There’s a new fake THC oil brand out there: Chronopoly carts. These are similar to Truth cartridges in that they are simply packaging that is re sold. There is no central company or person making the THC oil that goes into these vape carts.

Chronopoly carts are just hardware, they don’t make THC oil

Branded packaging that violates trademarks is the first indicator it is probably a fake brand. The company that owns the trademarks for Monopoly, Hasbro, would have their legal team litigating to get their trademarks off of a vape cartridge. Vader Extracts used Star Wars imagery when the market in California was not legit, and once it went legit and the company also started selling in Nevada, they took off all references to Darth Vader.

Here’s what Chronopoly Carts packaging looks like

Below we will go through some of known packaging for various strains of Chronopoly cartridges. Keep in mind that the “strains” could be anything since the packaging is made before the oil is put in. A street dealer could put the same oil in different packaging and label it as different when it’s really all the same. Below are pictures of the packaging Chronopoly carts come in.

chronopoly carts

Now let’s take a look at the hardware for Chronopoly carts.

Chronopoly carts hardware

Below you will see a picture of the actual hardware used on Chronopoly cartridges.

chronopoly carts hardware
These don’t look like the best hardware.

They are not using CCELL carts. It looks like something specific to Chronopoly. Notice the Monopoly character on the side of the glass and inside on the airflow tube Chronopoly is imprinted. I am not a big fan of this style hardware. Have had it before and it just does not hit as good as CCELLs.

So are Chronopoly carts legit? Not really

Chronopoly is a “brand” you probably want to avoid unless you know the plug is putting good oil in it. There is no central processing for oil, no testing, and therefore no one has an idea if they are any good. I would not call them fake cartridges, since they are not imitating a legit oil brand. They are simply a style of packaging.

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  1. Kings deli on floral Ave in Johnson city NY is ripping people off. I’m going to get my money back. I bet they don’t think so. I will though. I’ll get back to you

  2. I just got a purple punch and it’s the WORST cart u have ever bought. I usually get the brass knuckles. Rand. But wanted to try Chronopoly and will NEVER again!!!

  3. Just saw an ad on FB Marketplace for $1000 worth of Chronopoly packaging. There are enough legit, reliable products available, so why take a chance on something that you don’t even know what’s in it? Just saying…

  4. I just got a chronopoly Hawaiian Punch today haven’t tried it yet but I’m here in a lot of bad things about these carts

    • Many people are getting scammed from online sellers. We do not condone any illegal activity, but others have reported the clear web will not have legit online options.

  5. I got one couple hits and does the trick just not the tastiest and airflow is strange but that’s probably just the hardware my plug is trustworthy

  6. I’m worried that mine has something in it, my plug is great but there is no website or anything for this brand. When it hits it taste all wrong

    • It’s not an oil brand – really its just hardware. So it’s kind of a “fake cart” but really it is not faking anything original anyway.

    • It took me a liittle bit to figure this out.your main guy is buying the tank and the box . He then buys the the oil. He fills them up in his next step. He may or not put additives in it. I think the more it smells like weed the higher thethc it has it . It’s really just depends on how legit your guy is. We’re all getting these same packages all over the country. My guy , your guy and whoesever guy is putting whatever lthey decide to put in it. Make sense?


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