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[sc name=”amp ratings”]Brite Labs manufactures a variety of cannabis products including CO2 oil cartridges, made using ceramic CCELL technology and filled with whole plant extracted oil distillates. Brite Labs was started in 2014 in Oakland, California. They currently work with Northern California growers to develop their CO2 oil strains. Brite Labs vape cartridges are only available legally in California. In this Brite Labs vape cartridge Review we’ll be checking out the Durban Poison cart.


  • Good oil quality
  • Strong hits and thick smoke
  • Takes on burnt flavor only at last few hits


  • Oil slightly thin
  • Test results cannot be easily verified
  • No test results available for pesticides and residual solvents

Recommendations: Including lab results in the packaging would go a long way to improve confidence in the product.

Licensing Information: CA LIC# CDPH-00000435

Brite Labs Durban Poison
Brite Labs’ packaging is simple but effective.

The Brite Labs Cartridge Performs Well

Using well established CCELL hardware the carts Brite Labs make put out solid, thick clouds but thin oil means that they do drain your oil quick when you hit them hard. One thing that this cart certainly delivers on is its full flavor. There are no metallic notes from the cartridge and the natural plant flavors come through in full.

Interior packaging of product
The plastic tube the cartridge comes supplied in can work well to hold short pre-rolls as well.

No Surprises Here

The Brite Labs cart uses an effective standard CCELL 510 threaded design which utilizes a reliable ceramic heating element along with a comfortable ceramic reed-style mouthpiece. Not unlike the Jetty Extracts in their design, it’s pleasant to use and doesn’t clog often if at all. It’s a very standardized looking cartridge with white mouthpiece and plain metal housing that doesn’t stand out but doesn’t need to and performs its job well.

CO2 Oil Vapor Cartridge
The oil is notably viscous within the cartridge and does drain quick with heavy hits.

Oil quality from Brite Labs is solid, but no test access

The oil in the vape cartridge is good, slightly on the thin side. It’s easy to get thick heavy hits but they drain the oil fast. Even without devouring your cart in mighty tokes it does still manage to hit heavy and deliver pretty thick clouds, but its THC content does make it short lived.

The high is a very upbeat and creative one I’ve enjoyed and the cartridge has lasted me for several days of moderate use. The flavor of the oil is also genuinely very natural, with pine and citrus notes that would be enjoyed by anyone just looking for a good flavor reminiscent of freshly vaping a bowl of good flower.

Rear packaging info for product
While some reference information is provided for these labs they’re not so easy to actually get your hands on.

No accessible test results

Despite information being provided for pesticide testing of the oil I was completely unable to get my hands on the lab results for this particular batch. I went to the CW Analytics verification page and entered the batch number but it says the record does not exist or I cannot access it. This adds a layer of uncertainty that, along with the oil being thin, does make it more difficult to trust.

Until Brite Labs makes this information more available to consumers we can’t place much worth in any claims made by the product about its purity or strength. No one likes the risk of toxins in their vapor.

Cartridge in vape pen
The cartridge hits heavier than one might expect for its concentration.

Decent number of hits, obey speed limit

The thinner oil does mean that this cartridge drains relatively fast but it also hits incredibly hard and can leave you reeling after just a few. I would advise not to get too hot and heavy with it as it can easily get to be a little much. It was enough to last me close to a week with pretty consistent moderate usage.

Good flavor throughout

Up front the flavor of the cartridge is very strong and floral in character. It doesn’t mute very dramatically until over halfway into the cartridge. Even as it does mute it doesn’t do so dramatically and is still quite tasty and enjoyable and always manages to taste like unprocessed bud. The end of any CO2 cart universally develops a burnt taste, however the Brite Labs carts do manage to maintain their taste right up until the last few hits. Those few do still get you, but you have to suffer through fewer of those more acrid clouds. This allows you to fully enjoy more of the cart and leaves you with just a bit less of that burnt distillate taste on the tongue.

Get what you pay for with Brite Labs carts

For the price, Brite Labs carts are readily available around $30-35, and it isn’t a bad value. Even though it is hindered by its lack of proper documentation and a relatively thin oil. Its thick clouds and often chest-wracking hits do make up for some of its shortcomings but can’t dismiss the nagging question of what exactly is in it. It’s not hard for data requests to slip through the cracks but it doesn’t inspire confidence in a consumer to make it difficult to see what exactly they’re using.

Could be Improved, but not lacking

With proper documentation and some thicker, higher percentage oil on their sativa strain Brite Labs could very well dominate the cheaper cartridge market. The degree to which it manages to sustain taste to the last hit is honestly remarkable. They’ll need to step it up in their oil thickness for Brite Labs cartridges to compete with higher end carts, however. I would say that if one got rid of the negatives this cartridge has it could easily go from average to incredible.


Nearly empty CO2 oil cartridge in vape pen.
Good flavor down to just those last few hits.

Concluding this Brite Labs cartridge review…

Overall I wouldn’t put Brite Labs particularly high on my list of THC oil carts. As it currently stands without proper documentation on its lab testing I wouldn’t pick it out of a line-up but it’s also not a terrible deal if you don’t mind a bit of mystery. The hits are good, the flavor’s great and it goes a little fast but the high is heavy enough that you don’t need much. I’d happily buy it again if they start including those test results.

You can find Brite Labs near you here and read more about them at their website.


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  2. Hi,
    Just want to clarify a few things. BriteLabs is a full Spectrum oil. They do have a distillate line (only a few strains), but your review is on a whole plant extract cartridge. They are true to strain and “concentrate” on small batches. There is never any additives, fillers and they do not strip the extract. So you’re also getting all those beneficial cannabis compounds, for more of a full body high 🙂
    Also, want to help on the test result! When you go to CW analytic site, and to the search area, you must enter the batch ID, not the batch number. It can be confusing. You can also reach out to BriteLabs by email requesting COAs. Most shops should have a copy, because they get them with each delivery. Hope I helped!

    Stay high


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