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HHC is a THC relative long known to science, but until recently not often discussed by cannabis users. HHC is a minor cannabinoid; it occurs naturally in cannabis, but in amounts too small to make extraction cost-effective. Since commercial...



Head Shop

Head shops are a curious phenomenon left over from the prohibition era of marijuana, long before cannabis started getting legalized in North America. Some still exist in shopping centers and malls today, but they're fading away and being replaced...
growing hemp


Hemp is a separate strain of cannabis, grown for its industrial uses as opposed to a psychoactive substance. Hemp is defined as cannabis with less that 0.3% THC occurring naturally. History of Hemp Hemp is fast-growing and hardy. It is arguably...


    The majority of cannabis strains available today are hybrids. Some are balanced in effects, but many lean heavily in one direction (either Indica or Sativa). These ‘hybrid’ strains of cannabis combine elements of both Indica and Sativa species and...