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This time we’re having a look at the Bloom One vape pen, particularly the Pineapple Express strain.  cartridge, AKA the Bloom One PEX. The Bloom One is a single-unit disposable oil pen with an atomizer and battery built in. It’s made for being a “Weekend Warrior” as the site puts it, then thrown away. The Bloom One PEX turned out to be a disappointment.

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The Bloom One vape pen was small and not strong

Upon locating the Bloom PEX hybrid cartridge, it’s disappointingly small at 350mg.

Nice packaging on the Bloom vape

bloom one vape pen
The packaging was good, but the oil was weak.

It feels as if Bloom One is more focused on public image rather than actual cartridge itself. There’s an excess of material, flashy and attention-grabbing. Inside, there’s a pen secured with a button tab and twist mechanism that takes some fumbling to get loose, with a tiny button to eject the cap.

Big hitters won’t be satisfied with the Bloom One vape

The Bloom PEX cartridge is not built for heavy users. The packaging says the THC level is 85%, but it feels like less. The first hit is milky, lightly searing your back throat like cayenne pepper. The box recommends that you hit the THC pen for three seconds, but that doesn’t seem to yield much difference in results. The instructions even caution to draw slow and easy and only use once per hour.

Taste is artificial and some might like that, but many will not

Even for casual users, there’s better options available than the Bloom PEX. The flavor is artificial-tasting, bringing to mind a Brass Knuckles cartridge. This is pineapple too, which is pretty hard to mess up considering it’s a common hybrid strain that’s very well-supported by terpenes. The tropical tastes are just muted.

The pineapple hybrid strain is noted for its anti-stress and anti-depression properties, but it would help if the cart was stronger. As for artificial tasting vapes, Airo Pro might be a better choice for most since is substantially stronger.

Safety features: auto-shut off

The Bloom One battery allows for 10 second pulls on full charge and the first few hits. As the cartridge nears empty, the system will limit the amount of time you can pull it. It might be a nuisance to some but seems like a safety measure to keep it from burning. When the oil is completely emptied, the battery will start to flash while inhaling. It’s a disposable cartridge, so that’s the end of its story. Not a bad feature though as many vapes you might keep burning it.

Overall, the Bloom One could use improvement, but we will try it again

bloom pex
If they make it stronger we will definitely try it again.

For what it’s worth, the Bloom One PEX seems to be designed for one target market to the exclusion of all others. It is discrete and portable, made to do its humble job and be disposed of. Overall, it could do a lot better.

Have you had a Bloom One Vape?

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  1. I just tried the Pineapple Express and it’s just like the article says it’s not strong at all. I’m a big cougher and this pen didn’t even tickle my throat.. it says 85% but feels like 30-40% tops anyway that’s my take on it doesn’t taste all that good you can taste the pineapple then the after taste is very leafy like when we used to smoke mids lol.. I give it 6 out of 10 and that’s being generous!!!!

  2. yeee i have the same problem as “a sad man” commented. I just unboxed this Bloom One a few days ago and hit it sparingly, so the cart is mostly full and the battery is blinking. I came here looking for answers on how to fix this so any info would be gr8 thanks!

  3. One of the Bloom disposable pens that I have had started blinking at the bottom whenever I try to take a hit, there’s still plenty of oil left in it as well. Not sure if it’s because I dropped it, but I’m pretty disappointed since it was actually a gave me pretty good highs.

  4. Yep 29 out of 60 you have 6 points with a total of 10 on each if you have a 10out of 10 that’s on one. You add them all up and the 8 5 4 and so on is 29. 6×10=60 now 29 /60 converts to 4.8 .

  5. Yeah honestly, how fucking stoned are you? It is clearly out of 10, and most start systems max out at 5.

  6. You guys are ass.
    How do you give a product a 4.8 but only three stars?
    Would not the 4.8 translate to four and a half stars?
    Someone should write a review on you!

    • Actually its not that hard to figure out.

      There are 5 stars total. The score is done out of 10 points. 4.8 points is about half of 10 and thus fills out half the stars. It’s just how the plugin works. If you have another plugin suggestion please post.


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