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Nature’s Grace is an Illinois based company that offers a variety of cannabis products. We picked up the Joos disposable pen, which is their sub-brand, selling .3 G gram disposables. Here we review Mystery Cookies and Bubble Gum, both amazingly tasteful and potent pens. These disposables have to be the best and smoothest disposables I have tried yet.


  • Really smooth hits
  • Very tasteful
  • Lasting high
  • You can charge this disposable pen


  • You can’t finish the last of the oil when it’s almost done
  • Only .3G’s

Recommendations: Mainly just to get this brand to create full gram disposables.

Nature’s Grace Joos Disposables pen makes one of the smoothest hitting and potent disposables in Illinois

joos disposable pens
Both disposables came with clear and thick oil, and both tasting amazing. Mystery Cookies was a little darker but overall both still really good.

Opening the Joos disposable, it seemed like a simple and plain disposable, it kind of reminded me of the Straight Fire disposable. They’re both very similar how you can charge them, only difference is one is from a reliable dispensary and the other is mysterious. With the Straight Fire, you can even taste a heavy mixture of terpenes, unlike the Joos disposable.

As I was hitting it, I was amazed in everything with this disposable. From the taste and the oil quality to the way it hits, I really do enjoy this disposable a lot. Apart from this, it just gives a very smooth and calming high, unlike some carts how they will creep up on you after various hits. This one you’ll just need a few hits and will start feeling great.

Clean and smooth yet potent hits

What I loved a lot about this disposable is how smooth it actually hits. It’s so smooth that you wont feel much going in your lungs. It’s not that it gives light hits, it’s just that smooth. Not harsh at all, making it perfect for someone who is a light weight smoker. If you have a high tolerance you will still love this disposable. Even though you won’t cough as much with it hitting this smooth, you will start coughing after a big rip. Sometimes I wouldn’t even notice when I did take big hits, getting me high quicker.

Very clean and lasting high

With Mystery Cookies, it gives such a euphoric and uplifting high. Because it’s a hybrid, sativa dominant, it really is a great way to start your day. Feeling more of a mind high rather body high, it really helps me out with my day to day tasks. Personally I’ve always prefer sativa so I did like this strain better than the other strain.

As for Bubble Gum, it’s an indica strain and I did enjoy the high a lot during night time. The high gives such a mellow body high, it really calms you down. The great thing about these disposables is that you really need a few hits to feel high. What I like about this strain is that it doesn’t give you a couch potato high, unless of course if you smoke too much of it, than it will get you sleepy.

The oil quality in Nature Grace’s disposable is very strong

natures grace disposable pens
Although Mystery Cookies came in a total of 90.90% TC and Bubble Gum is 87.69%, they both felt equivalently potent.

When unpacking this disposable the first thing I noticed was how clean and thick the oil is. With both strains, they give a strong gold color and the oil doesn’t move at all. I love the fact that the oil is very consistent and potent, unlike fake street carts where the oil is different every time. Shown above you can see the THC contents on both Mystery Berries and Bubble Gum. Although Mystery Berries has a little more THC, they both felt equivalently strong.

Joos Disposables gives tasteful hits

The best feature with these disposables is the way they taste, they both are amazing flavors. Personally I prefer Mystery Cookies just because it offers a sweeter taste. This flavor does not taste artificial at all, unlike Dank Vapes, these have the perfect mix of terpenes in them.

First off, Mystery Cookies gives such a sweet taste and sensation, I really enjoyed this flavor a lot. It’s hard to explain exactly what it tastes like, but it’s the perfect taste for a sweet flavor. Not too sweet, but as mentioned earlier the perfect mix of terpenes. As for Bubble Gum, it does give more of a flower flavor. It did taste very similar to Jack Herer to me, still very good but personally the Mystery Cookies was way better for me. I just really liked that sweet flavor it gives off.

Fairly Efficient for it being only .3G

Because of how thick the oil is, it does last a while and is pretty efficient. But, I’m also a heavy smoker, therefore I finished both disposables in just a few days. The good thing is that it is potent so you don’t need to even be hitting it a lot to get high. But if you’re like me and do hit it frequently, don’t be surprised if you finish it in days. Otherwise, this disposable can be very easy to conserve.

joos disposable battery pen
Unlike most disposables, this one you can charge so you don’t have to worry about waisting the battery.

Another great feature this disposable has is the fact that you can charge it. This makes it really great, compared to other disposables where you can’t charge at all. This allows you to actually finish most of your oil in the pen. Unlike other disposables where the battery runs out and you’ll still have a decent amount of oil in the pen. To charge is simple, all you have to do is screw off the bottom part and charge with an android charger.

For the price of this, the Joos disposable pen is definitely worth the try

I did pick this brand from a medical shop so it probably will cost a little more for recreational shops, but the price of each disposable is $30. This is a really great price, even though it’s just .3G gram, the oil, and the taste is just too amazing. Compared to other full gram cartridges worth $70-$90 in dispensaries, this really is a good price. I highly recommend anyone to try this brand out. Whether you’re a heavy smoker or beginner, you will enjoy it a lot. You can find more about the company here.

Have you tried Nature’s Grace Joos Disposable yourself and have some thoughts you’d like to share? Comments or questions? Post your review and comment below or in our forum!


  1. Just tried my first Joos pen; good experience. Second venture had difficulty starting it up but your other users gave me good advice. What troubles me is Joos’ failure to Provide this simple, elementary information itself. I mean would you buy a product that didn’t provide even the simplest instructions? It’s OK now but… I think I’ll look around some more.

  2. huff and puff get a huff on the battery recharge side then puff away on the puff side. its a clogging isuussue

  3. Kept trying to get a good draw on mine and figured out there’s a little hole on the battery that acts as a carb, that’s what I’m using it for at least. This helped with the airflow problem and with it overheating before I could get a proper hit. A better hit means better flavor and effects of course. If you’re really trying to get the last little bit, heat it up a tad and unscrew the mouthpiece, carefully put your lips on around the glass (once it cools) and try drawing that way. It’s a little sketchy and won’t get all of it, but you might get something extra that way in a pinch. Or just grab a toothpick or something and smear the rest on a rolling paper and add flower if you really really want your money’s worth and that’s an option. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

  4. I got one right out of the package and it will not give a hit. The battery is charged and there is plenty of oil. It’s brand new. Anyone have any tips? Never had an issue with JOOS pens and because of that reliability I continued to stay with them. What gives..

    • I just had the same issue. Try blowing in the bottom where the charger is. If it light us while you are blowing its good to go. I tried several other things before doing this and none worked. Once I blew the bottom of the vape, I saw a white light blink then I was able to pull (I’m guessing some type of power indicator)

  5. Does the battery die because of the length of time, like a week, or because its overused quickly or drags are too big?

    • Yup disposables are .3 not .5 that is why they are way cheaper. This was bothering me too from someone who does guides to not even know that lol

  6. Got mine on Thursday and it doesn’t seem to recharge either. I plug it in and nothing happens until I unplug it and it blinks three times.

  7. I have two of these with good batteries still, but tanks are empty. Can they possibly be refilled with a new cartridge? I’m new to vaping, still learning 😂

  8. pen still has half of oil and the battery died. it won’t charge and whenever I take the charger out, the light blinks 3 times, please help??

    • These are disposable vapes not meant to be charged again, so the battery did die on you.

      I would contact the dispensary and see if they offer a replacement first – some do and that’s the best way to go. If they do not, hit up Joos directly about it here:

      Please post back what they say about it and if they offer any help so others can see as well.

      If no one does a replacement or at least a credit for half which they should… Here’s been my best strategy with these disposables that die too early:

      Try to hit it really light without too much suction and not very long for each puff. Sometimes that is enough to get a little bit more out of it, but it still won’t go through the rest of the full half.

    • I thought the same thing, that my battery had died, and that charging it didn’t actually charge. Turns out it did charge and I think the 3 blinks after you unplug it means it was fully charged. You have to suck really really hard on it to get it going again. i think when my battery was dying the first time it wasn’t fully burning the oil or something and kind of clogged the pen. After charging i had to suck really hard and it started working again just fine. I was so relieved because i still had 90% of the product left in it. I does seem to keep getting clogged and need a really strong inhale to get it going again.. i guess you’re supposed to smoke these things faster than i do

      • If you get clogging so heavy on a pen or cart that it just won’t suck through, heat it up first with a blow dryer and it works most the time

      • This worked. Exact same thing happened to mine. I was able to recharge it 3 lights flashed and wouldn’t pull. I tried so many things to get it to work and finally just puffing on it really hard helped it unclog.

  9. I purchased my vape pen and battery early March. Original battery charger was defective to dispensary gave me one that doesn’t work either. I now have almost $90 worth of useless almost new equipment.


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