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In this review, we test the Delta8 Hemp cartridge and disposable. Both contain full-gram D8 distillate, they both taste great and deliver some nice and mild effects. The cartridge gives some great hits, smooth and thick vapor.  The pods hit harder and are strong but not as smooth. Read further on our experience with Delta8 Hemp.


  • Nice taste
  • Good strain selection
  • CCELL cartridge delivers good hits
  • Pods style vape hits very strong


  • Hard to find information on the company because of the generic name

Recommendation: Make them easier to find and purchase. The name is a bit hard to find when searching for it.


Delta8 Hemp delivers tasteful hits and good effects

Taking the first few hits, I enjoyed the taste, of both the cartridge and disposable, right away. The two deliver smooth hits and a nice, sweet taste, they are altogether satisfying to vape. Delta8 Hemp delivers decent strength as well, but the pods-style vape seems to deliver more strength than the cart.

Delta8 Hemp Jack Herer cartridge: Good taste and smooth hits

delta8 hemp cartridge
This cartridge turned out to be very good. Good oil quality, great hits, and a tasteful strain.

Everything from this cartridge turned out to be better than expected. From the taste it delivers, to how good and smooth they hit, these cartridges are overall good D8 cartridges. Not the most potent, but you will still feel some fair effects after taking a few hits. As for the strain, Jack Herer gives a slightly sweeter taste. Not a lasting high, however, but it still gives a nice buzz.

Providing smooth hits for it being Delta 8, these cartridges are pretty satisfying to vape. Delta 8 is usually a harsher form of cannabinoid, but these cartridges weren’t nearly as harsh. 

Delta8 hemp disposable: Great hits, thick smoke, tasteful and strong

delta8 hemp disposable
No cutting agents is a good thing.

Although these disposables hit great at first, the mouthpiece tends to get clogged after multiple uses. Taking my first few hits from the disposable, I did enjoy it a lot. Actually, I liked it more than the cartridge itself, at first. These disposables deliver some nice and thick, cloudy hits. Just as tasteful as the cartridges themselves, these disposables are fairly smooth as well. You can even charge it from the bottom of the disposable, using a USB-C charger.

We did have one clog but the other pod ended up working properly. The one that worked properly really hit hard. Occasionally hardware can go bad no matter who makes it. It would be nice to see how much you got left of D8 oil as well. It’s hard to tell the way the window on the pod currently is.

delta 8 disposable
These disposables do give a comfortable feel.  But because the backside isn’t see-through, you can barely look inside to see how much oil you have left, but it does hit strong.

Oil quality- Fair strength, smooth for Delta 8

delta 8 thc cartridge
Fairly thick and light in color, the oil quality on both, cartridge and disposable, give fair potency and effects.

Taking a closer look at the oil, it is fairly thick and light in color. After a personal session with either product, Delta 8 hemp gives a nice and mellow high. Not nearly as long-lasting as a dispensary-grade THC cartridge, but definitely gives slight effects. Compared to other Delta 8 cartridges, this brand gives some nice effects. Of course it does

Delta8 Hemp uses authentic CCELL- Cartridge hits great but the disposable needs slight improvement

Delta 8 cartridge
These cartridges deliver smoother hits than the pod-style disposable.

Looking at the bottom of the cartridge itself, you can see authentic CCELL printings. With the cartridge itself, they give some pretty nice hits. Especially with the right battery, the cartridges are well worth the try. 

As for the disposable pod-style vape, it does hit harder but it’s not as smooth.

Value: Worth the experience, but seeing how much you got left on the disposable would be nice too

For these full-gram cartridges, they are well worth the try. Especially if you’re not used to the harsh hits that Delta 8 usually gives, Delta8 Hemp gives very smooth hits. Great for anyone either starting with Delta 8 or someone looking for something smooth and tasteful as well.

Their disposables give good hits and tastes just as great. It is a lot more convenient than the cartridge, but it would be nice to be able to see how much you have left.

Overall, the Delta8 Hemp cartridge gives a nice experience

To sum up, the D8 Hemp cartridge is well worth the try. The distillate in both, disposable and cartridges, is great. Fair strength and great flavor. The disposable pod-style vape hit harder but was also a bit harsher. Still, both were great compared to other D8 carts. You can find Delta8 Hemp products here on their website.

What are your thoughts on Delta8 Hemp THC? Do you have any experience with D8 cartridges or disposables from a different brand? Post a comment below or in our forum!


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