Roger Volodarsky of Puffco, also known as The Rog, has been simplifying the vape pen and dab rig industry with simple, easy to use products. Roger is the CEO and founder of Puffco. He has set out to make products that he himself would want to use. While some of Puffco’s products might not be for the most advanced wax pen users looking for the absolute biggest hit, they get credit for making something easy to use for the regular user who just wants to load and go. Puffco and The Rog are based in Brooklyn, NY.

UPDATE 4/18/2019: Puffco is now facing a lawsuit over the Peak dab rig.

Roger Volodarsky’s and Puffco’s first vape

Puffco all started with the Puffco Pro. The product was simple: Double coil atomizers in basic battery with a cool finish and a case. Quality was good as well. No glues were used in the product like we found in Kandypens atomizers. It was Puffco’s first foray into vape pens and they gained some traction with this wax pen. Puffco later released the Puffco Pro 2, which we did a review for. We found the Pro 2 to be a bit restricted on airflow, but it does have a quality build and you can tell when you hold it.

puffco ceo roger volodarsky
Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky

Puffco Plus makes significant gains over the Pro

In our Puffco Plus review we found a very easy to use vape pen that offered great flavor. The Plus is still Puffco’s top vape pen. It uses a ceramic atomizer with no coils.

Puffco Plus Wax Pen
Puffco Plus vape pen with some shatter from our review.

Sesh Mode sets a new standard

Roger Volodarsky is the creator “Sesh Mode” on a wax vape. Sesh Mode means the battery heats the atomizer continuously to keep hitting it over and over. This type of continuous heating was previously only seen on dry herb vaporizers.

Puffco sesh mode
Sesh mode started with Puffco.

Dart makes loading easier

The Rog uses his own products and makes products he would want to use. Simplicity and ease of use are key. The Dart on the Puffco Plus, recently replicated on the G Pen Nova, is a perfect example. Roger Volodarsky’s insight on product creation comes from his experience as a user himself.

The Rog makes an eRig: Peak brings Puffco back

Puffco’s Peak portable eRig has become a hit. It currently is the most popular portable eRig available. As shown below this also has increased interest in Puffco while many other vape pen companies have been declining.

puffco ceo roger with puffco peak portable eRig
The Puffco CEO explains the Peak in an MG Magazine feature.

A new device in a sector where cartridges are starting to dominate

There has not been much innovation in wax pens and eRigs lately. Many companies are starting to focus on THC vape cartridges. Vape Critic had a 50% decrease in traffic from May to September of 2018. Ruvaped has closed. Interest in portable eRigs has not been high either since everything looks like the Dr. Dabber Boost.  Based on our data people are not looking for nectar collectors either. Technical wax pen users have moved onto pairing box mods with the Quartz Quest and Molecule atomizer by Advanced Vape Supply. THC cartridges have gotten so strong now many people do not feel the need for an eRig, dab rig, or wax pen at all.

Puffco peak
The Peak is currently Puffco’s best seller (or at least making them the most money since it is $379).

Good foresight by Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky

Roger Volodarsky had good foresight when he designed the Peak. The odd part that shows he really makes the products for him to use as well, is he chose ceramic as the default bowl. Most people prefer quartz, but The Rog loves ceramic. The easy fix is to get a Puffco Peak Quartz bowl. They range from a cheap Chinese one on DHGate to a high end version from Eternal Quartz.

The stats show keeping healthy stats. In the last month they showed a slight decrease, but that does appear to be variance and the site is still in an overall upward trend. traffic statistics
SimilarWeb shows the trend overall going up.

If The Rog can continue to come out with new products that offer something different, Puffco will continue to grow with him as CEO.

What’s next for Roger Volodarsky?

For the near future Puffco’s CEO will probably be promoting the Peak and trying to make  sure it stays in stock. It frequently sells out as demand is high.

roger volodarsky 2018
Here’s The Rog in 2018. He has been working out.

Puffco has a fairly longer product cycle than other makers, so it might be a while until we see a new product from Roger Volodarsky.

What do you think about Puffco and it’s CEO? Comment below or post in our forum!


  1. I have been a loyal Puffco customer since the beginning. I don’t know why anymore. The Puffco Plus is a great product while it lasts, but it NEVER lasts long. The batteries are cheap pieces of garbage that are encased in sleek steel and then marked up 20x their value. Chances are if you actually use this thing regularly, eventually (usually not long after purchase) the chamber will be compromised, just the tiniest bit of wax will leak through it, causing the connector pin to get stuck and sever the conductivity necessary for the pen to work. Spend all the time in the world meticulously cleaning this thing and treat it as delicately as a bomb, this thing is guaranteed to malfunction and when it does you are in for a hell of a time fulfilling your warranty. If you’re lucky it’s just the chamber that needs replacing which is still not cheap ($25 a pop, you’ll probably need to replace them more than 6 times a year). If not you’ll need to replace the battery too which is even more expensive. I did the math and I have spent over $1000 the last couple of years just trying to maintain a functioning Puffco Plus Pen (the allegedly best pen on the market). Mind you, that is only money I have spent when I got so fed up with their god awful customer service trying to replace the faulty parts that are under warranty. The money I have spent is nothing compared to the countless hours I have spent emailing customer service (i’m Talking about you, and yes even They have the ABSOLUTE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE for any product I have ever bought. They will ignore and ignore your inquiries after sending them photos, videos etc. then it will take weeks for it to come in the mail before it breaks down again. Sometimes they just forget to send it out to you. Sometimes they send it to the wrong place. Sometimes they’ll send the wrong product. Sometimes it takes 2 and a half months to reach your doorstep. I am not exaggerating! It has taken more than 6 weeks for a stupid battery to reach my door more than 3 times. I am currently waiting 3+weeks and my package was last tracked in Georgia somewhere (I live in NY). Keep this in mind before you spend hundreds on a Puffco Peak.


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