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Today we will take a closer look at a couple of Dessert Delta-8 products from Wild Orchard Hemp. Wild Orchard Hemp offers a wide selection of wellness products, which includes Delta-8, Delta-9, and/or HHC. Wild Orchard Hemp sent us their Dessert line of flower eighths and disposables. Prior to this review, I didn’t enjoy their Delta-8 disposables at all. Due to the food-grade flavoring and sucralose sweetener, I felt a minor headache along with some mild nausea. The adverse effects of their Delta-8 disposables felt similar to a slight hangover after a few drinks. For this review, I will sample two of their Delta-8 flower eighths.


  • Mildly potent effects
  • Sweet fruity taste
  • Slightly discreet odor
  • Smoother flavor
  • Affordable prices
  • Great for beginners


  • Slightly harsh

Recommendations: None

dessert delta8 products

While I was disappointed with the quality of the Delta-8 disposables, the packaging for this brand is vibrant and colorful 

At first glance, both of the flower eighths also seemed unimpressive. On the other hand, the aroma of both flower eighths is much sweeter and less immediately unpleasant than the Sour Space Candy Delta-8 flower from Exhale Wellness. The ingredients for both of the full spectrum, slow-cured flower eighths are listed as 100% hemp-derived Delta-8 with terpenes.

dessert delta8 top

Both Dessert flower eighths were not quite as harsh as Exhale Wellness, which had an unpleasant odor

First, I tried their Lemon Pound Cake Delta-8 flower, which comes in a bright yellow jar. It has an artificially sweet aroma of old-fashioned lemon square bars sprinkled with powdered sugar. While the aroma is as sweet as candy, the flavor is more like regular flower with subtle notes of lemon, pine, vanilla, earth, and diesel. While not quite as harsh as Exhale Wellness, this Delta-8 flower is still best smoked with a traditional water bong rather than with a regular pipe.

dessert delta8 lemon pound cake
Lemon Pound Cake

Between the two strains, I preferred the flavor of Strawberries and Cream over the Lemon Pound Cake

Next, I tried their Strawberries and Cream, which come in a bold red jar. This Delta-8 flower also has a slightly artificial aroma of strawberry milkshake. The flavor of Strawberries and Cream also tastes similar to regular flower with notes of berries, vanilla, pine, earth, and diesel. The mildly potent effects of both strains felt similarly balanced between a light cerebral buzz with a light body high. Furthermore, both of the Dessert strains felt much smoother and less harsh on the throat than the Sour Space Candy from Exhale Wellness.

dessert delta8 straberries cream
Strawberries and Cream

The other available strains are Blueberry Cream Pie and Fruity Loop Milk, which can be purchased from their website

Each strain of Dessert Delta-8 flower is priced at $30 per eighth and $50 per quarter including shipping rates. So far, this is the best choice for the Delta-8 flower I’ve had yet. This Delta-8 flower might also be great for novice users who may not like the smell of weed or want to be slightly discreet in public. The other strains that are available on their website are Blueberry Cream Pie and Fruity Loop Milk. The Delta-8 THC % of Dessert Delta-8 flower is 10.65%, the CBD % is 13.71%, and the total sum of cannabinoid % is 26.74%.

Dessert Delta-8 flower lab results

dessert delta8 label

Overall, the Dessert Delta-8 flower wasn’t too impressive, still much better than Exhale Wellness

Ultimately, I would recommend the Dessert Delta-8 flower for beginners for its mildly potent effects, sweet fruity taste, slightly discreet odor, and smoother flavor. In addition, the prices for both of their eighths and quarters are in the more affordable range, compared to other brands. This Delta-8 flower is also much smoother using a traditional water bong or a dry herb vaporizer than with a regular pipe. Still, the aroma, flavor, and effects of both Dessert flower eighths are much preferred over the Delta-8 hemp flower from Exhale Wellness. However, I would strongly recommend avoiding their Delta-8 disposables at all costs, which are additionally untested for pesticides, solvents, and foreign matter. 

You can find all Dessert products, which include flower eighths, prerolls, and disposables, on their official website here.

Have you tried the Dessert Delta-8 flower? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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