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Psilocybin is a psychedelic drug which occurs naturally in upwards of 200 species of mushrooms. The drug has similar properties to LSD, DMT, and mescaline. The effects of the drug include (but are not limited to): Euphoria Visual and...


We explain what a plug is, how it fits into general weed culture, and why you're better off dealing with almost anybody else unless you buy flower.

Prop 64

California Proposition 64, commonly known as Prop 64, legalized recreational marijuana in the State of California. It passed with 57.13% voter approval. Retail sales of recreational marijuana will not begin in California until January 1, 2018. Furthermore, it's expected that...

Pre Rolls

Pre rolls are marijuana cigarettes, also known as joints, that are available for sale at dispensaries. They are rolled before you buy them. Some dispensaries sell pre rolls that use low quality buds and shake.