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Today we will take a look at one of the many products from Yocan Tech. Yocan Tech currently offers a wide and diverse selection of dry herb, oil, and concentrate vaporizers. We have reviewed several of their products, including their Evolve 2.0, Uni Pro, Armor, Vane, Trio, Rex, Lux, and Falcon Mini. The full retail price for the Yocan Stix thick oil vaporizer currently runs for $24.99 on their website. We will detail our experience objectively as always in our non-affiliate reviews. For this review, I will try their Yocan Stix thick oil pen.


  • Discreet portability
  • Smooth efficiency
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Solid battery strength


  • Plastic mouthpiece
  • Slightly burnt taste
  • Only effectively works with distillate oil

Recommendations: A glass mouthpiece would be appreciated.

yocan stix comparisons

The leak-proof Yocan Stix is a compact and lightweight oil pen designed for maximum portability and smooth efficiency

The Yocan Stix unit comes in a slim brown mylar-like bag with the manual and detailed instructions printed on the back. The Yocan Stix is relatively easy to use when you get used to its features. When opening the packaging, the Yocan Stix is pre-assembled with the mouthpiece, atomizer, and battery. For this review, I had little or no issues using distillate syringes with the Yocan Stix.

  • Grab your preferred extract, most preferably distillate oil
  • Take the unit and hold the mouthpiece 
  • Turn the mouthpiece counterclockwise
  • Unscrew the base connector at the bottom of the mouthpiece
  • Load the desired amount of oil into the mouthpiece slowly
  • Make sure to turn the mouthpiece upside down when filling it 
  • Keep in mind to allow some space as filling the mouthpiece
  • Keep the pod/mouthpiece in its upside-down position with the battery upside down when connecting it to the pod/mouthpiece. 
  • Screw the battery and the mouthpiece back in place
yocan stix parts
Yocan stix parts

Mostly limited to distillate oil or E-liquids for its usage, less efficient than Linx Ember, similar performance as Toqi wax cartridge

Although the Yocan Stix is extremely portable and efficient, the flavor can taste a little burnt the longer the hit. The strength of the battery and the flavor of the hit from the Yocan Stix is similar to the TOQi wax cartridge. The limitation of the Yocan Stix is that it is mostly limited to distillate oil or E-liquids for its usage. So, you will not be able to fill the Yocan Stix with any thicker concentrates. However, I had a slightly better overall experience with the Linx Ember wax pen in terms of battery strength, flavor, and cleaning & maintenance. 

Here’s a brief comparison between similar wax pens:

Yocan Stix Linx Ember Toqi Wax Cartridge & Battery
320 mAH 350 mAH 400 mAH
Plastic mouthpiece, ceramic coil Stainless steel mouthpiece, See-through vapor window Stainless steel mouthpiece, dab tool attached to the mouthpiece
Only works with distillate Works with most concentrates Works with most concentrates
Low (Red), Medium (Green), High (Blue) 3.3v – 4.2v 2.8v – 3.6v

yocan stix pack

The cleaning and maintenance are similar to the Linx Ember and the Toqi wax cartridge attachment:

  • Unscrew the atomizer from the battery
  • Unscrew the mouthpiece from the atomizer
  • Soak the plastic mouthpiece and ceramic coil atomizer in 90%+ isopropyl alcohol
  • Thoroughly rinse and dry the atomizer and mouthpiece
  • Charge the battery while not in use (The micro-USB port is located on the bottom of the battery)

Overall, I would recommend the Yocan Stix for its discreet portability, smooth efficiency, relative ease of use, and solid battery strength

All things considered, this is a practical choice for anyone looking for a refillable distillate oil cartridge with battery. The Yocan Stix is recommended for its discreet portability, smooth efficiency, relative ease of use, and solid battery strength. You can also find it at torontovaporizer for CAD16.99 here.

Have you tried this vaporizer? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.



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