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I got something a little different today, my hashy friends. Some Delta 8 pre-rolls from Wild Orchard Co. This ‘Dessert’ line of pre-rolls utilizes 100 percent, hemp-derived Delta 8. They’re flavored with what tastes like a mix of botanical and artificial terpenes. A bit harsh if you’re not ready for it, or if non-cannabis-derived terpenes irritate your throat/lungs in particular. There are 4 flavors, a Lemon Pound Cake, Blueberry Cream Pie, Fruity Loop Milk, Strawberries and Cream.


  • Nice long burn
  • Didn’t run, or canoe, burned nice and even.
  • Decent flavor. Was actually surprised how much they tasted like their namesake.
  • A little harsh but less so than a backwoods.


  • Expensive. At $13.99 each (or 49.99 a 4 pack). That’s a lot for hemp, Delta 8 joints in my opinion.
  • Effects are mild if any at all, for me at least

Recommendations: None

wild orchard prerolls

Harsher than a normal joint

Years of smoking flower (a lot) to treat my chronic back pain did a number on my asthmatic lungs. However, I can smoke prerolls here and there. I found these to be harsher than a normal joint, but not nearly as harsh as some infused pre-rolled products I’ve tried in the past. Didn’t cause me to cough at all really. 

wild orchard prerolls close up

Nice and long burn

These burned really nicely. Not too fast, not too slow, just right. They also didn’t run or burn unevenly, nor did I have to relight. I found these to be very mild, at best. That was expected though, these being Delta 8. The Lemon Pound Cake was quite citrus and had a bit of a Sativa effect. Whereas the Strawberries and Cream were more berry than cream. The Fruity Loop Milk tastes like Fruit Loops, and was the most Indica along with the Blueberry, followed by the Strawberry. 

Little pro tip for lighting your joint:

You want to just singe the top of the joint, slowly rotating it at about a 45-degree angle to your flame, but without it touching the flame itself. Let the ambient heat roast that bone! Once it’s crispy you should be able to get it going from the little cherry that’s hopefully formed. If your jay starts to run, don’t panic! Light the excess with your lighter and place your joint straight up, filter down, burning tip-up. This way it will only burn off the excess from the run. Now you’re back in business!

wild orchard prerolls side

Concluding this review

Unless you’re a light smoker, someone new to Cannabis, or someone looking for a very light experience I wouldn’t recommend these. I found the effects to be very mild at best, with the ‘Fruity Loop Milk’ flavored one to be the strongest of the 4 I reviewed. They all tasted quite nice if a bit artificial. They smoked nicely, with a clean, even burn. Not too harsh, but definitely more so than your typical jay. At over $13 each, I’d say you’re better off buying a bag of shake and rolling your own. 

You can find out more about Wild Orchard Co. products here.

Have you tried the Wild Orchard Co Pre Rolls?? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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