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Here we take a look at the Canlock system. This is a jar meant for preserving your dried herbs in a fresh state. We left some dry herb in there for two weeks and in fact, it kept it fresh.


  • Keeps your flower fresh
  • Available in three sizes
  • Easy to operate
  • Available in clear glass or blacked out for discretion


  • NoneĀ 

Recommendations: None


Canlock delivers on what it says it does – keeps things fresh

It’s hard to tell just from the pictures but I left weed in the Canlock for about two weeks prior to doing the review. Since then I have been using Canlock for a lot of the stuff I have. It does pump the air out and it definitely keeps herbs fresher than a plastic bag that comprises standard weed packaging.

canlock top

Canlock is quite durable

Canlock is made out of 3mm thick Boro glass. It’s safe and you can even wash it in your dishwasher. The air-tight lid makes it smell proof so you don’t have to worry about someone “sniffing” out your stash. Canlock is available in clear glass or blacked-out versions if you want to be more discrete when carrying it around.

Easy to use

Canlock is quite easy to use. You open it up, put your herbs in it, put on the lid, and then squeeze the air out. That will keep your weed fresh and tasty for a long time.

canlock close up
canlock close up

Comes in three sizes

Canlock comes in three sizes so everyone can have their pick. MINI Capacity holds approximately 4 grams or 10-12 mini joints. STASH Capacity holds up 8 grams or 12 pre-roll joints. STASH+ Capacity holds up to 15 grams or 12 king-sized joints and blunts.

Similar useful products

We love innovative and useful products like these. This system reminded us of the Save My Oil cartridge system, another money saver. If you don’t remember, the Save My Oil system is used when you have a cartridge that not operational or even partially broken, so you can turn it upside down and connect with this thing and another cartridge. You get an easy way to save the oil in your cartridge.

canlock in hand

Concluding our review

We will keep this review short and sweet. Canlock is a great product that delivers on everything it promises. No matter if you are a beginner cannabis user or a “pro” you will enjoy using the Canlock.

You can find out more about the Canlock on their site.

Have you tried this innovative and interesting product? Dear readers as always, you can tell us in the comments or on our forum.



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