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Tumbleweed Extracts vape pens were impressive. They hit well, they have improved airflow from previous CCELL versions and the oil used in them was excellent. At the price of 2 300mg disposables for $40 at The Dispensary in Las Vegas, they are a really good deal.


  • Really smooth hits
  • Excellent taste
  • Long-lasting high


  • None

Recommendations: Nothing to change here, these are fire disposables.

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Check out our video review below and keep reading on for the more in-depth review:

Tumbleweed Extracts delivers consistent quality

Tumbleweed extracts
Brownish gold color oil in the Tumbleweed Extracts vape pens.

We tried 2 different vape pens of Tumbleweed Extracts, both of them were very good. The strains used were Wookies and Mimosa. The Wookies had a little bit of a piney flavor, the Mimosa tasted similar to an actual Mimosa.

Both were the same on strength, both hit well until the end, both used efficient hardware. The only thing that may have been an issue was the oil was too thick, sometimes you have to wait for it to settle down towards the bottom of the vape. Not an issue that is concerning at all.

Tumbleweed Extracts use a standard CCELL disposable vape pens

The actual hardware used here is a standard CCELL disposable. This is also used on the Select Elite Weekender, however, since then, it has been improved. The airflow was much better than it was in the Select Elite Weekender. That being said, the Select Elite Weekender itself probably also updated to this same hardware. This is a standard CCELL piece for 300mg cartridges.

Nothing to complain about on the hardware here. The design is good, the build is good, and it uses glass. CCELL is using a ceramic core so you get a good hit our of it.

Tumbleweed Extracts makes excellent quality oil

Tumbleweed Extracts back view of packaging
Coming in strong at over 87% THC.

The oil stayed consistent throughout the entire cartridge. It is clean, it’s tested and you can tell they’re doing things right. This is a distillate cartridge, it is not a live resin. So those who prefer live resin might skip this one. However, it’s more definitely one of the better distillates out there. We would definitely put this in the top 10% when it comes to oil and the overall quality of the cartridges that are out there.

Strength was impressive

Strength is impressive on this cartridge. Definitely one of the better cartridge out there in this category as well. There was nothing to complain about on strength, effects last long and you didn’t need to hit it many times to get great effects from it. Nothing at all to complain about on strength here.

The taste was better on the Mimosa but both were decent

The first one tasted just like a standard distillate cartridge. Nothing special but nothing bad at all either, it is still pretty good tasting. The Mimosa, however, has a much better taste and has some similarity with the taste of the first one, but overall it tastes better. Nothing to complain about on taste, definitely above average across the board on taste when it comes to Tumbleweed Extracts vape pens.

Efficiency is about as good as it can get

This is glass cartridges and they’re CCELL and they’re basically as good as it can get. There’s not much that can be improved here in efficiency, will see the technology improve as we go. However, considering the type of hit you get out of it and how much oil ends up being lost at the end, which is minimal, efficiency is great here.

Way better than an average on the number of puffs

We got quite a bit of hit out of this 300mg vape pens. I would say this 300mg lasted longer than others that have more because it did vape pretty slow. It was a very slow-moving thicker type of oil.

Great value overall especially at 2 for $40

Tumbleweed Extracts packaging
Nothing fancy on the packaging, but it’s not needed either.


This normally sells for $29 per piece, but the 2 for $40 at The Dispensary makes this an exceptional value. Two of these will last for quite some time and you’re actually getting more than a half gram cartridge. Where we got this, most of the half gram cartridges are at $39, so, for $1 more to get an extra 100mg is a good value. Technically its probably a little bit loss the fact that you have to use 2 cartridges, but overall it’s most likely a little bit more and represents great value.

Concluding our Tumbleweed Extracts review…

Tumbleweed extracts really has a great oil
The oil Tumbleed Extracts uses is very thick.


The Tumbleweed Extracts really came through with some great products here. No complaints on anything – standard CCELL hardware which is great, good quality thick oil that lasts for a long time and vapes slow, plus the taste is good, even better with the Mimosa, and the value was on point.

Nothing to complain here about Tumbleweed Extracts, definitely one of the better ones out there and we’ll be adding this to our Best Cartridges of Nevada list. Tumbleweed Extracts definitely earned a spot on the Best Cartridges list.

Have you tried Tumbleweed Extracts? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forum!


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