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Sublime Canna is a California based company that manufactures a wide array of cannabis products from flower to edibles to oils and extracts. The company started in 2018 and is headquartered in Oakland. They have rapidly expanded both their reach to different parts of California as well as their line of products.

They’ve released a range of planetary themed premium oil carts and today we’ll be checking out the Sublime Strata Mercury. This particular oil and its terpenes extracted from the Sour Tangie strain.


  • Great flavor
  • Thick hits
  • Heady and lasting high
  • Stylish appearance


  • Hits inconsistently on some batteries
  • Cartridge design prone to leakage and clogging

Recommendations: The cartridge performs incredibly well on some batteries but on others, it only seems to hit intermittently, this leads me to believe that the electrical contacts for the element are likely awkwardly positioned and not able to reliably activate. As well as that, there’s also the problem of clogs and leakage.

Licensing Information: SUBLIME CANNA CDPH-10003170  C11-0000536-LIC

Sublime Strata cartridges are prone to clogging and leaking

This is by far one of the worst carts I’ve dealt with in regards to clogs and it’s also prone to leaking out of the bottom intake, which dirties your battery. Both of these are problems that mar an otherwise great product.

In addition to these critiques, some more robust test results ideally included with the cart would be greatly appreciated.

Sublime Mercury external package front
The packaging for the Sublime Strata cartridges is quite eye-catching. Its only real shortfall is that what lab testing references are given are very minimal.

Sublime Strata starts off strong at first sight

With eye-catching and well-designed packaging Sublime Strata carts practically leap off the shelf at you. Cleanly printed, uniquely designed and with foil printing as well as black and white it stands out from competition visually.

The interior packaging is just as well done, with a tray held in with a novel button locking design and the cartridge in the tray held in place by custom cut high-density foam. Nothing about it yells cut corners and it would also be a complete nightmare to counterfeit. This helps to improve consumer confidence on multiple levels.

Sublime mercury cartridge external package side
The foil printing on the packaging is very well done. You can also see here the button lock on the tray that holds the cart itself.

Visually striking, performance mixed

The cartridge design used by Sublime Canna appears to be a proprietary one with no manufacturer markings anywhere. It has brass tone finished metal parts and a glass oil reservoir that has “STRATA” cleanly printed across it, with no readily apparent plastic parts anywhere to be seen.

While it does hit very heavily and works consistently on some batteries it’s very inconsistent on others. The Transpring battery I have is the one that it works most consistently with while my PCKT One Plus is one of the most inconsistent.

Sublime mercury interior package
The fitted high density foam holds the cartridge fast. This makes sure it doesn’t get banged around in transit and as well adds a sense of quality.

To add to this there is a persistent problem of clogging and leaks. It clogs very badly and very quickly, even just a few minutes between hits is enough to form a hard clog that is difficult to clear. Some clogs are so bad it necessitates me physically clearing it with a paper clip. It also has an issue with leaking both up through the mouthpiece from hits as well as down out of the bottom intake, dirtying your battery. This can be a real pain to deal with and cause all manner of problems.

This isn’t a total dealbreaker for me but it may be for some. That said it does manage to hit very well and competes with the likes of even CCELL in its delivery of consistent thick clouds. That is, so long as you have it on a battery that can consistently activate the cartridge itself.

Sublime mercury leak outtake
Here you can see some of the oil that has leaked from the cart and migrated up to the mouthpiece while hitting it.

Sublime Strata carts hit hard and don’t let up quick

The Mercury line of Sublime Strata carts has oil and terpenes extracted from the Sour Tangie cannabis strain. It has a very relaxing, upbeat and creative high. This makes it well suited to many different kinds of users. It has a very well rounded citrus flavor profile that doesn’t come across as artificial or over the top at any point and it never picked up any burnt notes even to the final hits. Its high lasts long and is strong, helping to lend to the value of the product of overall.

Sublime Mercury Cart
The design of the cartridge is eye catching but without being overly flashy. Those aren’t cracks despite appearances, they are dust.

A stratospheric launch at an affordable price

While it does brand itself as a premium oil cart the actual cost of Sublime Strata carts is quite low. Near me I was able to reliably find them for $40 before tax and fees for a full gram. I did not see any half gram carts in any of the dispensaries where I looked. That said, at that price point it’s more affordable than some half gram carts of other brands are.

With such a heady and lasting high this does make it a good choice for if you’re planning to entertain a large number of guests but don’t want to break the bank even with its leaking and clogging issues. For me personally the one gram cart has lasted me two weeks of moderate use, more efficient than many carts are.

Sublime mercury cartridge on vape
Of all my batteries this Transpring battery was the one that hit the most consistently.

In closing on this Sublime Strata cart review…

Sublime Canna delivers a quality product at an affordable price but with some caveats. For those looking for a great price on some good quality oil and willing to deal with the clogs and leaking issues this is a fantastic choice. If you’re very particular about your vaping and want it to be more of a no muss no fuss affair then you may want to wait until they’ve changed their cartridge design to fix the problems.

It does carry a great high and flavor, so for the aficionados interested in that they’ll find plenty here to like. Just make sure you keep a paperclip on hand to deal with those pesky clogs, and maybe a q-tip to help clean up some of the leakage.

You can read more on Sublime Canna and their products here.

Have you tried the Sublime Strata cartridge yourself and have some thoughts you’d like to share? Comments or questions? Post your review and comment below or in our forum!


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