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Coastal Cartridges are a mysterious brand, for there isn’t any information to be found about their company. With that being said, these cartridges were revealed to be very weak and and untrustworthy. From the taste of it to the oil, these low quality carts give a light and mild high. Apart from all of this, we can’t prove the companies legitimacy, making it unsure about what we’re actually smoking. Not living up to its expectations, I personally wouldn’t purchase these cartridges again at all.


  • Decent taste


  • Weak oil quality
  • Takes several hits to actually feel high
  • Some hits are harsh
  • Overall untrustworthy

Recommendations: Make stronger oil. If these carts are actually legit, provide some sort of information about company bio.

Coastal Cartridges have no background or credibility

coastal cartridge pacaging
Examining the packaging, they seem to be supposedly made in California.

To begin with, I did a lot of research and found nothing online about these cartridges. They might be fake cartridges from the outset. Let alone not having lab test results out, I wasn’t able to find any sort of data on social media. There wasn’t even anything to be found on Reddit. With no proof of the company, this cartridge is susceptible to contain pesticides or any other harsh chemicals in them.

These are full gram cartridges and claim to be 100% natural and over 90% THC, but I doubt how accurate that really is. Also, there’s no telling wether it’s an Indica, Sativa or a Hybrid, for there’s no checks on the label. I did try to scan the bar code to my phone, but obviously nothing showed up.

Watch our video review below and keep reading on for the more in depth review.

On the below picture Coastal claims these are 100% natural on one and that it’s premium wax concentrate on the other. Reviewing these carts proved both those claims are questionable.
coastal cartridge packaging
Not living to its expectation, Coastal Cartridges didn’t feel as close as to what they claim to be, in regards to THC percent.

These cartridges give a mild and discouraging high, only after a lot of hits

My first impression to these carts was a disappointment. Because of how weak they are, numerous hits had to be taken to even feel a buzz. At first, I started to believe that this won’t get me high at all. But I did get surprised with a mixture of a body and mind high, only after 10 hits. Additionally, the high would give me a headache at times, killing the feeling.

Comparing the two, Retro OG and Maui Wowie felt the exact same from one another

coastal cartridge flavors
Both of these flavors are very identical from each other, it’s as if they’re both the exact same distillate.

There really isn’t much difference between the two of these cartridges. Even with the terpenes tasting alike, the only difference to be found is one tastes like it has more terpenes. This cartridge honestly felt as if it were vape juice that gets you high due to the high fruity taste. These two carts gave the same, light high and light taste. I should mention that although the hits are smooth at times, they would randomly be harsh on the throat.

Coastal cartridges have a low quality, thin distillate

coastal cartridges oil quality
Analyzing the oil, it seems nice and gold at first, but taking a closer look it has clear, somewhat cloudy light color.

Something negative about these carts are how thin and cloudy the oil is. When I flipped it upside down, the oil would move very quickly and also burns fast. Differing from the Space Vape cartridges, this thin oil isn’t as satisfying or strong what so ever. Also, when I opened the mouth piece, I accidentally felt the oil and it felt very translucent , not sticky at all.

Although the quality is not great, it still surprisingly gets you high out of no where. Because of how light and smooth it feels, you don’t feel anything at the moment when inhaling it. As you keep taking multiple hits from it, you will feel the mellow high hit randomly all at once. Yet, as mentioned earlier, the carts will randomly give harsh and unsatisfying hits. This makes me wonder how pure and reliable the oil really is, unsure whether there’s any sort of pesticides.

They do use a smooth cart with decent air flow 

The only good feature about these Coastal Carts are the cartridge hardware itself. They do give fairly thick smoke and the cartridge is well made. The hits aren’t as smooth as they can be, but overall it still hits clean. The comfort to in on the mouth piece was nice as well. Another thing is that they are reusable. I noticed later on that they have a twist on mouth piece.

Coastal Cartridges give a slight fruity taste, yet nothing like concentrate

Something that bothered me a lot was how exact both cartridges tasted like. As mentioned earlier, they both are identical and give a light fruit flavor, almost like a berry taste. In contrast of tasting anything like concentrate should, it tasted almost like vape juice.

The distillate burned very quickly, lasting only a few days

Another unfortunate thing about these cartridges is how fast they go through. Because of how thin the oil is, it would burn like easily. It’s not even that it isn’t efficient, but because it gives a light high I would consistently smoke this cartridge. For me, I finished almost half of the cart in one day and the whole cartridge in 3 days.

Above all, Coastal Cartridges are not trustworthy or reliable

coastal cartridges review
Overall, there are very little positive qualities about these Coastal Cartridges and I wouldn’t advise or recommend them.

Because of the lack of information out there on these cartridges, we really aren’t sure what’s in this distillate. Along with that, the oil is so weak that I wouldn’t find any enjoyment in smoking these.

To conclude, Coastal cartridges are of low quality and give an unpleasant high. Dissatisfied with the distillate, there really aren’t much good qualities about it other than the hardware itself. I personally wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, not even people looking for something light to smoking. For ones safety, you should be purchasing your distillate from licensed dispensaries or at least from well-known companies.



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