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The Pharmacyte Biotech Website Home Page Featuring Their Patented "Cell-In-A-Box" Bio Technology

Marijuana penny stocks are the talk of the town and lead to massive earnings or heart breaking losses. Pharmacyte Biotech is another company that joins a long list of cannabis penny stocks. Headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, Pharmacyte Biotech changed names in 2015 from Nuvilex, Inc. They are a clinical stage company working to develop new cannabis based drugs for the treatment of cancer and diabetes. Their company is included in the Emerging Agrosphere ETF.

Pharmacyte Biotech (PMCB) – History, Company Executives, & Overall Value

Company History And General Info On Pharmacyte Biotech

Nuvilex Before The Pharmacyte Biotech Name Change
Pharmacyte Biotech Changed It’s Name From Nuvilex In 2015 To Match The Change In Company Direction

The foundation of PMCB dates back to 1996 under the name Nuvilex, Inc. The company signature was all natural products and they began researching marijuana for this purpose. As their research and development department grew, PMCB initiated studies on their new technology, “cell-in-a-box”.

The years leading up to 2015 saw Pharmacyte Biotech invest even more in their encapsulated cell research. They started drug trials using their patented encapsulated cell technique to aid cancer and diabetes patients. The name change came in concert with the changing company direction though they still claim to develop their natural product line.

Pharmacyte Biotech Company Logo
The Pharmacyte Biotech Company Logo.

Today, the cell delivery trials reflect Pharmacyte Biotech’s main interest with an emphasis on the medicinal effects of marijuana. Their cutting edge technology uses encapsulated cells to deliver marijuana extracts to certain kinds of cancer cells. Diabetes is on their list of clinical trials as well, using the same technology.

PMCB Company Executives

Company leaders mean as much to the success of a company as its product or service. Below you’ll find a list of PMCB executives by title, name, and annual pay.

  • Pharmacyte Biotech CEO Kenneth L. Waggoner
    Kenneth L. Waggoner – CEO, Chairman, And President Of Pharmacyte Biotech.

    CEO, Chairman, And President: Mr. Kenneth L. Waggoner – Annual Pay: $195,000

  • Chief Operating Officer And Director: Dr. Gerald W. Crabtree  – Annual Pay: $169,000
  • VP Of Finances: Mr. Carlos A. Trujillo – Annual Pay: N/A
  • Chief Scientific Officer: Prof. Walter H. Günzburg – Annual Pay: N/A
  • Director Of Diabetes Program Development: Dr. Eva-Maria Brandtner – Annual Pay: N/A

PMCB Current Stock And Overall Company Value

Pharmacyte Biotech currently trades at a low .1015 cents per share and but has seen a couple of stock spikes over the course of their history. The stock ran all the way up to .71 cents back in 2004 and hit a lesser high of .43 cents in 2014.

Pharmacyte Biotech Complete Stock History
Graph Displaying The Complete Stock History Of Pharmacyte Biotech.

The company has racked up over 43 million in debt over the past 3 years alone without any revenue. The clinical stage that PMCB exists in as a company means they don’t yet have a product to sell. Their main goal as a company is to get that first trial approved by the FDA. That along with other trials nearing completion will move the stock share needle.

At barely over 10 cents per share, it could be the time to buy but investors should be prepared to wait out the trial phases. The stock is likely to remain more or less stagnant until that time.

The Latest Pharmacyte Biotech News

The Seal Of The Securities And Exchange Commission
The Seal Of The United States Securities And Exchange Commission.

Back at the end of February, 2017, PMCB reported involvement in an interesting new development. Along with 68 other companies, they’ve filed to become the first ever marijuana based ETF or exchange traded fund and results are pending. Other major names in the deal include Abbot Laboratories and GW Pharmaceutical.

The SEC is currently reviewing the application and ears are waiting to hear the decision. Should the trade fund form, investment managers will start buying stock for client portfolios on all these companies.

The Potential Future For Pharmacyte Biotech

The future for Pharmacyte Biotech hinges on the FDA approval of their first trial technology and their encapsulated cell will most likely make or break the company. The closest trial to FDA submission targets cancer patients and nears the third and final stage.

Pharmacyte Biotech uses their patented encapsulated cell technology which act as surrogate livers after placement near cancer cells. The chemo drug ifosfamide is injected intravenously into the patient and it reacts with the encapsulated cell. The technology brings the fight directly to cancerous cells and is void of any negative chemotherapy side effects.

The Pharmacyte Biotech Cell Encapsulation Process
The Complete Patented Process Of Cell Encapsulation At Pharmacyte Biotech.

Investors keep an eye on PMCB as they continue their clinical trials. At ten cents a share investors that make substantial allocations could one day break the bank with this stock. The encapsulated cell technology could also hit a snag or get shot down by the FDA. It would be back to the drawing board if either of these cases were to happen and the company future up in the air.

It’s hard to say that 10 cents a share isn’t the right time to buy but investors should be prepared to sit out the trial phases. Pharmacyte Biotech stock does have its risks but right now the bigger question might be how much stock to grab.



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