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Kandypens Atomizers Use GLUE Company Admits – “No Glues” Now Removed From Website

Glue found in Kandypens atomizers
Glue found in Kandypens atomizers

Kandypens Atomizer Glue is Official

We can report exclusively that Kandypens has now admitted to using glue in their most popular Kandypens atomizers & vape pens.

DabConnection first reported the glue-like substance on their Kandypens Elite Review. Then two tests were uncovered that revealed the true findings. Credit to the well known reviewer The Vape Critic who followed up and got the reports issued with an additional answer from Kandypens. The tests initially provided by Kandypens identified materials such as ‘QUICK DRIED GLUE’ and Rubber! The test is also old being completed on July 03, 2015. This means nothing has changed on Kandypens atomizers since then.

Kandypens Atomizers Elite Glue Report
The proof is in their own report. See the mention of glue in the red box.

“No Wicks, Glues, or Dyes”

DabConnection warned followers about glue being used in Kandypens atomizers. Kandypens was quick to deny the claim before looking at their own test.

“It’s not glue. Please stop ripping on our products to bring attention to your page.”  They stated.

DabConnection informed Kandypens of their own testing  report which identified the suspicious substance as Epoxy glue. This means that their advertising which claimed, “No Wicks, Glues, or Dyes”, has been false.

Kandypens initially denied using glue.
Kandypens initially denied using glue.

Admitting to Glue?

After DabConnection supplied the tests they acknowledged the use of glue in Kandypens atomizers. They said they would change their statement.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The person running the Instagram was not aware of this situation. FYI, we have updated all our website pages and marketing materials. Thank you for your valuable input.”

Kandypens found out their own tests proved they used glue...
Kandypens found out their own tests proved they used glue…


Information on only the KandyPens Elite was edited at first. DabConnection pressed them on their plan to amend their claims of “no glue” for all models. If Epoxy glue was used in many of Kandypens atomizers, would Kandypens change those listings as well?

“Yes [this is found in other models], all listings are being updated.” They replied.

"no glues" removed from Kandypens product description
“no glues” removed from Kandypens product description


How Many Kandypens Products Contain Glue?

While we know firsthand that the Kandypens Elite and Kandypens Galaxy DJ Esco Edition are culprits. Which other vape pen models have lost their previously touted “No Wicks, Glues, or Dyes” description?

The following vape pens have now been edited to remove the “No Glues” statement (all pens excluding: Kandypens Mini, Pearl, and K-Stick):

  1. Galaxy
  2. Gravity
  3. Elite
  4. Ice Cream Man
  5. Galaxy Limited Edition
  6. Galaxy Tornado
  7. DJ Esco “56 Nights” Edition
  8. Donuts

We initially thought the glue was a new addition to the Kandypens Elite, described as “Leak-Proof Technology”. However, editing earlier model descriptions potentially means that KandyPens has been selling products containing Epoxy Glue since 2015 (with the release of Kandypens Donuts).

Criminal Considerations

KandyPens’ CEO was previously sued by the US Government’s FTC for deceptive advertising with phony ‘Acai Berry Weight-Loss pills’. Keeping this in mind, it’s possible that KandyPens’ CEO is looking to protect himself against false advertising claims.

Kandypens owner has previous run-ins with the law
Kandypens owner has previous run-ins with the law.

Unsafe credit card transactions through Kandypens is another worry. Last year, numerous customers reported stolen credit cards and other fraudulent purchases shortly after buying products from the Kandypens website.

Kandypens Atomizers Recall or Continue With Glue?

DabConnection asked if a public statement would be made to customers previously unaware of the glue used in Kandypens atomizers. Kandypens has since made no comment.

There have been no mentions about possible recalls or refunds, as of yet for customers that have already purchased. Unfortunately, not every new customer for Kandypens is going to be aware of the glue in their atomizer. Just because it does not say “no glue” does not mean others will assume there is glue, as most vapes do not have glue.


  1. interesting that kandypens is touted as the top vape on so many websites, but you can tell its just a crap battery on almost all the pens. their kvape is also just re branded crap. i wonder if places will still say its a great pen, or even if any of these places really review the products. i have heard that in high times a lot of the time the companies write their own reviews.

  2. I am surprised they still sell their glued out atomizers. I am even more surprised stores carrying have done nothing about it. They are claiming the prism and prism+ don’t have glue, but who really trusts em at this point.

  3. Friend and I both bought KandyPens the beginning of November and both of us now have fraudulent activity on our cards. Don’t think the issue got fixed

    • Interesting this seems to be a recurring problem with them. What were the charges for? Did you contact KandyPens and did they respond?

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