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Vessel currently has the best airflow on the market. Their original Vessel battery has stayed on our best batteries for THC carts list since the list began. There’s no denying there’s something special about the way the Vessel batteries hit CCELL carts, the most popular type of cartridge hardware, and the Compass hits just as good.

Currently, the Compass replaces the original Vessel battery as my favorite battery for CCELL carts.


  • One-of-a-kind Vessel airflow
  • Protects cart
  • Excellent build quality
  • Well thought out button design
  • Fits Rove carts
  • Higher battery capacity than original Vessel battery
  • USB-C charging
  • Auto-shutoff


  • Does not fit extra thick carts like BBTank X and Ispire Ducore
  • Higher price than other batteries
  • Does not sit upright on its own

Recommendations: A stand to make it sit upright would be nice

The Vessel Compass is currently the best battery for CCELL carts

Vessel Compass with cart
Here’s the Vessel battery with a 1g cart in it.

I am putting the Compass a hair ahead of the other Vessel battery due to its higher battery capacity and awesome form factor. Right now I can’t think of a better battery for CCELL carts. CCELL is practically everywhere from Jetty Extracts in California to Rythm in Illinois, CCELL has become the standard.

The Compass vape battery was made with CCELL carts in mind, but still does an awesome job hitting Rove and other brands.

Vessel Compass box
At 3.6V the hits are still coming out than other batteries at higher voltages.

Compass battery’s design is unmatched, just squeeze to hit

Whether you hold it from the front or the back, you can pretty much just squeeze your hand when the battery is on and take a hit. The battery also does not annoyingly pop out and go off randomly like we see happening on the XTube 710.

As far as looks, I prefer the gold look over the black and gray. Either way and in any color, these are stylish looking batteries. When you use a Vessel, you won’t look like a cloud-chaser pulling out a funky mod.

The cartridge compartment protects the cart

The carts are protected by the battery. Half grams are all the way in, full grams stick out a little but are still mostly protected. You can drop the Compass battery quite a few times with the carts staying safe.

Vessel Compass palm squeeze
Just squeeze the Compass battery while holding it either way to activate the button.

Squeeze to activate: A perfectly placed button

Besides the airflow, this is my next favorite feature about this battery. The way the button is positioned you can be holding it on either side, just squeeze and you can hit it. Either your fingers or the pressure of your palm if it is flipped around will active the battery.

This type of design addition is what makes it a step ahead of other batteries.

The Compass vape battery has a strong build

You can drop the Compass and it won’t break. At least that’s my experience after four drops so far. It seems to be constructed stronger than the original Vessel battery.

The 550mAh battery capacity is a big size increase over the original Vessel. The original Vessel is a 280mAh battery. It does charge really fast though which partly makes up for the lack in capacity. At 550mAh, the Compass is almost twice the battery capacity and on par with the CCELL Palm and Silo in mAh.

You should be able to go through about 750mg of THC oil in a cart before you need to recharge again.

Vessel Compass USB-C cable for charging
A nice long USB-C cable is included.

The Compass vape battery produces strong hits

There is no weakness coming off the Compass. Very strong hits identical to that on the original Vessel battery. The key characteristic to hits off both these batteries is how smooth it is. I have yet to see another battery that gives out this type of smooth and strong hit combo on CCELL carts. The Vessel Compass gives the best airflow on CCELL carts and works great on Rove too.

The airflow is the exact same as the original Vessel battery, which is as good as we’ve seen so far for CCELL carts. Turns out it works great for Rove too. We have not yet tried enough different batteries with the Rove cart to say the Compass is the best, but so far it hits excellent and much better than the mod battery previously used with Rove.

On the pricier side, but overall the Compass is a good value

The Compass goes for $59 plus tax, less than most of the other traditional Vessel batteries. While $59 is on the higher end of prices, it’s also a higher end and better performing product. Simplicity of operation, auto shutoff, and the best airflow make it worthwhile.

I think with Vessel batteries due to the better airflow, I am getting at a minimum 5% more use out of each cart than if it was on something else with less airflow, like the Dipstick Duo. So over the course of the year, it more than pays for itself. If you hit carts once in a while, then it might not be worthwhile to you.

Concluding our Vessel Compass review…

Overall, the Vessel Compass is one of the best batteries out there. Currently, it takes over for the original Vessel as my favorite battery for CCELL carts. At $59 it is expensive, but if you hit a lot of carts, you make it back in the excellent quality hits you get due to the superior airflow.

You can find out more information about the Vessel Compass and get one here.

Readers, we welcome any thoughts you have to share about Vessel products or the Vessel Compass here in the comments or our forum.


  1. My carts now wobble in my Vessel Compass when installed properly. At first Vessel support blamed my carts, then I sent them a video and they claimed that it’s normal for the carts to wobble in the battery.
    My carts had zero wobble when I first recieved the battery. So I’m writing this to ask if anyone else has had this issue with carts wobbling around when installed into the Vessel Compass? And is Vessel support known to lie to their customers?

  2. I’d caution Compass users not to use the device with half-gram carts. The cartridge well is so deep that the mouthpiece barely pokes over the Compass, requiring users to put their lips on the device itself. With full gram carts it works wonderfully, however.

    • What brand of cart are you using that does that? I am using it all day with CCELL half grams (and even did it with a rove) and it sticks out just fine, probably about 1-1.5cm out.


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