When traveling with cannabis, planning ahead to ensure a smooth trip is essential. Factors such as where you are going, with whom you are traveling, how long of a trip you’re taking, and which locations you are passing through can all be factors in how to plan for a trip with cannabis in your possession. When in doubt, research what is legal and acceptable at your final destination or interim locations as you plan your travel itinerary.

If you’re concerned about privacy or discretion, consider using inconspicuous packaging for cannabis products while you travel such as smell-proof bags. From researching local laws to packing strategies and respecting cultural norms, ensure you make informed decisions and enjoy a smooth travel experience by researching travel with cannabis before you travel.

As with any form of travel, preparation is key. Understanding the intricacies of cannabis laws in different regions and countries will help you avoid unnecessary legal complications and unwanted attention. By adhering to these guidelines and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure a responsible, hassle-free, and enjoyable trip while traveling with and consuming cannabis. Here are the top ten tips to consider when traveling safely and discreetly with cannabis!

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Research Local Laws

Put some time and effort into researching the local laws at your destination. Ensure you understand the ins and outs of what they deem legal and leave no questions unanswered. If you need clarification, seek formal legal advice, even if anonymously, before traveling. For example, is carrying pre-roll cones legal but not loose flowers in a jar? Make sure you know before you go.

Check Travel Restrictions

Checking details from door to door is an excellent way to plan for a trip with cannabis; make sure you understand where you’ll be going and what type of facilities you will be passing through. Restrictions could change with every city, county, state, or private property line. Don’t leave any room for surprises; the last thing a traveler wants is to be caught off-card with a stash of cannabis while unsure what to do next.


Know What To Pack Legally

Packing luggage effectively and legally based on local or national rules and regulations ensures that your products are well-protected, secured, and easily accessible. Pack carefully and give some time and attention to the process should you need to take out your product or show it to authorities upon request. Regardless of if you’re traveling to a location where cannabis is fully legal versus where it isn’t, ensure that you comply with local possession limits, which may change as you travel from place to place.

Secure Proper Containers

One of the more essential steps on this list is to ensure travelers have researched and purchased containers that can be adequately secured for their trip. Consider if the luggage will be in the individual’s or group’s possession the entire time or not. Will minors or children be traveling with you or using the group’s luggage?  Could anyone else try to open your luggage containing the cannabis? These are all necessary factors to think through when packing before traveling.

Carry Documentation

Carrying documentation is a great way to ensure a stress-free trip. Planning ahead by printing out any relevant purchase or medical information, prescriptions, or other medical details beforehand will benefit you greatly if anyone asks to see documentation or proof of what your product is. Keep your cannabis products in their original packaging, perhaps inside of another small bag or container, to ensure a smooth conversation if authorities call upon you.

Use Discreet Packaging

Lorem Keeping your items hidden in plain sight is one of the best ways to ensure you travel with cannabis with no hiccups. Packaging such as smell-proof bags is an excellent way to keep various cannabis products fresh with minimal detection and fewer issues while traveling. It is also a good idea to bring one or two extra empty containers in case something happens to one that you are relying on for discretion. You don’t want to be caught off guard needing to transfer products and then realize that there are no other packaging options available to you.

Avoid Public Consumption

Waiting until you reach a final destination, or seeking out a discreet spot somewhere on your journey, is a great way to ensure you imbibe in private. Ensure you are not attracting unwanted attention to yourself by avoiding public consumption at all times. Opinions about cannabis usage in public will vary as you travel, so be cautious about how and where you enjoy cannabis.


Be Mindful of Smell

Even in private, be mindful of the smoke smell that may linger behind or the cannabis product that smells more strongly than you realize when it is stored. Some hotels and companies may charge a fee or a fine for lingering smoke smells left behind in rooms from cannabis or tobacco products. Even if your group enjoys the smell, recognize that other travelers may not and that the scent of cannabis can come with stigma and judgment. 

Plan Ahead for Medicinal Use

If you rely on medical cannabis for certain medical issues, ensure you have ample supply throughout your trip. If you need to consume cannabis while traveling for medicinal purposes, consider the steps above. Make sure to leave ample time for hiccups or delays in your travel itinerary as a proactive way to take the stress and anxiety out of the travel process. Keep an eye on your own mental health by not putting yourself in situations that will feel stressful or anxiety-inducing. 

Be Cautious and Respectful

Before traveling, thoroughly research the cannabis laws and regulations of your destination. Different countries and states have varying rules regarding the possession, use, and transportation of cannabis. Familiarize yourself with these laws to avoid any potential legal complications. Always be cautious and respectful of local languages, rules, and regulations. Understand that discussing cannabis in public may be an issue based on the country or culture you are interacting with.

Traveling with cannabis can be a rewarding experience when approached with knowledge, preparedness, and respect. Enjoy your travels and make lasting memories while keeping compliance and discretion top of mind. By adopting these best practices, you can travel responsibly, respecting both your own needs and the rules and regulations of the locations you visit.



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