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Cosmic Carts is a Silicon Valley-based company that, predictably, deals primarily in THC cartridges. They also provide a wide array of strains of flower. In my case, I was able to track down a syringe full of their oil from a local medical dispensary to then use it in a refillable cart. In this oil syringe review, we’ll be seeing how they compare to others in the field.


  • Great flavor, rich and fruity while not tasting fake
  • Lengthy and calming high great for pain management and insomnia treatment
  • Broad tipped borosilicate syringes make refills of most carts relatively easy


  • The resealable syringe cap tends to leak a bit, so it shouldn’t rely on too much if you can manage it

Cosmic Carts’ syringe is top-notch, strong oil

The Cosmic Carts oil I got a hold of came in a short borosilicate syringe only slightly thinner and longer than the ones from Magic Pipe and Gold Drop. However it has no brand marking whatsoever, making it quite unidentifiable on its own, this may be due to the fact the oil is not often sold on its own and they deal more in pre-filled carts. I have confirmed since by buying one of their carts that the oil does taste, smell and look identical and has an identical high, so it doesn’t seem there’s any counterfeit going on. The strain used here is Blackberry.

The Cosmic Carts syringe is identical to Magic Pipe’s and has the same issue of leaking if you attempt to reseal it. So it’s best to leave a bit of headspace and store it tip-up. It’s not in any danger of draining out entirely prior to use. However, you may lose a non-negligible amount if you try resealing it many times and storing it on its side.

Cosmic Carts syringe
There are no markings on this syringe. This doesn’t exactly inspire a huge amount of confidence, but it does come from a relatively small manufacturer.

Cosmic Carts oil a gift from the stars

The Cosmic syringe came filled with a yellow-gold CO2 oil. It’s thick and viscous, allowing you to draw in thick hits without worrying too much about draining your oil in a flash. I could immediately smell a strong floral and fruity smell coming off of the oil. This immediately inspired confidence in the product and made me happy to dive in.

Delicious flavor and smell uncompromised

The flavor profile of the oil I tried was incredibly bold and held a lot of character. For those that enjoy sweeter buds with fruity and citrusy tastes, it’s definitely right up that alley. The flavor is smooth and completely devoid of unnatural tones or any chemical aftertastes, it’s a very pleasant vaping experience so long as you enjoy bold flavors. For those that prefer something more subtle and mild, this may not be the choice for you.

Cosmic Carts sends you on a voyage

The high delivered by Cosmic’s product is a long-lasting and euphoric high replete with creative energy and a decent amount of stress relief and even painkilling. I find it works well for diving into art projects, creative work and yard work. Blackberry is a very multi-faceted strain that has many applications. Whether aiming for recreational, medicinal or inspirational use it’s well suited to all of them.

Valuable oil at affordable price

While Cosmic Carts’ prices are right in line with standard mid-range prices, the quality is much higher than most offer at the same price range both in intense flavor and in quality of high. This does make for a particularly compelling choice for those on a budget but still looking for the maximum quality possible. Its limited availability does harm this benefit. If you’re in the area though it’s worth tracking down to try out for yourself.

Cosmic Carts syringe close
The oil is viscous enough that moving around the syringe caused no visible movement of the suspended air bubble within.

In closing on this Cosmic Carts CO2 oil review…

I would highly recommend Cosmic Carts to those who enjoy the bold flavor and heady highs on a budget. This isn’t a brand or strain well suited to those with a more subtle palette. It’s a solid offering for its price point, but it is only easily available from Silicon Valley Farms in San Jose. If you would like to read more about Cosmic Carts you can do so here. To get some yourself you can check them out at Silicon Valley Farms here.

Have you tried Cosmic Carts syringes before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forums!


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