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Here in this review, we have something a little different, we have the Effex Delta 10 cartridge. Having tried various Delta 8 THC products before, this specific cartridge is infused with Delta 8 THC and Delta 10. Furthermore, these D10 cartridges overall deliver a nice and fascinating experience. Just as effective as D8 cartridges, without the harsh hits.

In the second half of this review, we will go over their Delta 8 THC Gummies, Rainbow pack gummies. Moreover, these gummies deliver a great experience as well. Very tasteful and pretty effective for Delta 8 gummies. Probably one of the most effective D8 edibles we’ve tried so far.


  • Smooth hits
  • Fascinating taste


  • None found

Recommendations: Provide more Delta 10 THC infused in the cartridge distillate. Perhaps have a much higher Delta 10/Delta 8 ratio. Also change their hardware to CCELL cartridge hardware.

Effex Delta 10 cartridge delivers a mellow and much smoother experience than Delta 8

effex cartridge
These fascinating cartridges deliver smooth and tasteful hits, just as effective as delta 8 cartridges.

After taking a few hits of this Effex D10 cartridge, these carts deliver a very smooth experience, especially compared to most Delta 8 cartridges. For the most part, unless the Delta 8 cartridge is low in D8 THC, or infused with CBD, D8 cartridges usually deliver harsh hits.

In addition, these cartridges are very effective, compared to all Delta 8 cartridges we’ve tried. Along with that, the flavor of this cartridge is great as well. Not the most effective hardware, but very satisfying and relaxing.

What is Delta 10 THC?

Delta 10 THC may be relevantly new to the market, but it’s not necessarily a new compound. Delta 10 THC is very similar to Delta 8 THC, in which they’re both simply a form of cannabinoid found in hemp. Likewise, very similar to Delta 9 THC, but still a different form of cannabinoid that provides slightly different effects. 

Effex Maui Wowie Sativa provides a soothing and relaxing experience

Effex provides two different lines of cartridges, one is pure Delta 8 cartridges and the other line is D8/D10 infused. Providing 3 different strains for their Delta 10 cartridges, here we try Maui Wowie. Additionally, this strain delivers some pleasant and great-tasting hits. Not as potent, nor very flavor dense, but these cartridges do have some measurable effects. Furthermore, they provide a very mellow high, but as with Delta 8 you won’t get nearly as buzzed as a typical THC cartridge. If you’re familiar with a Delta 8 high then you can compare the effects with these cartridges.

Lab results – Fair potency, feels just as effective as Delta 8

effex lab results
As shown above, there really isn’t much Delta 10 infused in this strain. This report shows that within this test, only 3.8% D10 THC was found.
delta 10 thc
With this test, around 30% D10 THC was found. Much more Delta 10 than the first cartridge.

As shown above you can see the cannabinoid percentage and THC ratio between Delta 8 and Delta 10. These lab results are specifically for the strain Maui Wowie. Furthermore, the D8/D10 ratio shows that there’s only around 10-30% of Delta 10 THC. Not having nearly as much as Delta 8, it’s hard to get the full experience of just Delta 10.

Although there’s more Delta 8 THC infused in these Effex cartridges, they still deliver fair effects for what they are. Additionally, these carts feel just as effective as a 90% Delta 8 THC cartridge. Not nearly as strong as a dispensary grade cart, but you still get a light buzz. You can learn more about Effex’s lab results on their official website here.

Effex cartridges are fairly efficient, they use IKrusher hardware

delta 10 cartridge
Although these cartridges are pretty effective and deliver fair hits, they’re not the most efficient.

Effex uses IKrusher cartridges for their hardware. IKrusher is a competent brand that provides decent quality cartridges. Personally, I prefer CCELL cartridges because of their superior quality. IKrusher still works okay, but in my experience it doesn’t hit the strongest or most efficient. Although fairly effective, this cartridge didn’t work that well with some of my dab pens.

Effex Rainbow Pack Delta 8 Gummies – Great taste and quite effective

effex gummies

Effex Delta 8 gummies turned out to be a lot better than I expected. Providing a great taste for all their different flavored gummies, they all taste nice and sweet. Not too sugary, nor does it give the taste that THC edibles would give. This 10 pack gummy comes with 5 different flavors, Strawberry, Mango, Green Apple, Blue Razz, and a mystery flavor. They all taste fascinating, a great little snack.

Furthermore, these D8 gummies actually deliver a moderated high as well. They are the most effective Delta 8 THC edibles I’ve tried so far. Of course, depending on your tolerance and how much you take, it will be different for everyone. But eating half the bag did the trick for me. Especially when mixed with the Effex cartridge itself, these two combined produce pleasant psychoactive effects.

Comparing Delta 10 THC with Delta 8 THC

Again, because this is my first time trying Delta 10 THC, it is a bit difficult to differentiate between its effects and Delta 8. With Effex Delta 10 cartridges being infused with Delta 8, it makes it harder to tell the difference. But, the big difference I noticed between Effex and a cartridge that’s straight Delta 8 is that Effex hits much smoother. Both feel just as effective and relaxing, but Effex Delta 10 produces a unique effect which will be worth investigating later.

Concluding the Effex review

Overall, Effex comes through for our first time trying out Delta 10. Watch this space for our continuing coverage of Delta 10, as we try out some more of these new products just coming out. To learn more about Effex Delta 10 cartridges, you can purchase them on their website

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