Today’s street cart bust post is such a headache to research, we’re ready to bury it in the sandbox already. There’s a brand of vape cartridge called “Lucky Carts,” which has (so far) distinctive packaging: A red box with a familiar Asian cat figure embossed in gold on the packaging. And of course, no company behind it.

NOT to be confused with Lucky Vapes, an actual legit brand which we have reviewed here before. And NOT to be confused with Lucky Charms, one of the Cereal Cart lines which are also bogus brands. And also not to be confused with the billion other products, businesses, and services around the world which uses this widely spread cultural figure.

Lucky Carts: Nobody owns it

We find no website, no registry on any reputable site, no contact, no official distributor, nothing.

Lucky Carts fake brand

Lucky Carts black market

Lucky Carts bunk 710

Lucky Carts vitamin E acetate

Lucky Carts bunk oil

They seem to go by the full name of “Lucky Carts Medicated Vapes,” which is extra-sneaky as they sound like they could even be CBD. However, they go to the trouble of printing a THC percentage right on the packaging, so that rules out medical CBD purposes.

To say nothing of the strain names.

Repurposed public domain figure

If the waving cat looks familiar, that’s Maneki-neko, literally “beckoning cat,” a universally adopted mascot of small businesses throughout Asian culture. While Japanese in origin, it gained popularity in China and has since become a cultural meme figure as common in the east as Santa Claus in the west. It’s supposed to represent good fortune and success. You’ve seen these behind the counter of every other ethnic Asian restaurant or several kinds of small business that’s Asian-owned.

This is like naming your product “Uncle Sam,” using the most generic public domain figure possible. This makes it just about impossible to both properly market and investigate, due to all the duplicate results.

Lucky Carts are found in all the unluckiest places

You bet somebody made an Instagram channel!

Yes, there’s the poker card deck in our banner image on that Instagram. Maybe telling us you’re gambling with your life when you vape mystery oil.

There’s also a Twitter account which seems really sold on Lucky Carts. Complete with hypnotic zooming camera show:

We also find them on a couple sketchy retail sites, including one advertised by “Cannabis on Wheels” delivery service out of Huntington Beach, California. (Hello, old surfs buddies!)

Lucky Carts rip-off

Lucky Carts THC vape oil

These have been reported many times on the Reddit fake cart watch beat. Note the neko logo also on the tip. Earliest wild sighting we can find is 4 months ago. One Redditor reported to us that Lucky Carts are flooding Dallas.

Unlicensed, unregulated brands like Lucky Carts may contain anything

There is a deadly epidemic of lung illness tied to black market cart usage. Vaping-associated pulmonary injury has so far claimed 64 lives and hospitalized more than 2700 users, up until February 2020 when the CDC stopped counting. This was the main health story in the news before Coronavirus COVID-19 cases pushed it off the front page, but people are still getting sick off boof street carts. Unregulated vape carts could contain heavy metals like lead, pesticides, cut such as Honey Cut, or simply bunk. Or they could be fire if you’re lucky. But a lot of people in the hospital right now weren’t lucky.

Is anyone going to claim this stray cat?

Do you know where Lucky Carts originated? Have you seen them at a distribution point near you? Feel free to caterwaul about it in our comments or our forums.


  1. I just got 3 carts for my sister to try Strawberry Cough- which does just that- it chokes me up but has a nice body Andreas buzz to it. Birthday Cake- smoother draw and relaxing buzz. The 3rd one I cannot think of the name of the 3rd Lucky cart which is the reason I’m on this site hoping I’d see it and ease my mind of the aggregation it’s causing me lol. I have tried Zskittlz which tastes specifically like the green lime skittles. All Lucky carts (and Go carts) are high quality IMO!

  2. Explain to me then why one that we recieved ended up turning black and putting my girlfriend in the icu for 2 weeks… With the possibility she might not even make it. Is this a joke? If it isnt legitimate, they shouldnt be sold. Period. Anywhere.

    • We understand your anger and appreciate your concern when a loved one is hurt. Yours is not the only story of injury by any means:

      That being said, I think there’s a couple points you’re missing:

      * We do not make or sell any of these products, only review them.
      * We point out that this is an unregulated, unlicensed street brand. It should go without saying that they’re to be avoided on those grounds; however, this post was rather short so we might have the editor take another pass at it.

      Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your significant other. Please also see the Wikipedia page on VAPI:

    • Oh please. The black is from the Cart being Live in your Pocket/Not locked. Myn did this and it smoked just fine. ICU is for NEWb cry babies that make other stoners look bad. Unless it knock you out stfu

  3. Yo admin I’m sorry dawg but ur just a butthurt nerd who has no connections to the traditional market, so you hate all these brands. But anyways, lucky carts are made by the same people that make Buddah bear carts, the difference between them is that lucky carts are more strain oriented, while Buddha’s carry more sweet and fruity tones. The people that make both these carts put a lot of effort in it, and have a pretty organized operation. Stop hating please😂 .

    • Why would any of the admins be butthurt? We’re hitting the best carts in legal states. We also reviewed some street brands. But for these types of identification posts our writer just goes through and identifies the information that people might be looking for. Lucky is a street brand. We don’t hate it or care personally we have never tried them, but people are out there looking for information on the brand and they should know the status of it.

      Just the same as if someone makes a legit cart company and the product is not very good, like Stiiizy distillate getting downgraded in quality. No one can buy a spot or pay to get their brand pushed higher. If it sucks it sucks, if it’s good it’s good. If it’s legit or not legit we’ll say so. Not legit does not always mean the carts are bad, but most of us here would not use them.

      Street brands have even gotten some favorable reviews on here like Super G.

      But for just gathering information, whatever is out there we put out there for people to see. If someone is in a legal state they are probably better off getting legal and quality tested carts. Should Lucky or Buddah or whoever go legit the posts will get updated. Should we get to try the cart one of these days there will be a separate review post.

    • FACT: Buddh bear & lucky are NOT the same company. IMHO: I’ve had both companies concentrates and they both taste,smell,feel GREAT! I also wish they did have all the legit stuff but then they wouldnt be so affordable im sure. That’s how it works right you have to pay a fortune to go legal “legit/aboveground”? Im curious do you think all flower is “fake” if you get it from a plug/friend and not a dispensary? The only difference i can tell about flower from friend vs dispensary is quadruple the price. Id just stick with facts like they are “underground”. I dont see one bad comment about them at all and this seems to be the place that comes up the most when searching for information about them.

  4. Lucky Carts are FIRE all I’ve been smoking on for the past 2 years. Just like everything else you just need a legit source people… Birthday Cake, Gelato, Tangie, Strawberry Cough, GDP are all personal favorites.

  5. i have strawberry cough right now and no complaints it has a very pronounced potency and flavor that is clean and true to the strain. there is legit oil in it, but its just not a legit brand

  6. I just got a lucky cart from a friend and can confirm that while sketchy it seems safe to use and definitely has the in it


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