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Straight Fire disposable oil pens are one of the most interesting THC oil pens we’ve come across. Due to the fact that there is no background or knowledge to them, there is no clue as to how authentic the company actually is or whether the company even exists. But surprisingly, the oil quality is terrific along with the taste. Here we give our thoughts on the Straight Fire dab pen.


  • Amazing taste
  • Strong oil quality


  • No background information on the company itself

Recommendations: Provide some info on the company itself and authentic lab results.

Straight Fire uses durable and efficient hardware, but it hits light

straight fire
With a nice and unique design, this pen does give nice and light hits.

These sleek dab pens come in a nice and smooth design. They are durable pens containing full gram of distillate. Although it does give smooth hits, they are somewhat light. But that doesn’t mean that it didn’t give potent and strong hits. It doesn’t say what wattage it’s at, but if it can heat up quicker and a little stronger, it’d hit better. Also, a neat feature it has it the pen can charge with an Android charger. To locate, it’s in the bottom of the pen, just unscrew the logo and you’ll find it.

Unlike most dab pens, Straight Fire allows you to charge the battery so you can get the most out of your dab pen.

This disposable oil pen gives a strong and lasting high

Unpacking this pen, I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. The oil looks nice and does have a strong gold color. After taking a few hits, I loved how quick the high kicked in. This pen feels smooth when you first hit it, but it did make me start coughing while exhaling. The strain I picked up is a sativa and it does give an uplifting yet mellow high. With only a few hits, it got me feeling great.

Straight fire dab pen provides quality and thick oil

Something I liked a lot about this pen is the quality of the oil. It’s pretty dense, not light at all. It says to be around 93% THC, but with no lab results we can’t be sure how accurate that is. Either way, it did feel strong while hitting it, each big hit would always get me coughing.

The flavor has a nice and smooth taste

Aside from the oil, Straight Fire Mojito has an amazing and smooth taste. Tasting a lot like an actual mojito, this pen gives a nice lime flavor.  Not harsh on the throat at all and doesn’t leave any bad taste what so ever. Also, it doesn’t taste artificial what so ever.

Very efficient, but does give light hits

The oil from this dab pen is fairly efficient and gives even hits. It did last me a few days, good thing that the oil is so potent I only needed a few hits to get high. But the only thing I didn’t like about this pen is that it gives light hits. Perhaps if it has more watts to it, but it doesn’t give thick smoke at all.

Overall, Straight Fire would be worth the try if they have more background

To sum up, I personally like these Straight Fire dab pens a lot. From the oil quality and the high to the taste. The only thing with these pens is that there still is no information to be found on the company. Therefore, I can’t fully recommend these pens to everyone if I can’t be sure what’s exactly in the and if they’re safe to smoke.

With that being said, we aren’t sure if this is just a small company or a street brand selling through the black market. It would be better and safer if they have proof that they’re an authentic company and some lab results. Otherwise, we recommend you vape at your own risk.

Have you tried Straight Fire dab pens before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forum!



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