Five joints in a cigarette like box. That is the Redwood Stacked Deck made by Redwood, a Las Vegas, Nevada based marijuana cultivator. The pre rolls can come in a variety of marijuana types. I was a big fan of Redwood before this review and last batch of their pre rolls.

Redwood pre rolls on earlier batches were stronger

Four months ago I got Redwood pre rolls from Nevada Made Marijuana in Laughlin, Nevada. They burned slow. The effect lasted longer than an hour. It was nugs in those pre rolls, unlike what we usually have in Cali pre rolls. Coming back four months later I got a Redwood Stacked Deck, and two standalone pre rolls, one from Redwood and one from The Grower Circle. Quality seemed much better on the first run.

Redwood Stacked Deck front view
The Stacked Deck by Redwood looks great.

Redwood Stacked Deck nugs not looking good

Look at the weed stacks in the below picture. On the left is weed from a Redwood pre roll. On the right is from The Grower Circle pre roll.

redwood vs the growers circle
The Grower Circle had much better weed in their pre roll than Redwood.

The picture speaks for itself. The Redwood weed is leafy and with brown spots. I even found a crumbled seed inside and tasted it just to be sure it was a seed. The Grower Circle weed looks like it came from better nugs and was particularly cleared of anything that was not top notch buds. The Redwood pre rolls were not as bad as straight shake pre rolls that you get for free at some dispensaries in California. They were just not as good as The Grower Circle joint or as good as a joint you would roll out of some weed you would normally buy in nugs.

Taste Was Good On The Stacked Deck

Despite the buds not looking so hot, it still tasted good when you smoked it. They use a nice paper on the joints that seem like rice paper. All Redwood pre rolls I have smoked so far had good taste.

Redwood Stacked Deck
Redwood Stacked Decks come in discreet, yet practical packaging.

Packaging and Sizing Are Great

The packaging is great looking but also very functional. Its a perfect size to fit all five joints in your pocket without them getting jostled around and potentially lost.

Redwood Stacked Deck single joint
Convenient and easy packaging on the half gram pre roll.

The individual packaging makes it easy to put the joint back in to smoke more than once.

The Redwood Stacked Deck has a tray inside that holds the five individual joints. I do prefer the half gram joint size of the Stacked Deck vs the one gram joint size found in most other pre rolls. Unless you hit the whole thing at once, with half grams you are smoking fresh more often.

Effect Not Strong, Short Lifespan

The Redwood Stacked Deck was not strong enough. The lack of quality nugs in these pre rolls caused the weakness. After 30-40 minutes I felt like i should probably smoke again.

Redwood Stacked Deck test results
Coming in at 27% I expected strength!

The old Redwood joints or the current ones from The Grower Circle keep me good for two hours. I burned through the Stacked Deck really quick.

Value: Not great but not terrible

At $35 for recreational, and $30 for medical at the place I got them, the price is fair. Typically at Nevada Made Marijuana pre rolls are $15 recreational and $12 or $13 medical (I forget exact amount). Some of The Grower Circle joints are $17 recreational and $15 medical, like the one I got.

The Redwood Stacked Deck is giving you 2.5 grams. Two joints from The Grower Circle are the same price and equal 2 grams. Extra half gram in the stacked deck. When you smoke both though all the way, the two grams form The Grower Circle last substantially longer. On my trip back I got another two of those instead. Value was not that great due to the bud quality and length of effect, even though it is more bud for less money.

In conclusion, the Redwood Stacked Deck is a great concept if it has the right buds going in those pre rolls. Redwood has delivered some strong pre rolls in the past and I maybe recently it was just a bad batch. I will be trying them again in the future and hopefully changing this review to say how great they are again.



  1. The last couple Redwood 5 packs I’ve bought don’t hit right. Have to draw heavy to get even a little smoke. Think they pack them too tight or something. Packs used to be better. Need to work on their quality control.

    • I have seen them too loose too. It is a shame the stacked deck is so lame. Next time The Grower Circle it is worth the extra! Their prerolls are much better.

    • Thanks for visiting! We hope they really step the game up on these in the future. I recommend trying Willie’s Reserve buds. Same cultivator but that’s their good stuff and it is top notch.

  2. What I liked and disliked about Staked Deck assorted pkg, and they where assorted none of them were marked to id what your smoking don’t like that but did like the small tubes they come with great for snuffing one out without the smell. Me they got to do better. I like the package approach snapy display.


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