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VVS Vape Pen Review – Discreet And Efficient, But Could Taste Better

vvs vape pen review
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The VVS vape pen has some nice looking product packaging. They are trying to promote their disposable vape pen as a premium luxury product. I wasn’t too impressed by their premium luxury disposable wax pen. My favorite thing about this VVS vape pen review was the convenience of the product, unfortunately, after that, there wasn’t too much more I was impressed with. The design of the vape pen itself is nice however didn’t feel luxury or premium to me.

Update 01/16/2019 – VVS Presidential OG – Geoff:

After testing the VVS vape pen, I agree wholeheartedly with the original assessment. As far as premium and luxury go, there isn’t much to find. The idea is that you can get several uses by buying the VVS syringes for refills. As for the oil itself, it was flavorful and with strong effect. One gram, however, vapes up faster than most .5 gram cartridges.

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Design and Quality is the same as some others.

The VVS Vape pen does not have a unique design, a friend of mine purchased a prefilled vape pen from another brand (thclear) that was the exact same design. Alpine Vapor uses the same vape pen. These versions are an improvement over what companies like Bumblebee are currently using. The hits are significantly bigger and the cannabis oil tastes great.

Geoff – VVS features their products, as other brands do, in these all-in-one disposable pens. They all use a similar design with the battery and cartridge being one piece. Screw off the top and they’re super easy to refill. Like the other designs, VVS disposable pens have a small window so you can see the level of the remaining oil. Note that the battery has a safety shut off with a very short window. You can just repress the button if you want an extended hit.

Strength was there with this VVS vape pen.

My favorite thing about reviewing the VVS vape pen review is the strength of its cannabis oil. It’s more potent than other disposable vape pens such as the Bumblebee vape pen. There is no information available about the exact THC amount in these wax pens. I prefer to have that data when selecting a cartridge.

Geoff – The concentrate is strong with the VVS Presidential OG vape pen. You are able to get big hits by resetting the battery a couple times. Like the original review, the VVS Presidential OG has no information about THC content.

VVS Presidential OG Vape Pen
VVS Presidential OG Refillable Vape Pen

Flavor was not bad, but not impressive either.

The taste reminded me of the Bumblebee. VVS vape pens have a fragrance added to them as stated on their website to allow for discreet vaping, but on the same page they say nothing is added. They could be referencing not having anything to additionally dilute, and not be including their fragrance. This strain really reminded of the flavor profiles of the strain J1 I tried from the Dab Face dab applicator. I am assuming terpenes are added for flavor.

Geoff – There’s nothing different, besides the strain, with the VVS Presidential OG. The flavor is enjoyable, but not superb. Hints of pine are all that is present with the earthy aroma taking over the palate.

Decent price for a full gram of potent cannabis oil.

There are many other disposable vape pens available for less that are superior. This pre-fill vape pen does not offer enough for me to want to buy it again. The average selling price for a VVS vape pen is $45.00 for one gram in the Bay Area. If you have a battery better options are there, but if you do not this might be a convenient option.

Geoff – Price in North San Diego County is just a bit lower than in the Bay area at $40.00. This may be a clearance price at this point. This is for a one gram pen, but the fact that it vapes up so fast drives the value of the pricing way down. $10.00 – $15.00 would be more reasonable.

Efficiency at vaping huge clouds is great.

The VVS vape pen battery lasted long to my amazement. The battery lasted for three days of consistent usage. I had other disposable vape pens such as hmbdlt, now known as Dosist, battery die with oil remaining in the cartridge.

Geoff – Perhaps when you compare the VVS vape pen to other similar brand styles, the oil lasts longer. But head to head with most disposable cartridges, it doesn’t last anywhere near as long. This is really a huge disappointment with the VVS vape pen in general.

Clean premium cannabis oil without anything extra in the ingredients.

VVS claims their oil is pure without any dilutents added. I couldn’t find any lab results online for this VVS vape pen review. Many other disposable pre-filled cartridges or vape pens don’t only claim it but back it up with lab results online. A great example is Kurvana including lab results with their cartridges. While at a poker game with some friends I found myself hitting this pen more than the Brass Knuckles Cartridge I had with me.

Geoff – There isn’t any new information to report with the VVS Presidential OG pen. You are welcome to visit the VVS website, though their homepage is under construction at the moment. You can still view their products, though they make no mention of any lab testing. Not even on their FAQ page.

Number of Hits are not the same as a 510 prefilled cartridge.

VVS vape pens are comparable to other disposable pre-filled vapes I have tried and didn’t long as long as a pre-filled 510 cartridge. I personally recommend 510 pre-filled cartridges over disposable vape pens, the reason is that they vape better and last longer. My friend actually prefers buying this VVS vape pen over cartridges, the reason for it is because she is always losing her vape pen batteries. Let’s not forget either that throwing away a battery every time is not good for the environment either.

Geoff – This reiterates the point that the VVS disposable vape pen just doesn’t last that long. You’ll get way better mileage from almost any disposable cartridge.

Final Thoughts On My VVS Vape Pen Review

In conclusion, I will not purchase this disposable vape pen again for my on the go vaping needs. I purchased it for this VVS vape pen review and that was it. Other companies are using the same type of vape pen for their cannabis oil such as Alpine Vapor and THClear. I recommend going with a battery and a 510 pre-filled cartridge over a disposable pre-filled wax pen. See my comparison of Heavy Hitters vs. Brass Knuckles for a side by side of two more popular 510 pre-filled cartridges. To learn more about VVS vape pens, see here.

Geoff – Unless it’s one of the very few options you have in a dispensary, spend your money on something else. Value for the price on the VVS Presidential OG is horrible at $40.00. Consider getting a cartridge, wax, or just plain nugs and you’ll be glad you did.

What do you think about VVS Vape Pens? Have you tried any flavors that stood out more than others? Post your comments below!


    • Ya the luxury term is thrown around quite a bit, but a lot of the products are the same or worse than others. I don’t particularly care if it is luxury, the actual product quality is more important!

  1. Thanks for the information, I am not new to the habit, but I am new to the world of vaping 🙂 Wax / oil / E-liquid / Extracts / Concentrates / Ceramic coils vs metal etc…. lots of overlapping terminology. Specifically I am not interested in the stationary ‘equipment’ vaporizers, just the pen types for THC/CBD dispensing. I appreciated your comparison of other companies that do lab testing, my desire is for purely natural ingredients – I don’t care if there is a slight smell I don’t want to vape chemical candy.
    I need to look around your site some more, but what re-usable battery would you recommend? Brass Knuckles is readily available in the South Bay, but as I am still learning I don’t know what other brands are easy to get quality cartridges (or owax/oil) for.

    • For a battery pretty much any battery will do as most of the vape cartridges are set to be run at the lower settings.
      I would avoid a pull activated battery though. These batteries require you to take a hit to turn on generally do not get as strong as a hit. Button push batteries let you heat it up a little more to get a stronger hit.

      If you are using it for just cartridges the battery is all that matters, so if you have an old ecig battery that should work as well, just ask the vape maker the proper voltage settings for the cartridge and set it to that. If you go too high you could break the atomizer. Jesse who reviews a lot of the prefills including this vape uses a 10cig pro, but the 10cig regular version is only $10 and the battery is the same as the pro. It has three heat settings that will not break the atomizer by going too high.

      • Is the thread size of the example you gave (10cig) common enough I can be sure to find carts at most dispensaries? Or is this one I have to fill myself and not use a cartridge? So then I just buy oil?

        • The 10cig battery will work with almost all pre-fills. Most are “510 threaded” (see link for more info). The 10cig is 510 threaded as well. Unless it looks odd – like the Pax Era pods, it will be 510 threaded and the 10cig will work. You also can just use straight oil with the atomizers that come with the 10cig. Many people prefer prefills because its easier, but you probably will get a stronger effect from hitting straight wax off the coiled atomizers.

          • Thanks for the confirmation, I guess that form factor is so common most carts done bother saying what size they are. The Brass Knuckles does say on the packaging I think. I like the 10cig’s design a lot more than some of the others I’ve seen and it’s good to know a couple of ways to use it.

          • Yes that is right it is kind if the universal connection now. As long as it has that round look it will be 510, anything flat looking is usually proprietary like the Pax Era or Stiizy style. Have not tried Stiizy yet but I was not a big fan of the Era it tasted a bit burny to me, but will give it another shot on another strain sometime. The ceramic core 510 carts are great so far.

  2. I wanted to say, now that I’ve been using the VVS (a Diesel strain) on a daily basis for over a week I think it is a great value especially for the newbies like me.

    It’s not too strong so you can’t really get yourself into trouble while you’re learning the difference I’m feeling from vaping. I’ve still been using flower but much less with the VVS handy.
    Also the flavor I find is pleasant, lemony if anything and really not much of a chemical taste.
    For the price I think you get a good number of pulls from it. I can see a use for this as a backup that may be more sturdy for traveling or just something lighter to mix into the routine.
    I’d rate this a 7.5 out of 10 for overall value against my expectations.
    Thanks OP for the review.

    • That is a good rating – and it sounds like the lemon one might be better than what Jesse reviewed. I think many people are more like you and not looking for that over the top super stoned strength (like myself and Jesse mostly look for), and this seems to serve that purpose. A lot of us coming from dabs want it to be as strong, and it is hard for the pre fills to get close.

      What do you think about it being on a cartridge with a better battery though? I think that might make it hit a bit stronger. Every time I get something with the battery pre-attached, I always feel like I am limited by the cheap battery they give. I also feel like it is a lot of waste, every time a cart is done we are throwing away a full battery. Would like to hear your thoughts and thanks for commenting!

  3. It’s cheaper to oversize the battery and with a disposable I’m sure the customer prefers that than wasting the concentrate when the battery goes dead. That said, even without a button to activate the coil I have been able to get hits as big as I can tolerate.

    I’d buy carts of this for sure. It’s a great option for daytime use when I prefer a short term heady effect. And compared to the few other vapes I’ve tried this flavor was much less chemical.

    But I agree with the need also (or instead) for a strength and duration more like what I get from flower.

  4. Sorry this question is misplaced, got the 10cig Battery you mentioned, but when I attach the prefilled cart I cannot draw thru it at all. Tried holding the button down a few seconds up to 20 seconds. What am I missing?

      • Yes that will work as a temporary fix, but hit them up for a replacement it should not be like that and sorry our recommended item came out like that! Source is very good on replacing though and should get you a new one.

    • No that is not normal I just hit them up and they said there are aor slots missing on some of the batteries but they will replace it for you hit them up when you can.

          • No, that unit isn’t supposed to have air-holes in the battery, only in the mouthpiece. They wrote me back and said it’s not meant to use with pre-filled cartridges. So since there’s nothing ‘wrong’ they wont change it out. But now I noticed one of the atomizers doesn’t work. so I’ll be contacting them.

          • I just spoke called them and they said they will be reaching out to you and anyone that encountered this issue and replacing it for everybody that had this problem. If they do not hit you up in the next few days please post back or email us from the about us page and I will make sure they get it to you. Their pen really is great for prefills with the heat settings that do not destroy the cart, but we need airholes to hit it!

  5. First, thanks for continuing to be helpful. I am sorry this is playing out in the comments on this blog though 😛

    I think there is a misunderstanding between you and SV, so I will paste exactly what they just emailed me:

    “Our kits are designed to work with its attachment and atomizers included in the kit. As for the battery, most of our batteries, for example, SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit batteries are designed specifically to work with sub-ohm atomizers with a resistance of .45 ohm to .65 ohm. This battery will only work with sub-ohm tanks with that resistance.

    This means that it will not work with regular cartridges that are purchased pre-filled or eJuice tanks.”

    They gave advice on the non working atomizer, I will try it later. But to get my store bought pre-filled carts working I dremmelled a small bit out of the lip of each one so that I can leave them fully screwed in and still draw air through it. I have tried Sublime and AbsoluteXtracts, both would need the modification. But really now I wish I would not have bought the 10Sig, they’re statement that it’s not compatible with the carts makes me wonder if I can count on the battery to provide the right electrical signal to the ones I am using. Since I am NOT using the atomizer that came with it, am I harming my lungs or the battery by using them together? It seems to be working fine in practice but I do wonder.

    Most of the pens I’ve seen on the market have a notched lip, and this 10Sig does not, so it seems only good for ‘dabbing on the go’. I realize I am new to this but who wants to deal with spooning microdoses of wax onto a coil when they’re ‘on the go’?

    • Sorry that did not work out as intended. I talked to their support directly and they said they would be reaching out to replace ones that do not have the notches for airflow and they should be hitting you up soon. There is no harm in not using their battery on an another atomizer. The battery they use is the same battery that is used for prefills by most other pens, the reason we like theirs is you have the three heat settings that won’t bust the atomizer. So this totally should work, I think their support just misunderstood the other purpose for their pen besides self filling with wax, but they are going to replace them all.

      As for hitting on the coil though, you should really try it with some good wax. Sure I like the convenience of carts as well, but the wax pen on coils does hit much harder!

  6. That is so strange that they told me a totally different story than what they are telling you. Seems shady of SourceVapes to do that. I’m over dealing with them tbh. One of the atomizers was doa (and no the center pin isn’t pushed in), the stylus tip fell right off so I had to heat shrink the bottom to close up the hole/exposed battery, and I have to dremel my carts.

    I’ll buy something different. This was a cheap first try.

    • I think its just the support person that you spoke with at the time was not up to date. That is what the support manager told me, that they were not familiar with the additional use for the battery.

      So the 10cig uses a 510 battery that should have air slits in it (they are sending replacements), and essentially works with any pre filled 510 cartridge.

      That same style battery is the same thing you get at any of the dispensaries if you buy a prefill battery. So the support agent dealing with just online sales probably did not know, which made sense to me.

      However, the things that actually makes the 10cig a little better than those other batteries at the dispensary are:

      1. Its $10 (most prefill batts are 20$ at the stores)

      2. It has three heat settings (most of the reg batts have one, and some of the larger variable batts you find at the smoke shop can go high enough to bust the cartridge)

      3. You got the coils if you want them, even though it is worth it just for the battery.

      Their support should not have this issue anymore according to them and you should be getting a replacement. I gotta say I love that high setting on it, it drains the wax faster but the hits are much harder, especially compared to a pull-draw battery, those are so weak!

      • I got a follow up that they would be sending me a new unit in a couple weeks. I will reserve judgement until then, but they definitely filter their product reviews (they did not allow my 2* review to be posted), which seems shady. I agree with what you said, but you do have to pay for shipping so it’s more like $20 but still seems to hold a charge well and as you said, 3 settings and 2 coils.


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