Runtz bags are fake in the sense that anything could be in the packaging. There is no Runtz brand of flower. The packaging is made in China and shipped to anyone who buys it. However, if your cannabis supplier puts good flowers in it, it might be a good product.

Fake cartridges, fake brands, and even fake stores are selling all kinds of illegal products.. Of course, we know better. Cannabis prohibition is slowly going away. It is an inevitable outcome now.

Runtz bags are everywhere, and they’re all fake

Runtz became the top strain that the black market pushes. Just about anywhere you go on social media is a Runtz riot.

Runtz on Twitter

Runtz bags on Twitter

Runtz cans on Twitter

And then even there people are wising up already…

Runtz bags for sale

Why yes, you can buy Runtz baggies just about anywhere. Here they are on Amazon:

Runtz bags on Amazon

Here they are on eBay:

Runtz bags on eBay

The obligatory listing on Alibaba and DHGate:

Runtz bags on Alibaba

Runtz bags on DHGate

So we all now know that buying flowers in a baggie doesn’t legitimize it.

Obviously, we don’t have nearly the issues with a misrepresented brand of nugs that we do with oil cartridges. No matter what, there is definitely a flower in that bag or there is not, and generations of experienced stoners know a nug when they see one. There’s still no guarantee of quality, testing for pesticides, or even what strain you’re getting beyond the sniff test. But on the whole, you’re no worse off buying weed this way than you were buying it in anonymous clear plastic baggies last century.

But you’re no better off, either.

Again: Clear copyright violation = fake company

As we pointed in the Runtz carts post, neither Nestlé (owners of both Runts candies and the Willy Wonka candy brand) nor Paramount Pictures (distributors of the original 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory) nor the estate of Roald Dahl (the author of the character) would have signed off on this branding.

Runtz, so far as we’ve seen, is not a real brand in any way, and we’re even starting to become skeptical about the alleged strain. Runtz is the creation of black market package wholesalers, in exactly the same way as Dank vapes. And if there’s at least some flimsy support for a specific Runtz strain of cannabis, we have so far uncovered none for any of the color variants.

pink Runtz bag

white Runtz can

Oh, by the way, that pink Runtz package there? Despite the pink ribbon, we’re pretty sure no percentage of your purchase goes towards finding a cure for breast cancer.

What’s the silliest piece of Runtz branding you’re seen?

We’ve found whole hip-hop albums and hoodies now. What are your thoughts on Runtz packaging and fake Runtz? Comment below or in our forum.



  1. Get a good laugh every time posts their bag of Runtz to Reddit. People in the UK think their dealer gets this from a real California dispensary or something!


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