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Gold Drop is an Oakland based company with its products available all over California, offering a wide variety of cannabis products. From oil to flower to edibles, they offer products of almost every common type. They have a selection of strains available in their prefilled syringes and I was able to get a syringe of Pineapple Express. In this oil syringe review, we’ll be seeing how Gold Drop oil holds up to the competitors.


  • Excellent taste with herbal, very slightly sweet and slightly bitter notes reminiscent of pineapple without tasting fake at all
  • Lengthy high with creative energy abound
  • Broad tipped borosilicate glass syringes make refills easier than narrower ones used by some


  • Burns easier than comparable oils
Gold Drop Packaging Front
The syringes come in a sealed bag with all the relevant branding and notifications printed on a sticker. This helps to make the syringes identifiable and provide some consumer confidence.

Easily identifiable packaging; good seal

Gold Drop’s oil comes in a short borosilicate syringe with a branded sticker both on the main body and at the end of the plunger. This is more identifiable packaging than most syringes I’ve come across, but they are quite simple. It had a simple rubber stopper which actually sealed much better than the resealable cap on the Cosmic Carts and Magic Pipe syringes. Overall it’s a good syringe width and design and the packaging works well to identify the contents of the syringe.

Gold Drop back packaging
The other side of the packaging is just transparent plastic, allowing you to see the glass syringe inside.

Gold Drop gives quality oil good to the last drop

The syringe I got came filled with a CO2 oil of the well known Pineapple Express strain, they have a very wide variety of strains available. The oil is thick, viscous, slightly more lightly colored than most oils and has a very pronounced and pleasant, natural smell. It’s a very smooth and natural bud smell and taste with a subtle fruity sweetness and bitterness that is reminiscent of pineapple. It’s a flavor profile well suited to almost any user, striking a good middle ground in the intensity of taste.

Gold Drop oil syringe
Here you can easily see the slightly lighter than usual coloration of the oil. This has no discernible impact on the potency of the oil and it is still quite viscous.

Picks up some burnt flavors toward the end

Compared to other oils I tried alongside, the Gold Drop did pick up more bitter burnt flavor toward the end of the cart than they did. I can’t say for certain that wasn’t the strain of Gold Drop I chose, as it had bitter notes in the first place, but it’s very noticeable. Not something I would consider a total deal breaker but alongside other choices, it is a demerit. I have also bought their pre-filled carts, however, and in those cases, they didn’t pick up the burnt flavors. So mileage may vary.

Gold Drop’s dankness doesn’t quit quick

The high that is delivered by Gold Drop CO2 oil is both heady and long lasting. The Pineapple Express was very relaxing and pleasant, making for a perfect thing to enjoy while destressing from the day. The hits are smooth from start to finish but did get a bit harsher for me as it adopted more burnt flavors. This isn’t something I would consider a deal breaker either but it’s definitely something that may make me prone to picking other brands if available at the same price.

Standard cost, above average quality

The Gold Drop oil is at a pretty standard price point of $40-60 a half gram. It does, however, deliver good value for the cost. I have also noticed that they go on sale far more often than other brands. It’s hard to argue with when the taste and high are both great at such an affordable cost. This small detail gives a good reason to pick up Gold Drop over some competitors if on a budget. That said it is going to be a very context sensitive decision.


Gold Drop syringes multiple
The Gold Drop oil seems to go on sale quite regularly from many dispensaries. If you’re looking for deals on good oil then keep an eye out for this one.

In closing on this Gold Drop CO2 oil review…

I would recommend Gold Drop’s oil syringes to anyone on a budget when they’re on sale and would recommend them as a choice against an unknown alternative as well. They deliver a higher quality oil than some mid-range manufacturers and you can be guaranteed they’re pure. It’s a reliable and often cheap option that’s quite widely available in California.

If you’d like to read more about Gold Drop you can do so here. If you would like to get some yourself, you can find an official list of retailers here.

Have you tried Gold Drop syringes before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forums!


  1. Snake oil salesmen do not buy anything made by this company! I’d go more In to detail but take my word… they are snake oil salesmen pushing trash oil…..! Don’t be fooled by a nice package an what they calm is an award winning product! It’s trash an if you have seen what iv seen first hand on the ground floor you would agree! Buyer beware! Snake oil salesmen!


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