When last we visited Hello Mood, an online cannabis product dispenser with an aggressive advertising campaign – reaching even to YouTube – we sampled their delta-8 Afghan Hash, which we found to be as skunky and high as any hash we have ever encountered. Since then, we’ve visited a couple more hashes, with a high-CBD hash from my local Despensary and TR Sun trying Mendocino Hash out Cali way.

So when we saw Hello Mood expand its line, I thought it was time to check out Hello Mood again. But this time I’m not so happy.

For the record, we got their Moroccan Hash (1.5 grams $40) and their Live Resin Sour Diesel Wax (1 gram $40).


  • Great flavor
  • Good consistency
  • Easy to work with
  • Full spectrum effects


  • Puny, weak potency
  • Bit pricey for the potency

Recommendations: Who goes to this much trouble making gem-quality live resin wax and then only gives it a potency of 28% delta 8? Same deal with the Moroccan hash at 27% delta 8. Double that potency and then get back to us.


Taste and Quality are up to par

Both the Moroccan Hash and the Live Resin Wax were a step up in taste, aroma, consistency, and overall quality compared to Hello Mood Afghan Hash.

The Moroccan Hash is basically pressed kief, exactly like you would press yourself out of your grinder (assuming you fuss with such trivialities). It has a consistency like moist sand, very easy to work with. While hash (as I covered extensively last time) does not set a very high bar in the aesthetics department, Hello Mood Moroccan Hash is rather pleasant in aroma and taste, like a mild, oaky coffee.

As for the Live Resin Wax, it wins the award for Getting My Hopes Up before I discovered the potency couldn’t get a mosquito high. Just look at this pure, golden wax, glistening with terpene-syrup, full-spectrum goodness. It truly has the consistency of the best wax, very pliable and easy to scoop out with a dab tool. Being Sour Diesel, it had the aroma and taste of the finest extracts in that strain. Even though strains high in limonene aren’t my favorite, being sour enough to pucker a killer whale, but it isn’t called “Sour” Diesel for nothing.

Alas, as soon as light/torch hit bowl/banger, our revels now are ended.


Both the Hash and Wax suffer weak potency

Bear in mind: We are already talking about delta 8 here, which has half the potency of regular THC (D9). Truly, on Hello Mood’s own site, they mention that the Moroccan Hash is less potent than the Afghan Hash, and lists the potency of 27.59% delta 8. So rank that an equivalent of ~15% THC. Being kief, we do get the full botanical spectrum of entourage effects, but we basically have a dusty, compressed kief gives you the faintest tingling of a buzz after you’ve smoked a whole bowl of it. What effects it does have are heavy on the grogginess and couch-lock. Almost exactly the opposite of the Afghan Hash experience.

The Live Resin Wax, as I say, was a tragedy. At 28.8% delta 8, this tasted good and had a great entourage profile to go with almost zero cannabinoid effects. In this case, I am questioning the 28%, especially since it’s hard-printed on the cap and batch quality can notoriously vary. Here I did a perfect cold start dab of the tastiest wax, and then felt less effects than CBD oil. Wow!

I will say this: Hello Mood is open about these products and some of you might be looking for lower potency effects. The puzzling part of that is, WHY would you turn to hash and wax, two of the highest-concentrated forms of cannabis, while looking for low potency? it’s like ordering a decaf espresso. You can get 8% delta 8 flower all day, if you like it mild. Especially with the hash, the aesthetics are not worth the mild buzz.

I can only mildly recommend Hello Mood Afghan Hash and Live Resin Wax

So far, their Afghan Hash made one of my top highs of the year, while both the Moroccan Hash and the Live Resin Wax are forgettable. While they are both aces on the aesthetics, the potency is far too low to interest anyone but the most casual of users. This could indicate Hello Mood experimenting with new products before they get the formula right, or it could be declining quality standards – the same malady that seems to choke down about half the cannabis companies out there.

BUT if very mild cannabis hash or wax is what you want to get – maybe you want to flex in front of your higher-tolerance friends while dabbing the equivalent of a designated driver’s ginger ale? Then Hello Mood has your ticket. Who knows, maybe they’ll up the potency in later batches.

Readers, tell us why you’d bother with a lower-potency hash when it’s not that tasty in the first place? This is keeping me up at night. Here in the comments or in our high-potency forum.



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