A while back we covered the new vape hardware ODM/OEM company Artrix and their latest vape cartridge, the Artrix Drillor. At the time we teased that more hardware would be coming from Artrix to demo soon. That opportunity has finally come to pass, with FOUR new vape unit hardware designs. I should mention, this review today won’t be of much interest to the endpoint consumer. But if you’re in the cannabis vape oil business, you’re in the right place and the right time to get the scoop on an amazing line of vape hardware.

So, we’ll be showcasing four battery vape designs with some new tricks:

  • Fitty – a pod system like Stiiizy
  • Sip – a disposable oilpen
  • Cubox – a disposable oil tank
  • Demo – a tiny vape (mini-oilpen?)

Each of those links go to the respective pages at Artrix’ site. We don’t know pricing plans on these, but we do know that Artrix advertises a 3-in-1 hardware + marketing + strategy support for businesses. Artrix went all-out sending us these display case units which clearly are also their stock for conventions and exhibitions. We have a lot of exciting things to do with cannabis oil here, so let’s get started.

Again, Artrix even sent us pre-filled samples (basic CBD oil) just so we could puff them all and confirm they work as designed. All the models we tried have clear airflow, deliver full flavor and effects, and don’t overheat, despite their small size. All but the Demo are USB-C rechargeable. All four models are draw-activated, with an economical, minimalist design.

Fitty brochure
Fitty vapes

Fitty – Stiiizy Pod Compatible

If you’ve seen Stiiizy pod systems, this is pretty much a Stiiizy alternative for both battery and pod. You can swap these back and forth with other pods, seated with the same magnetic grip. We’re guessing that most extractors will be more interested in the pods than the battery, since any old Stiiizy they have lying around will do.

Sip brochure

Sip vapes

Sip – Lightweight Oilpen

Not only are these units handsome and sturdy, but they deliver 300mAh and a smooth draw. They’re rechargeable, even though with the standard 1ml oil capacity, that won’t come into play often, but a nice feature to have.

Cubox brochure

Cubox vapes

Cubox – Snug Tank Vape

Here we have Artrix’ take on the vape tank. This bulkier model takes up to 2ml. The window there shows a lot of oil. For a vape tank, these still feel very lightweight. They work good and look good.

Demo brochure

Demo vapes

Demo – Sample-Size 7-Puff Microvape

Finally we have the Demo, which, as its name suggests, is aimed at providing a sample-sized amount of oil (0.1ml) in the smallest possible draw-activated vape. And seriously, this thing’s like the size of a stick of gum. This is actually a cool idea, for trying out small samples of oil before you buy. Artrix bills this as “the world’s smallest vape,” and I can very well believe that.

Artrix is a name to watch for in vape hardware

From seeing their innovative designs combined with down-to-earth practicality, I can tell that I’ll be seeing Artrix hardware again in the future. Readers who extract, package, or distribute cannabis oil: What do you look for in your vape hardware? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum.




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