CCELL recently reached out out to us and share the good news about CCELL passing the California Phase 3 test, aka the heavy metal test.


Details of California Phase 3…

The testing was done at Belcosta Labs in Long Beach, California, and was performed on sample CCELL products. The Phase 3 test, currently the standard in California for heavy metals per the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, looks for arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury.

The test is accurate to less than 0.001 μg/g (micrograms per gram), or one-billionth of a gram. The test’s fail conditions for each of the metals are:

  • Arsenic: 0.2 μg/g
  • Cadmium: 0.2 μg/g
  • Lead: 0.5 μg/g
  • Mercury: 0.1 μg/g

The tested CCELL products included:

  • M6to5 THC and CBD carts, live resin
  • TH205 THC and CBD atomizer, live resin
  • DS0103 disposable THC and CBD vape pens, live resin
  • TH001 disposable THC and CBD vape pens, live resin
  • CP010S THC and CBD pods, live resin

The sample products all tested well below these actionable limits in all categories.


We’ve had good things to say about CCELL in the past…

We’ve called their hardware top notch, clean tasting, and generally haven’t found much to complain about. We thank CCELL for being conscientious in consideration of the health of their customers.


Anybody have some CCELL stories to share?

We’re all ears in the comments or our forums.



  1. Very true mowgli. I have also seen many CCELLS that tested quite poorly for lead so I think there is alot more testing to be done

  2. More questions that are needed here to give it a green light. What were the blends used for the analysis, were there any corrosive terpenes? How long were the cartridges sitting before being submitted for testing? If it technically tests under the limit, consider that over a period of shelf life until the end user consumes it could result in above BCC limits of .5ppm. If it is on a technicality that they passed, this is unfair to consumers.


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