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Home Glossary


An electric dab rig, or e-rig, is an electronic, temperature-controlled dabbing rig that can be used in place of a glass dab rig. E-rigs use either batteries or an electric outlet to provide a consistent temperature at which the concentrates...


A cannabis extract is any non-solid substance derived from marijuana for the purpose of consumption via dabbing. When we first started DabConnection, there were maybe half a dozen major forms of dab extracts. Since then, improvements in extraction technology...


Edibles contain marijuana. Marijuana ones contain cannabis. Furthermore, edibles specifically contain cannabinoids like THC. They contain cannaoil or cannabutter. Because they contain canna oil or cannabutter, edibles can be cookies, brownies, popcorn, lollipops, and more. They are consumed for both medical...

Extraction Tube

An extraction tube is a glass tube device that is used for making BHO wax. Butane is run through the tube, extracting all the potent chemicals out of the marijuana.