13 Truly Weird Food Combos to Try Out When You’re High Weed

weird food

Weird Food Combinations: Everyone knows about the munchies. They’re a by-product of the incredible feelings associated with smoking weed. When everything tastes good, and your brain is addled by a blissful fog, there some kind of weird cravings that can arise.

Because everything tastes good, you can get the opportunity to taste some pretty wild and weird food combinations. When else would you eat grapes and salami or Oreos in OJ? And when else would they taste soo good?

French fries and Ice-cream!

weed food

Fries and ice cream aren’t only a combination found attractive to the stoners among us, but it is a particularly delightful one. The combination of creamy smooth and crisp hot is wonderful, and the salty/sweet connection is a timeless trope used in many classic dishes.

French fries, butter and honey!

weed food

What else do fries go with? Butter and honey of course. No, I’m not messing around (though the combination can get messy). Dip your fries into some butter and drizzle them with honey and voilà! Delicious!

Nutella and Crisps!

weed food

From fries to potato chips. Crunchy, salty but not hot. Like anything else, salt and sweet go together. That’s why you should definitely try Nutella and potato chips.

Vanilla ice cream and soy sauce!

Now this one weird food combination definitely sounds insane, but the only thing crazy about it is its sheer brilliance of it. Once again, sweet and salty make an appearance.

weird food

With four out of four flavor sensations being sweet AND salty, you can guess there’s a pattern to what tastes good when you’re soaring in the sky.

Popcorn and Ketchup!

No this crazy and weird food combination seems a little off but wait for it. I knew a few kids that were more than obsessed with the tangy and sweet red goo; they put it on everything. Sometimes, when you’re high, you might as well be a child.

weed food

The salt on the popcorn, with the soft but crunchy texture, mixed with the sweet stickiness of the ketchup, makes for a delightful experience. Just don’t let the popcorn get soggy; then you have nothing but an oddly brain-like bowl of goo.

But what about scrambled eggs and jelly?

weird food

I’m not joking about that one. This is especially useful when you can’t decide whether you want a bowl of jellybeans or something more traditional for breakfast.

Banana and cheese sandwiches!

weird food

It sounds like something invented by Roald Dahl but the cheese and the banana, hot and sweet and salty, is delightful. It’s recommendable 100%

Pickle and Peanut butter sandwiches!

weird foods

I can’t explain why this one tastes as good as it does, you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Or maybe you would rather have peanut butter and cheese?

weird foods

This is a personal favorite of mine. Salty peanut butter and delicious cheese make a heavenly combination. Just make sure to have some water nearby, as the combination does tend to stick to the roof of your mouth.

Apple sauce and grilled cheese.

weird food

Cheese and apple go well with a combination, and the applesauce makes for a nice twist on the original. Just cut your grilled cheese up, and dip, dip, dip away

While you’re dipping, don’t forget to try dipping your Oreos into some orange juice

weird foods

Don’t leave them too long, you don’t want anything to get soggy, but the zinginess and the sweetness and the all-around delightfulness of this weird food combination will make it unforgettable.

Apple and salt and pepper

weird food

It might look strange and sound even more bizarre, but it definitely tastes better than it sounds. Don’t just take my word for it; give it a go!

Finally, give your high-fueled menu some class and mix and match salami and grapes.

weird foods

This weird food combination is great anytime; it’s great when you’re just entertaining guests and when your orbiting Saturn.

And that rounds out the list of wonderful foods you should consider trying when you next get high. Of course, many of them are delicious even when the drugs aren’t kicking in, but one might say you need to be high to even consider them at all!


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