stiiizy vs pax era

The Stiiizy pen and Pax Era vape pen are both similar form factors, but one is much more effective than the other. In this Stiiizy vs Pax era review, we break down which of these innovative prefill vapes provides a better all-around vaping experience. One of these devices has earned the name dab pen because of how close it is to a dab. Consistency is key. Only one these provides just that with high testing THC oil.

Our initial reviews show the Stiiizy ahead. A 9.6 rating was given in our Stiiizy pen review. A 6.9 rating was given in our Pax Era review.

Stiiizy pods are significantly cheaper than Pax era pods for sale.

Stiiizy pods have a huge price advantage. They are half the cost quite often, depending where you are. The average half gram Pax Era pod for sale averages $40-$65.00. A half gram Stiiizy pod sales for an average of $20-$40.00. Stiiizy recently released their full gram pods that are for sale on average at $55-$65. Stiiizy offers a lot more value at a lower price which wins this round on the vape carts’ value. The Pax Era has an app available for Android and apple with the feature to change the temperature via Bluetooth, this definitely is not a feature I found myself using and does not justify the increased cost. It’s a nice feature sure but it’s not convenient to quickly change the temperature.

Stiiizy vs Pax era pod vaping performance.

stiiizy vs pax era

Stiiizy and Pax era pods are not the same, they may look similar but they are very different. Let’s start off with what these pods have in common, both of them have a dual airflow mouthpiece. This is a major improvement than the single airflow found in 510 thread cartridges. Although, bigger puffs may cause the pods not to last as long as a 510 THC oil cartridge. The Stiiizy pods vape its distillate THC oil utilizing a ceramic heating core, this allows for vaping huge potent clouds that are smooth. The pax era can’t compete with how big you can vape clouds with the Stiiizy pen.

Stiiizy pods are stronger than most prefilled cartridges.

Stiiizy pods have more consistency testing high amounts of THC, Stiiizy pods test on average test 85% THC. Unfortunately, I only managed to try a gold drop pax era pod that was nowhere close to the Stiiizy pods strength. I quickly went through six Stiiizy pods, a half gram lasted me on average 2-3 days of frequent usage. One gram Stiiizy pod went empty after 4 days of heavy use. The pods look like there is less oil in them compared to the common 510 prefilled cartridges.

Number of hits are about the same with the Pax era slightly winning.

The Pax era doesn’t vape as smooth as the Stiiizy pen. Wicks used in the Pax Era pods to heat its THC oil isn’t as smooth to vape as the ceramic heating device in the Stiiizy pods. Stiiizy pods are capable of vaping bigger clouds than Pax Era, because of this Pax Era pods have the edge at lasting just a bit more longer. There really wasn’t a significant amount more hits with Pax Era, in fact, it was just slightly.

Stiiizy has not failed any lab testing for their THC oil.

Stiiizy pods are known for having clean solventless THC oil. A third party on Instagram with the username @datdude41510 independently purchased a Stiiizy pod and had it tested which revealed clean results. On a side note, the Rove vape cartridge we reviewed also tested clean. Those who care about their health can rest easy with Stiiizy pods. It’s important to look for lab test online for any prefilled vape cartridge you intend on using. Stiiizy provides lab test made easily available on their website.

stiiizy vs pax era pod winner

Stiiizy vs Pax Era pods: Stiiizy is the winner!

The Stiiizy pen is superior in almost every feature compared to the Pax era pen. I can not recommend the Pax era vape pen because it fails to deliver a great vaping experience. The Stiiizy pen, on the other hand, pushes for the next best vape pen in 2018. It takes only vaping the Stiiizy pen once before it will quickly replace your current favorite vape pen and prefilled cartridge. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the legal states that allow for this beautiful product to sell, I highly encourage you to pick up a few pods.

We have pages dedicated to the Stiiizy pen review and the Pax era review. Let us know what you think about our Stiiizy vs Pax era pod review with your experience using these vape pens. I personally was the biggest Brass Knuckles cartridge fan until they kept failing lab test for pesticides and I hope I never vaped a tainted Brass knuckles cartridge, there were some I had to return because it was too bitter to vape and I can only assume those were it. I am thankful for the independent lab test that brings awareness to the public form resources such as @datdude41510 on Instagram.

Stiiizy vs Pax Era feature comparison.

We put Stiiizy up to head against Pax era. Find out which have superior pods, THC oil, vaping capabiltiies, vaping technology, and affordability. Below is a table that shows the results of these two similar looking vape pens head to head. As you will quickly see, Stiiizy has beaten The Pax era pen in almost every important feature a Vape pen should be great at.

Take a look at who won each category below. The Stiiizy vs Pax Era question is answered, when you see that Stiiizy wins in every category except a tie in durability, since their outer build is similar.

Flavor THC Strength Vape Clouds Pod Design Quality Control Durability Price Value
Stiiizy vs pax Stiiizy vs pax era vape pen Pax era pod vs Stiiizy pod Stiiizy vs pax era pod Pax era vs Stiiizy

What’s better than both? CCELL Uno and Dart

Although they are not available empty, the CCELL Uno and Dart outperform both the Stiiizy pen and Pax Era substantially. Ceramic core heating with harder hits basically sums it up. Check out our CCELL Uno review and Dart vape review for more info.

In conclusion, when comparing the Stiiizy pen to the Pax Era, Stiiizy takes the win on almost everything. Harder hits, better taste, consistency across the product line, and better pricing are all reasons I would choose Stiiizy over Pax Era. The size and batteries are almost the same, but the technology behind the Stiiizy atomizer delivers a harder, cleaner taste. Pax Era leaves a wick taste, reminding me of old style vape pens from years ago. The Stiiizy pen leaves you with a clean taste and a feeling closest to straight dabs.


  1. I have tried both PAX and Stilizy. Stilizy has my vote all the way. I like the article, it was right on point. My dispensary carries several different brands of pods and Stilizy are always over 90% and are quality!

  2. Is there any rechargeable battery vaporizer that works with these pods that has a “button” to press with voltage and, possibly, preheat options? Or anything besides these Stiizy “pens” as they are called?

    • Nothing on our site is paid marketing, we do not have any paid items. However this should be updated. Stiiizy sucks now they weakened the oil a lot since mid 2018.

      This was done when they had better oil. Pax Era still is not so great either in our opinion, hitting off a cotton a wick. We will update soon.

  3. I have been going to Haze for years at this point. Nice establishment and chill people working there. My issue is that I purchased two PAX ERA PODS from Haze dispensary in San Jose, ca yesterday night an hour before they closed. I exit the establishment check the two pods, and they are empty. I go back inside show the manager and she said “that you buy heavyhitters PAX ERA PODS at your own risk. So, at Haze two pods cost over $100 and they may come empty and you have to try and live with the fact that have been rip off. Living is not something I am sure I want to keep doing in the first place but the pax pods help when they are full. Thus, there you are needing a win, so you make the purchase, get rip off and suicide seems to be the only way to alleviate the pain that has consumed your entire being. I hope this helps the living because I want out. You have been warned! P.S this is not the first time this has happened to me. Bye

    • You should not kill yourself over some pods that would be ridiculous brah, but that is awful that they came empty like that and what a crappy dispensary to do that. Emailing you to get some more details, we will put poor customer service on blast.

  4. This comparison test isn’t very fair and is highly biased. There are lots of different potencies available for pax pods. Some people prefer lower dosage. Gold drop (tested) are the worst brand pods out there for pax. I get 85+% every time, and mine never taste like anything but exciting fresh distillate. It’s crucial that you adjust the temperature to get the best taste and huge hit. Pax technology is a leader in modern innovation with healthy vaping and was recommended by my real liver specialist doctor. All that said, I also now want to try Stiizy, but ceramic core sounds like 5 years ago and could easily turn vape into smoke. Not to mention my pax pods last six to seven days with relentless all day toking (60+ hits). The Stiizy, looks to only last 2-3 days.

    • Pax is using a wicked atomizer and it’s pretty objective to state that ceramic core is better. Pax makes it seem like the tech is up to date, and maybe the app is a nice bonus, but the quality of hit from a ceramic core cartridge is always better than a wicked one. Check out a breakdown of the Era pod when down with it, you might find it to be a little burned at the end. The Juul also made by Pax, gives that hard hit because it is wicked and you burn the wick as you go.


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