we did personally believe for these Dank Vapes to taste amazing! In our old Dank Vapes review, it really did show to give an amazing high and very savory cartridges. Although we did love them, our analysis has to go against their reliability.

Dank Vapes contained pesticides either way

Hearing about this at first did surprise me and lowered their credibility. They’ve failed multiple times in lab tests, containing several types of pesticides. Also, they ranked as low as 65% THC.  Shown below are their most recent lab results;

dank vape lab test results
Dank tested positive in at least 5 types of pesticides on this test.
dank vapes thc
Test results came in at 65% total THC, showing no foreign materials, pests, mold or fungus for Dank Vapes.

Counterfeits has caused them to update their packaging

real dank vapes
These packaged are Dank Vapes most recent update. You can notice the big difference with their hologram package.
dank vapes packaging
With the new Dank Vape cartridges, each strain comes in a different color in the label and strain.

Because of how fake cartridges are negatively affecting brands, Dank Vapes decided to act quick on this dilemma. As of January 2019, they decided to change their packaging into a darker look to prevent fakes being sold. In our updated Dank Vapes review, we tell the difference between the old and new packaging. Overall, there was no major difference other than the packaging itself. As always, they had an amazing taste to them and a satisfying high.

This is a great opportunity for them to update their lab results. With new packaging, I’d hope for these Dank Vapes to contain no sort of pesticide. Better yet, contain a lot more than just 65% THC. Hopefully they decide to take action on this too, I just hope it’s sooner than later.

The black market caught on and started selling replicas

dank vapes packaging
With the black market catching on, people are selling these packages online and through several platforms.

This new packaging turned to be a great quick fix, but than have been replicated and started selling again. It’s crazy how little time the counterfeit market took to create these identical replicas. That I remember, it took them only 2 weeks to figure out their new packaging once it was released. This is very unfortunate, because of how much I actually liked smoking each new Dank Vapes flavor.

In addition, counterfeit Dank Vapes people started selling these fake carts through various social media accounts. Providing their email, Skype or phone number and selling unknown oil to anyone willing to purchase them.

Because of this situation, their credibility has become more and more suspicious and susceptible. Many people are questioning their authenticity, wondering if they are even worth smoking. Well from our experience, no matter how much we love them, we can’t fully trust on these cartridges yet.

We have encountered fake Dank Vapes 

I picked up a batch of Dank Vapes and they turned to be one of the nastiest tasting cartridges that we’ve tried yet in DabConnection. Tasting like metal and nothing like Dank Vapes, these fake cartridges were leaking from the bottom and all tasted similar. I should also mention the terrible oil quality, having a dark color with thin oil density.

How to tell apart from real and fake Dank Vapes

fake dank vapes
Dank Vapes always have a holographic package in each strain and use authentic CCELL cartridges.

There are many minor factors that come in play when it comes to identifying fake Dank Vapes. First off, from now on they should be the black packaging. Receiving an old package can either mean the company wants to get rid of it still, or it’s fake. Ever since the change, they’ve only been promoting this packaging on their Instagram and stopped posting about the old packaging.

Something that Dank Vapes prides themselves the most is their taste. You should know if your Dank is legit when it taste’s identical, if not better than whatever strain you have. If it’s too light of a taste or a harsh, metal taste, than they might be pre-filled with artificial flavors.

Other minor factors to watch for is obviously misspelling. Second, the packaging should say DankVapesOfficialAccount (their official Instagram). Third, the packaging should always be holographic. Every strain, from the old to the new packaging, will always be holographic on each logo/image.

Check if the CCELL cartridges are authentic or not

This is another great way to check if your Dank Vapes, or any cartridge that uses CCELL is legit. This brand uses authentic CCELL cartridges, and if yours isn’t an actual CCELL, then it probably us fake. Even the littlest things can differentiate the differences between each other.

CCELL carts have three different stamps on them

Each cartridge has three unique stamps engraved on the bottom of it. A CCELL logo, a K stamp and a CA serial number as well. None of these three should be missing nor misplaced. Furthermore, this engraved stamp should not look oddly huge or have a light color. If you see that your stamp has a different font size or style than the original carts, it might not be authentic. Shown below will tell you the difference between real and fake CCELL’s.

fake dank vapes
If you have a real CCELL cartridge, than just compare it with the length size.
fake dank vapes
Also always check for stamps and other odd features on the bottom.

Will Dank Vapes solve these issues and become more reputable?

This is a question yet to be answered, there still are many questions unanswered and only they know. Genuine Dank Vapes are amazing, and everything about the taste makes me want to try every flavor. But because of the amount of fakes out, it can be hard to tell them apart sometimes. Perhaps these fakes can contain dozens of more pesticides. Regardless, they still failed in various pesticides and lacked strength potency.

I really do hope for this company to solve all of these problems to increase their credibility. Trust me, these cartridges taste great! Every flavor really does exceed your expectation. The only thing is that I’d like to know if they are clean and pesticide free.

There are countless negative stories on Dank Vapes where people get in contact with fake cartridges. Containing terrible oil and tasting either like heavy chemicals or metal, getting people dissatisfied with this brand. Some people will even claim to get headaches from this cartridge. It should be noted that this is not Dank’s fault, for it’s whatever your seller substituted in that distillate. This seller could’ve easily put this oil in a different fake cartridge.

To sum up, we hope Dank Vapes to return stronger than ever

Dank Vapes were fast to react to their last counterfeit situation. Now they have to stay consistent with building their brand reputation. As of now, what they’re doing is calling out people selling fake cartridges through their Instagram. If you ever encounter people selling fakes, you can just notify them and they will take care of the rest.

In the meantime, I personally won’t be picking these up until I know they are authentic or not. I really do believe all of these problems really will go away one marijuana becomes recreational in most states. Than, all this will become irrelevant, having trademarks and more lab results. Meanwhile, I recommend you as always to pick up from a licensed dispensary or a reliable source. If anything, we prefer you to pick up other reliable brands, for instance Select Oil or Stiiizy Pods.


  1. Why are people saying real and fake websites are the exact same? there is literally no difference in the name and these dumbasses are saying “oh you ordered off the wrong site”. DONT BUY WEED ONLINE!! And if you do, use a reputable site like weedsly or craigs weed and most importantly, DONT BUY CARTS!!!

  2. Why are people saying real and fake websites are the exact same? there is literally no difference in the name and these dumbasses are saying “oh you ordered off the wrong site”. DONT BUY WEED ONLINE!!

  3. I ordered from THEDANKVAPE.com. I paid the $50 next day delivery fee. I got a tracking from base path logistics. Nothing changed from ft Lauderdale for 24 hours. Then I get notice I need to buy special stamp for $520. But it is refunded when I get my product.. um.. ok so I’m stupid for thinking I would get what I ordered. But not stupid enough to send that. Talked to an attorney and all I can do is report them to BBB.

    • Actually if somehow you can figure out their webhost you could report it there too

      thanks for commenting to warn others and sorry to hear that happened to you!

  4. Four anyone wanting to buy dank vapes online, (DON,T).Every site is FAKE. Their all big time SCAMMERS. .org,.net,.com etc….. don’t be fooled, the sites look great ,the billing draws a RED flag.if your will to send money to someone your not sure of, then you deserve to be scammed.Lets all join together so we can some how shut them down

  5. your a piece of s%#*&t lier, you work for them u a hole. I ordered from this site and got SCAMMED, BUYERS BEWARE OF THIS SITE

  6. Saw someone with a DANK*CZAR Rosin Cart 1/2g says “100% Live Rosin Cartridge” and ‘Artisan Crafted by Dank Czar’ no hologram black box, push button on side, silver writing.
    can’t tell and have no idea if this is legit, don’t see anywhere to research rosin carts.

  7. I was ripped off by Dankvapes.org for $265. Complete scam!!I knew better but didn’t follow my common sense. I sure would LOVE to find out where these jerks reside. That would be awesome!

  8. Dankvapecarts.com is a bigtime scammer they take your order and sends you a confirmation receipt. Than they send you message that police got package and that you need to send 300 dollars so police wont open package. So everybody who who wrote good comments about this company worked for the company. Dont send them anything.

  9. I’ve been using Dank cartridges for around a year now and this is my analysis of the product through my personal experience. I’m consistently trying to get new flavors. To date I’ve managed to go through a total of sixteen different strains. Each strain has been tasty and quite potent. In total I’ve had closer to twenty cartridges because some were repeat flavors. I don’t feel like my lung health has been negatively affected as a result of pesticide damage. I will admit to developing a smoker’s cough, but in all honesty, I smoke a lot more than I need to because I equally handle the dry stuff. I’m shocked to discover this article because I’ve never been given the impression that the product I’m using is fake or harmful. I will admit to being skeptical about their claim on the percentage of THC, but all that really matters to me is that it lasts longer than the dry stuff, it saves me money, it gets me good and high, it tastes delicious, and it’s considerably safer in both respect to the law and theoretically for your health. I’m terribly sympathetic for anyone that believes the opposite because I’m definitely a fan and hate to think there’s a negative impression of this company that I love so much being made. They really should be getting their shit together.

  10. As at now i really was not trusting any site to place an order ,but now i know the real Dankvapes sites and the fake one i have being scammed 3 times of $400 each time and when i tried Dankvapecarts.com i got my package this yesterday and i thank them for being legit Dankvapecarts.com is real and they deliver safe while the site with S which is Dankvapescarts.com and Dankvapes.org is a scam so thats my experience order with them and get your package shipped safe make sure you order with Dankvapecarts.com and not Dankvapescarts.com with S or Dankvapes.org cos they are scams

    Dankvapecarts.com is real


  11. Dooooh everyone being saying they have being scammed .,well i have being seeing and reading everything you write here and i went off to try the site Dankvapecarts.com
    the truth is i got my package i ordered and i got my package and truely Dankvapecarts.com is real and there is a difference and it was said the S is the difference .i bet you Dankvapecarts.com is real and Dankvapescarts.com with S is not real. those who like to believe believe me if you dont like to believe it then you can leave it .go order with Dankvapecarts.com and see the Magic i talk about
    Good day you all

    real site is Dankvapecarts.com
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    see the difference .

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  13. Since there are so many of you here willing to send large amounts of cash to people you don’t know, clearly it must come to you easily, so just give ME the cash instead. I’ll at least thank you, unlike that fake Dank Vapes site. Drop those replies buds

  14. Funny how everyone complaining about being ripped off somehow all spent around $300, seems fishy. Are you guys really that dumb to send hundreds of dollars to a company you don’t know? Especially when there are tons of fakes going around. Like use some common sense, the fake websites are riddled with typos, design that looks like it was created by a highschooler, no real way of contacting besides a janky phone number. And you think this is professional enough to send hundreds of dollars? Honestly, you deserve to be scammed at that point lol

  15. I got a tank from. My plug called aurora gold orange cookies. Ive never heard of them and they have no website. The cart looks good has everything that its suppose too the bottom stamp looks like the real one in the pic above to. But it taste wried I really dont like it.

  16. Vape Dank Full Gram Cartridges, because those are dab thc oil cartridges. They get you high as hell my boy, i. However be careful, cause people sell fake ones of the cart with all kinds of pesticides and gunk, the tip needs to be round and clear, not metal tipped or dark oilDank vapes cartridges. We provide you with the best and top quality of dankvape oil.

  17. I placed an order with https://dankvapescarts.com/contact-us/ for $300. and all communication stopped.

    I just place the order on July 31st. They will not respond to me and I don’t know what’s happening.



  18. Amazon.
    They sell all this Fake packaging so can easily be filled by unscrupulous individuals. The carts and the boxes.
    Detroit dispensaries don’t sell Dank, but a delivery service we use does. Gonna check those now.
    Some dispensaries here sell pre-filled carts by MI companies, but they are filling them at the dispensaries. Not saying all.
    Seems can’t win, at least in Detroit and the joke that is the Marijuana market we voted to legalize 9 months ago…..yet they’re still playing with Medical cards that are $$$, proving you’re Disabled, citizens can’t buy, it’s become an entire Scam racket here.
    Oh, don’t forget…to buy your products you will be heading to 8 Mile or further, worse, South. There you can buy meds in what appears to be a gated prison complex, complete with many armed guards, metal detectors, and you will be hurried in/out while you Only pay with cash and are watched suspiciously.
    God forbid you car breaks down.

  19. I have recently discovered, and by recently I mean today, that fake cartridges are now finding their way into the new packaging for 1.1g dank vapes. And the oil tastes like ass. But smells really good until you try to smoke it. So I think they may even be adding scents to the package to help push the illusion that they’re real….good news is I got a full refund and not all of us are complete idiots

  20. Did any of you ppl even bother to read the articles he put DANK’s offical web site on there or if you have an offical DANK cartridge it right on the box if it’s their site don’t bother
    @DANKVAPESOFFICAL go there and shop until you drop

  21. Learn how to proof read and article that is viewable all over the world, for everyone’s sake please. People already think we get retarded from bud. Anyway, every Dank Vape I have purchased has been a golden honey color and tastes exactly how it is described on the back of the box. The taste alone is a very easy way to tell if your oil is trash. The only complaint I have about Dank Vapes is the false thc % and lack of lab tests accessible to customers. Taste your product, if it doesn’t taste right or hit right it’s not right, period. There are many fakes but most of the time if it’s not from China it’s legit oil, just not what the packaging says it is. A legit Dank will taste and smell just like the back of the box says, I’ve tested 100’s.

    • Haha this guy writes his comment wrong then complains about proof reading.
      “Learn how to proof read and article”

      Learn the difference between an and and.

      What a douche.

  22. Anyone know of actual places to order not scams…. I did same thing 425$ to dankvapescarts.com. So none of you have scene products from them?

  23. Can you please tell me if dankvapes.org is your company or is it a knock-off site ? Please text at 7243312785 or email richmx@yahoo.com. I would like to place a sizable order from them right now just leary because a lot of fakes out there

  24. How can I know the results of the new packaging laboratory? for the pesticide test.

    ¿Cómo puedo saber y ver el resultado de laboratorio de los nuevos empaques? para comprobar si pasaron la prueba de pesticidas.



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