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The Greatest Ever Stoner Characters in Film

"Cheech & Chong" You said it yourself as soon as you'd clicked on an article about the Greatest Stoner Characters to ever be featured...

Cannabis is Now a Designer Drug

Dear #CannabisCommunity and #CannabisIndustry : Don't look now, but the way we talk about cannabis is changing, and how we write about it needs...

How Reefer Madness Still Guides US Cannabis Policy

Your humble author ran across the most innnn-teresting Twitter thread other day: https://twitter.com/DrugPolicyOrg/status/1419521120408162306 See, we here at DabConnection write about marijuana all the time, and all...

Stiiizy : Five Things You Didn’t Know

We spotlight Stiiizy, one of the cannabis vape industry's most enduring brands. Dig up some interesting trivia about this quirky, pioneering brand.
NisonCo Cannabis PR

NisonCo: A Customized Approach To Public Relations

NisonCo is a cannabis industry Public Relations firm based in Sayreville, New Jersey founded by Evan Nison. They work to position clients as industry...

Simplisick : Weedtuber Based in California

Simplisick is a content creator on YouTube. Known as Andrew to his family and friends. His channel is intended for people 18 years or older. In particular, he has over 14,000 subscribers. With running total views of 1.8 million.

If You Give A Bear A Bong : A Children’s Book...

A parody of a children's book. It is a heartwarming, cautionary tale about the dangers of mixing weed and wildlife.

Christian Valdez : CEO and Founder of Traffic Roots

Christian Valdez is the CEO and Founder of Traffic Roots. He holds the lead executive role in a cannabis ad network company.

Graham Gibson : Kandypens CEO and Music Video Pioneer

Profile of Kandypens CEO Graham Gibson, his work with Kandypens and music artists.

Nitin Khanna: Select Oil Founder and Cannabis Entrepreneur

Nitin Khanna is a tech entrepeneur best known for founding Canna Cure Solutions, makers of Select Oil THC and CBD vape cartridges.

Roger Volodarsky : Puffco CEO Creates Products He Uses

Profile of Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky, his products, and Puffco's trends.

Brian Calle: Kurvana Executive, Journalist, Professor and Editor

Brian Calle of Kurvana is one of the most popular editors in Los Angeles today. He has kept rising high in his career, and...

HaleyIsSoarx: Weedtuber, Reviewer, and Cannabis Personality

HaleyIsSoarx is a YouTuber popular for her cannabis and wax related videos.

Dankest Cannabis Instagram Accounts So Far

Being a stoner in the 21st century has taken on an entirely new meaning. Because of social media, stoners can find millions of marijuana...

What is TheWeedTube? New Platform For Weedtubers With Less Rules

Some of the biggest content creators in the cannabis community have been working on something very special for the last 2 months, and we...

WeedTubers : List Of Most Popular Stars This Year

So, it’s a new year and the marijuana industry continues to grow (yay)! Here we’re looking at the most popular weedtubers of 2018. Weedtubers share their...