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Today we will take a deep dive into the Yocan Orbit, the newest wax pen from Yocan Tech. Yocan Tech currently also offers a wide selection of dry herb, oil, and concentrate vaporizers on their website. We have previously reviewed several of their products, including their Evolve 2.0, Uni Pro, Armor, Vane, Trio, Stix, Rex, Lux, and Falcon Mini. The full retail price for the Yocan Orbit currently runs for $59.99 on their website. We will detail our experience objectively as always in our non-affiliate reviews. For this review, let’s talk about their newly released Orbit wax pen.

Check out our video review of the Yocan Orbit here.

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  • Unique cutting-edge design
  • Cleaner, smoother taste
  • Excellent airflow
  • User-friendly features
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable price
  • Great for beginners


  • The mouthpiece could be slightly longer
  • The mouthpiece can get very hot

Recommendations: Make the glass mouthpiece slightly longer, so the wax doesn’t accidentally end up in your mouth or burn your lips.

yocan orbit unit

The Yocan Orbit is the closest you’ll get to an authentic dab with its unique cutting-edge design

The Yocan Orbit is their latest groundbreaking wax pen, the first one to utilize spinning terp pearls to provide the user a much more rewarding experience than other wax pens. The Orbit wax pen is a huge step up from other Yocan products that mostly use titanium coils, which always runs the risk of overheating your extracts. As a solution, the Yocan Orbit uses a coil-less quartz cup above a fixed coil. This similar feature can be also seen in the atomizers used in E-rigs such as the Waxmaid Ares and other wax vaporizers like the Pulsar APX V3 Volt. Although the strength of the Pulsar APX Wax & Volt is more powerful, the flavor coming off the Orbit tastes cleaner and smoother. Upon opening the kit, you will find the following: 

  • Orbit wax pen
  • A pair of dab tools
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Hanging ring
  • Lanyard
  • User manual
  • Extra quartz terp pearls
  • Extra seal rings

yocan orbit contents

The addition of the spinning terp pearls makes this more efficient than other wax pens with a cleaner and smoother taste

The Yocan Orbit can be easily operated and maintained with its extremely user-friendly features that would appeal to both novice and experienced users. In terms of temperature control, the Yocan Orbit offers three voltage settings: 3.4v, 3.7v, 4.0v. At the lowest heat setting of 3.4v, the flavor is clean and smooth with surprisingly strong clouds. There is also even distribution of heat with minimal waste left in the atomizer, due to the spinning terp pearls. At the next setting of 3.7, there is even better vapor production with greater potency.

However, the glass mouthpiece starts to feel very hot after a few hits, so spacing out your hits is strongly advised. In terms of heat settings, most live resin concentrates felt best between 3.4v and 3.7v, while live rosin concentrates felt perfectly fine at the lowest setting. In addition, the use of the spinning terp pearls also provides a more efficient and visually satisfying experience than other wax pens such as the Dr. Dabber Stella, the Utillian 5, and the Releafy Torch 2.0.

Using the Yocan Orbit for best results:

  • Charge the Orbit unit with the USB-C charging cable included in the kit.
  • Remove the glass mouthpiece.
  • Place your extract onto the atomizer.
  • Reattach the glass mouthpiece.
  • Turn on the battery by pressing the power button five times quickly.
  • Adjust your temperature setting by pressing the power button three times quickly.
  • Double click the power button to activate session mode. Press and hold the power button for manual heating mode.
  • Soak the glass mouthpiece and the terp pearls after use. Additional terp pearls and water seal rings are also included in the kit.
  • Swab any residue left inside the atomizer using a cotton swab lightly soaked in isopropyl alcohol.

         yocan orbit front

Here’s a quick comparison between the Yocan Orbit and other wax pens/vaporizers:

Yocan Orbit Pulsar APX V3 Volt Pulsar APX V3 Wax Releafy Torch Utillian 5 Dr. Dabber Stella
1700mAh 1100mAh  1100mAh  Also 1100mAh 1500mAh 600mAh
3 Temperature Settings (3.4v, 3.7v, 4.0v) 4 Temperature Settings (2.5v – 3.7v) No Temperature Settings 3 Temperature settings (450-550°F)

3 Voltage settings

(3.0v, 3.5v, 4.0v)

4 Voltage Settings (2.2v – 3.2v) 4 Temperature settings (460-775°F)
Quartz atomizer Quartz atomizer Triple coil atomizer Ceramic/Quartz atomizer Triple/single-coil atomizer  Ceramic atomizer
Glass mouthpiece Glass mouthpiece Also glass mouthpiece Glass mouthpiece Glass mouthpiece Ceramic mouthpiece
$59.99 $69.99 $69.99 $69.90 $89.99 $99.95

yocan orbit in dark

Overall, the Yocan Orbit is a cut above the other wax pens with its use of spinning terp pearls

Ultimately, the Yocan Orbit is highly recommended for its unique cutting-edge design, cleaner flavor, excellent airflow, and easier maintenance at an affordable price. As one of the least expensive options, the Yocan Orbit offers a better and smoother overall experience than other wax pens that are almost twice the price. The Yocan Orbit would also serve as a great introduction for beginners dipping their toes into the world of concentrates. The use of terp pearls with a coilless quartz cup offers a more richly satisfying experience, closer to an actual dab off a traditional quartz banger. On the other hand, I would recommend making the glass mouthpiece slightly longer, so the wax doesn’t accidentally end up in your mouth or burn your lips. 

You can purchase the Yocan Orbit on their official website here.

Have you tried the Yocan Orbit? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.

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  1. Great Product If it Lasted Long
    I’ve always been a fan of Yocan. I’ve owned various devices from the Uni Pro, to the Armor, to the Evolve, and finally the Orbit. As a dab enthusiasts I must say I am most impressed with the design of the Orbit, just not a big fan of the price. It would probably be worth it if it didn’t break so easily.

    Since I 1st discovered the Orbit a few month ago, I’ve ended up replacing the device 3 times. Each time hoping it would last longer if I care for it better then before; but the results were always the same. It over heats even though I keep it on the lowest setting at all time. I don’t over charge it nor do I charge it in a car. Once it overheats and I start getting the 3 red flashes, then the device stops working all together (no power) and I have to get a replacement.

    The warranty for replacement is low key a scam. They have customers jumping through hoops to get a replacement which is really not worth the hassel. Let’s be honest, who do you know in todays day and age that will ship in a product tehn wait an entire month for a replacement. The replacement process for my much more expensive cellphone take a fraction of that time. I’ve spent nearly $200 on the Orbits and hate myself for keep purchasing a replacement over and over again.

    Yocan needs to either lower the price of this device or make the warranty replacement easier and quicker for customers. Otherwise you guys are deliberately selling people your products, knowing it d9esnt last Ling so they can keep coming back and buying more. Like I said, it’s low key a scam!!!

  2. I’ve been waiting for an upgrade that is better than yo can cerum for years. Thanks for the review, now I can grab one to use when my peak pro is too big!


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