5 Places On Your Body To Hide Weed If You’re Pulled Over By The Cops

hide weed

Hide Weed: You’ve got the cops on your tail. Blaring sirens or a casual stroll-up while you were “eating a sandwich”, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is in a few minutes, the police are going to pull you to the side and they are most likely going to frisk you and you have to hide your weed before they get to you.

What do you do? Cannabis possession in public has different penalties depending on state and federal laws, number of priors and the amount. You might be in a recreational state and this is not a worry for you. Unless you have medical permission, you are in for a very uncomfortable ride to say the least.

hide weed

You have to think fast. You cannot leave it up to chance and hope they don’t search you like a kid at an Easter egg hunt.

While it might be difficult to mask the smell of weed, it is much easier to hide it in these crafty places. If you don’t want to throw your prized possessions away, consider these options:

  1. Hide Weed In Your Underwear

The first and most private place to stash your stash is, well, in your privates. Desperate times call for desperate measures and this is one place that never disappoints, unless your undies are too big and it slips out.

hide weed

Women usually hide weed in their bra. The chances of the police frisking you there is zero, even if it is a female officer. They don’t want the embarrassment of being sued for sexual assault. Men can also hide it amongst their unmentionables, but that will be out secret.

  1. In Folded Pants Legs

Fashion trends do have benefits beyond making you look good. If your pants legs are folded or foldable, it could be another good place to hide your weed.

hide weed

The cops don’t always bother to go all the way down, neither are they in a hurry to ruin your look. Bear in mind that any obvious bulge will raise suspicion, so if it is a hefty stash, you might need to consider the alternatives.

  1. Behind Your Belt Buckle

This is another quick hideaway for a single joint. Obviously, the cops won’t ask you to take your belt off, because that would be inappropriate. Don’t we just love police courtesy? If you have a big belt buckle, this would allow you store more behind it.

hide weed

Many have tried and few have succeeded in tucking it behind a tight belt, not just the buckle, a move that can be done by any person using a belt. Just make sure you don’t exhale or laugh too vigorously, because you might reveal too much.

  1. Fold it In Your Sleeves

Fold up your sleeves and slide your joint within your joints. You can also hold slightly larger amounts of weed in your sleeves. It is a relatively quick and subtle way to hide weed in a hurry.

hide weed

Obviously don’t be panicked and forget to roll up the other one. If the bag is too large, then it will be noticeable and you know what will come next.

  1. In Your Socks

If you are not confident about using your sleeves, are out of space or don’t have the option, try old trusty way to hide weed. People have been hiding things in socks all the way back from primary school, when you didn’t want the school bully to take your lunch money.

hide weed

Things never change, but now there is a lot more at stake than lunch or a wedgy.

But while the amateurs scruffily leave it hanging out the side in a bulge, a better option is to tuck it in your shoe soles. No cop hands will be going down there and there will be no requirement for you to take your shoes off, but even then, you are still covered.

#Bonus: In Your Phone Case

Finally, we’ve got a manoeuvre that works with phones and tablets. Slide it underneath your case, before you get pulled to the side, and act cool.

hide weed

It is a pretty risk-free hiding spot, though unfortunately it can only handle a small amount. Again, the police won’t think to ask you to remove your case, unless you are acting fidgety with your phone. But still, it is a safer place to hide it than your wallet.


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